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As if one of these insane stations wasn't enough to get, now you have options! San Francisco Yards (type 2)
My god, if you're crazy enough to get this, then hats off to you San Francisco Yards (type 1)
The Romulans have gotten enough large craft for the Early era, so let's give them a smaller one. Aekh Vuras
Romulans need a light cruiser, too Eihss'Dhael
Because early-era Romulans need another battelship... right? Kheid Hatham
One of each Excelsior - the prototype, the production version, and the refit Excelsior variant pack
Abbé-class collection - one of each variant, this time with underside deflectors Abbé variant (deflector) pack
Abbé-class collection - one of each variant Abbé variant pack
Miranda pack with underside deflectors. Miranda variant (deflector) pack
In case you're crazy enough to want ALL the mirandas in one go Miranda variant pack
Swift, deadly, and efficient - the will of the Romulan senate made manifest Vas Deihu
Romulans seem to enjoy making heavy cruisers Sten Vastam
The pinacle of middle-era Romulan Firepower, the Temar Vastari battleship Temar Vastari
A small but deadly romulan Frigate Praex
Middle-era take on the classic Romulan Bird of Prey Ken Hatham
After getting a handful of D7s from the Klingon Empire and using them to develop the Stormbird, the Romulans also performed a refit/redevelopment program parallel to the Klingon K't'inga Dhael'Khenn
Prepare yourself for a bunch of Middle-era Romulans Aye Mosaram
Early Romulans need a Battleship as much as anyone else - alternate 2-nacelle version available, too Makar (third nacelle)
My favorite klingon vessel - the Riskadh Riskadh


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