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Tyler Emberley



Timmy_22222001 added products to a list
February 8, 2016
Timmy_22222001 favorited Sunset Shimmer by Sachsenberg
February 8, 2016
My Little Pony - Twilight Posed (≈65mm tall)
Timmy_22222001 How much is it for Shipping and Handling? I live in Canada by the way, lol.
Timmy_22222001 added products to a list
February 1, 2016
Timmy_22222001 commented on FB01-Body-01s 6inch by Strangefate
October 14, 2015
FB01-Body-01s  6inch
Timmy_22222001 @Strangefate Oh yeah dude, my thoughts exactly on why this isn't working and yes I made VERY sure to have the double ball joints (same size) to setup for fitting the torso pieces together. The small ended one like you said fit just dandy for the neck but again nothing else along with brute strength could make the lower and upper torso pieces work. Thanks again for following up on this last update. As well as mentioning about to use X amount of glue for the final touch in this particular situation. I'm sure by anycase this was some kind of fluke as the rest of the parts fit together just perfectly. But I was very grateful with all your assistance Strangefate and do keep up the great work on designing these awesome models. They're definitely helping me draw better female anatomy that's for sure (lol). Take care Strangefate. *tips hat*
Timmy_22222001 @Strangefate Final Update! Thanks again for your advice Strangefate but in the end I still met up with the same problem of connecting the lower torso with the upper torso. I measured the distance with a toothpick of how far down it needed to reach the end of the socket and then measure how far I went down with just normally placing in the ball joint. The distance was the same so I'm only to assume the ball sockets are just too wide and they won't ever "pop" in. It even came to a point where I was putting my entire body weight on the joint to try and make it connect to the lower torso and still nothing. And I'd like to mention that I never went with the knife once in either socket joints for the upper and lower torso. And to follow-up with your recommendation before, I tried connecting the upper/lower torso with both the round/cut joints but neither proved any result. However your advice did follow through with the head and neck. I did need to trim down some of some plastic to make the joints fit into the neck, but that wasn't a problem. So what I might end up doing is just using some model glue to keep the joint in place for the upper and lower torso, it seems to be my only option now. If you have any last suggestions on what to do or the glue I might try and use, please let me know! Finally, thanks again for all your time and patience with me. And don't worry, I'm still very pleased with how very well put together your model here is. I definitely have no complaints! ^-^
Timmy_22222001 One last thing for you strangefate! Just like you said the parts fit perfectly without their glue, but I'm having one final trouble with connecting the stomach to chest and the neck to the head. I got 4 ball joints here but on your reference images you only show two! I'm just wondering which ones to use as I tried connecting the stomach to chest and it easily pulls apart. Any suggestions what I can do here?
Timmy_22222001 @Strangefate Thanks for the quick response Strangefate, I'll get to work immediately! ^-^
Timmy_22222001 So you mention that you use some cement here and there on the joints. Is it possible to just connect the ends together without the use of any glue? Also, what tools might you suggest I use for disconnecting the pieces from the sprue when I first get the model? Additionally, your picture shows that you can add a joint in between the upper chest and stomach. Mine already seems connected by a piece of sprue, is that normal? I'm only concerned whether or not to separate those parts and connect them with the corresponding ball joint.
Timmy_22222001 added products to a list
September 1, 2015


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