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Almost professional quality transformer painter. Tried to remold with mold-able plastic, failed. Discovered Shapeways. Now Im here.

Combat Orbiter Wings and OMS Pods
Thecustomizer After attaching and using these wings first hand, I'd say the technique you used to put the wings under the shuttle, is a great way to give fireflight propper wings.
Aerial Team Combiner Slippers
Thecustomizer So, I hear that the PE feet are really big on the aerial bots. How do these look on the aerial bots?
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May 18, 2016
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May 16, 2016
Thecustomizer commented on Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I by SteamShield
May 12, 2016
Combat Heli Cockpit Mk.I
Thecustomizer @SteamShield Would this be the same price as the other version?
Thecustomizer @SteamShield Looking forward to when this one is sell-able
Thecustomizer @SteamShield Looking forward to when this one is sell-able
Thecustomizer Woah. is it just me, or did this design change?
Thecustomizer @SteamShield Looking forward to it, man.
Thecustomizer @SteamShield So what kind of copter are you basing the MK 2 and 3 versions on?
Thecustomizer @SteamShield dude, take your time. Your a good designer. I trust you to make the best vortex of your abilities
Thecustomizer @SteamShield other designs? like the other version of the cockpit?
Thecustomizer @SteamShield MH-53J Pave Low, exactly. You know your helicopters. Is there any way we can get a price estimate on this or the other version? if you don't mind
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May 6, 2016
CW: G-Style Snippa for Menasor
Thecustomizer Does this work with Bruticus?
Combat Heli Tail Assembly
Thecustomizer @Chupacabras75 In my personal experience. I would not recommend testors. It comes off way to easy, and depending on the color of what you are painting, you would need to paint several layers just so it won't bleed through. It's just not a good paint in my opinion
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November 15, 2015


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