Jon-Laurence de Cespedes


Designer, Artist

theonlynova911 favorited The Ripper by MoonBaseTom
December 13, 2015
theonlynova911 commented on The Ripper by MoonBaseTom
December 13, 2015
The Ripper
theonlynova911 any possibility of rendering any of the necromorphs? The ripper is phenomenal btw.
theonlynova911 favorited Blue Zombie by cissell
March 14, 2015
theonlynova911 favorited Myconid - 5.7 inch by brutikong
February 23, 2015
theonlynova911 commented on Desert Cuttler(Small) by Ryosei
February 22, 2015
Desert Cuttler(Small)
theonlynova911 @Ryosei give me quote as i should be paid by next friday (or earlier) and i plan on purchasing three items from Shapeways. Each one from a different designer. my price-limit for each item is going to be around $35-45 and thus perhaps you can make one that would match that cost? let me know before you do anything, i would not want you waste time or material! ps. have you checked out some of my work? its only 2 dimensional but you can find it at @
theonlynova911 I think this guy might be my favourite. is there (or could there be) a small and hollow version of this guy?
theonlynova911 commented on Alien Bug by vandusbp
February 21, 2015
Alien Bug
theonlynova911 will be ordering this bad boy within within the next 36 the creature should definitely do more like this one.
theonlynova911 commented on HeartAttack by pafet
February 21, 2015
theonlynova911 i must own this within the net 48 hours (my father is cardiologist)
theonlynova911 commented on Viper Fish Ring by Gratz
February 21, 2015
Viper Fish Ring
theonlynova911 love this.
theonlynova911 commented on Spotted Pink Animal by Azza_Ku
February 21, 2015
Spotted Pink Animal
theonlynova911 i love your creatures!
theonlynova911 favorited White Ocyx(Small And Hollow) by Ryosei
February 19, 2015
theonlynova911 added a product to a list
February 19, 2015
theonlynova911 commented on Quadruped Alien by Romiko
February 19, 2015
Quadruped Alien
theonlynova911 very cool!
theonlynova911 commented on Principalis 001 28mm by absorber
February 19, 2015
Principalis 001 28mm
theonlynova911 my favourite!
theonlynova911 commented on Hellfex 001 W.P. II 28mm by absorber
February 19, 2015
Hellfex 001 W.P. II  28mm
theonlynova911 really bad ass.
theonlynova911 commented on 15 cm octobrain by xyana
February 19, 2015
15 cm octobrain
theonlynova911 really amazing.
theonlynova911 commented on alien by ludopencil
February 19, 2015
theonlynova911 is this the same creature you used to make your "ziru-buste alien", or is it slightly different? regardless i love it and hope to add it to my collection soon.
theonlynova911 commented on Desert Ocyx(Small) by Ryosei
February 18, 2015
Desert Ocyx(Small)
theonlynova911 (i'm looking at the website....did you do the majority of these designs???? incredible)
theonlynova911 Once my money is better aligned, i will be more than happy to purchase a few. I have a vast collection of action figures, statues, and figurines representing all sorts of aliens and monsters...adding your creatures to my collection would be great in that i would know that I was one of the only people in the world to have them!
Lakelands Kami Welcomer Short(Small And Hollow )
theonlynova911 shame he's not for sale. really awesome


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