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Thallos commented on Tabaxi Rogue (Female) by Thallos
March 25, 2018
Tabaxi Rogue (Female)
Thallos @TabaxiFreak All models are supplied unpainted by Shapeways. There is a "What's in the box" section on each product page that shows you what you are actually ordering.
Thallos @Afet I'm glad you like this character. I have just added a male version of this pose to my shop. Enjoy.
A Ysoki for Starfinder. Late but not forgotten. Finished the last of my planned figures for 2017 on to the new year - Ysoki Operative
Here is a modular halfling character. I will be adding normal (not modular) versions to my shop as well. - Halfling Arcane Trickster (Modular)
Apologies for the delay. This the Elf Knight is now available. Look for single piece versions for those not interested this modular version. - Elf Eldritch Knight
A couple new products are going up in my shop. Check them out! Psychic Assassin
This Kasatha made it through pre-production and is ready to order. - Kasathas Technomancer
Another one for Starfinder. A stocky Vesk - Vesk Starfinder
Thallos commented on Tabaxi Rogue (Male) by Thallos
September 26, 2017
Tabaxi Rogue (Male)
Thallos @Afet All my characters are scaled relative to each other. In the scale I work the character is very tall when standing upright. I would estimate somewhere around 6 ft. This would make the scale of this model closer to 30mm but this is just an estimate.
By request, a male version of my tabaxi model - Tabaxi Rogue (Male)
Just finished a Shirren character for the Starfinder RPG system. - Shirren Starfinder
Check out a miniature with multiple arm choices - Tiefling Paladin
Updating some older models for HD materials - Twilek Engineer HD
Thallos favorited Elf w/ Axes by Thallos
January 30, 2017
Thallos commented on Dragonborn Sorcerer by Thallos
December 12, 2016
Dragonborn Sorcerer
Thallos @fbf17fd I only sell the prints through Shapeways at this time. Feel free to leave suggestions for options you'd like to see in future products. Thanks for your interest!
Thallos @fsdourado Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I am currently working on another project and I am unable to commit to specific custom changes for past projects. If I do another round of figures then I'll definitely consider this.
Thallos commented on Halfling Wizard by Thallos
November 14, 2016
Halfling Wizard
Thallos @hazmatsproduction Thanks for your interest. Feel free to send me a private message with more info and we can talk about it.


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