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Chris Sledge


3D modeler
Just another Transformers fan makin' accessories for Transformers! I mostly make weapons but I might dabble in other things sometimes.

Hood Fill - First Aid Type
TheSledgeHammer @MikePowers You're welcome! Thanks for the description credit. Could you also mention "Unicron9" in that credit? He is the aforementioned painter from my last comment. Thanks again!
TheSledgeHammer Your hood filler piece along with a Brawn head from fellow Shapeways designer Steamshield helped turn a Combiner Wars First Aid into a fantastic custom G1 Brawn! Thanks for making this awesome piece! (P.S. - you have the permission of both myself and the person who painted this figure to add this image to this item's image collection if you want to do so)
Little Heracles' Head for Combiner Wars Trucks
TheSledgeHammer Same body/head - now painted up! Always knew this mold is a great fit for Brawn. Thanks again for the awesome head! (P.S. - you have the permission of both myself and the person who painted this figure to add this image to this item's image collection if you want to do so)
TheSledgeHammer This body works great for Brawn! Shame this was never an official figure!
Pacifist Head Combiner Version
TheSledgeHammer A photo of what this head looks like on the body-type it was designed for! It's also completely painted! This mold + this head actually makes for a pretty decent Beachcomber. (P.S. - you have the permission of both myself and the person who painted this figure to add this image to this item's image collection if you want to do so)
TheSledgeHammer Another great looking head! Also for those (like myself) who plan on painting this figure up - a potential color layout:
TheSledgeHammer commented on Titans Return Quickswitch helm by fakebusker83
September 30, 2017
Titans Return Quickswitch helm
TheSledgeHammer Helmet looks great! Really helps to make Quickswitch more of his own 'bot against this mold's original use - Sixshot. Printed it in Red Strong & Flexible Polished and then painted it with Testor's Gloss Dark Red. It's a pretty good match! -TheSledgeHammer
Combiner Wars - Onslaught/Bruticus' Weapon
TheSledgeHammer @thunderstudentmk2 In theory, yes, buying 2 of these could do that, but in all honesty that's not what this model is intended for. Hence the inclusion of the "smokestack" extenders along with the blaster, the extenders are meant to peg into his included blasters on his back to make their height better fit Bruticus' profile, and then ideally Bruticus would hold this accessory as a weapon. Ultimately though, it is entirely up to you, as it is your figure you'd be buying this (these) for, so do as you wish! -TheSledgeHammer
Reckless Driver's G1 Chest Plate v2
TheSledgeHammer Printed in Polished Metallic Plastic - which is almost a perfect match to the light-gray on the toy, + added a repro-labels Decepticon Symbol, and sharpied in the color details for now (will paint later this week). This is a great chest-plate, and does a wonderful job of helping to better differentiate Wildrider from his mold-mate Dead End. Thanks for making it! - TheSledgeHammer
Titans Return Titan Master Overboard Weapons
TheSledgeHammer @PNeithan & @SaTaNabusJones, Glad you both enjoyed the model! All shapeways prints come out a little bit differently, so the fit will be slightly different for everyone - it also doesn't help that on some samples of the Crashbash/Clobber/Overboard mold the 5mm handle is slightly bent to one side (both my own Hasbro Crashbash and Overboard have it slightly bent to right, yet on my Takara version that came with Mindwipe its perfectly straight), so unfortunately there is really nothing I can do about that. Regardless, thank you guys for ordering this! -SledgeHammer
CW Helicopter Landing Skids V3
TheSledgeHammer @tigerhawk533 Sorry for the late reply! I have made the model available in Acrylic plastics for those who might be interested in attempting to purchase this set in Acrylic! If someone does I'd love to see how it turns out!
TheSledgeHammer @Op7randJAJ Looks good! Can't wait to see it painted!
TheSledgeHammer @dbacon1975 Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but I work till midnight on weekdays now so this was the earliest I could respond. As of this message the model is fixed. Unfortunately I fear this issue will be recurring, as about every 2-3 months I've had to make the little rods that are meant to simply hold the separate pieces together for cheaper printing (which is what caused the failed print this time as well as previous times) thicker/larger. The model pieces themselves have never been the issue. Thanks for your interest in this model and so long as you still want to, hope your 2nd attempt goes smoothly! -TheSledgeHammer
TheSledgeHammer @Moonus88 They work great! Here is a picture of Version 2 (only difference between v2 and v3 is the missiles/5mm ports on the sides of the arms as mentioned in the product description) attached to my personal Blades figure. For additional pictures - have a look at my tfw2005 thread here: - 2nd to last post on page 1 has several pictures of version 2 on my actual figure. Hope this answers your questions!
Combiner Wars Helicopter Landing Skids V2
TheSledgeHammer @carloj2011 I don't see why not, you are free to do whatever you want with them, however if you're going to cut the pegs off, wouldn't just using the swords with the default arms suit your purpose just as well?
TheSledgeHammer @Op7randJAJ Also, for a cleaner arm look, you can still rotate his arms 360 degrees (where the missiles face inward). As shown in this picture attached to my blades on my Defensor:
TheSledgeHammer @Op7randJAJ Looks great! Glad they turned out so well! -TheSledgeHammer
TheSledgeHammer @ottobot72 Alrighty model has been fixed. Should be all good to go now!
TheSledgeHammer @ottobot72 Could have sworn this one was fixed already - but the reason it couldn't be printed was due to the small rods holding the model together for cheaper printing (which are meant to be broken anyway) were apparently too small for shapeway's machines. I've fixed this problem once on this model already and the other orders came out fine since - but now I guess I'll do it again XD I'll send you a message once it is fixed.
TheSledgeHammer @tigerhawk533 Cool - also just repsonding to make the comment that V2 has now been fixed - so this issue SHOULD not occur on this model again!
TheSledgeHammer @tigerhawk533 Hey sorry about that - Reason your print failed is apparently the 1mm rods that hold the separate parts together (which are meant to break anyway) are too thin for Shapeways to print - I've already corrected this issue with V3 of this item as well as several other products - and have been in the process of fixing this issue with my other models. Sorry this happened to you! (I'll be fixing this version later today!) -TheSledgeHammer
Combiner Wars Helicopter Landing Skid-Blades
TheSledgeHammer @CraftMakerInfinity I could certainly give that a shot later down the road. Silverbolt/Cyclonus have similar hand styles to Motormaster/Prime right? As for the Targetmaster, I don't think I'm skilled enough yet with 3D design to attempt something like that at this time. But consider those articulated hands for the voyagers on my list of things to do!
TheSledgeHammer @CraftMakerInfinity Thanks for your interest! I've got 2 more versions of this same model on the way (a light version with shorter blades, and a 2nd version the gives Alpha Bravo/Blades completely new hands), as well as several other designs on the way as well!


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