Jacob Sussman


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker

Philips HUE Dimmer 2 Gang Toggle Switch Plate
SussmanDESIGNS I don’t print these or select materials. I just do the design. Shapeways would have to comment on the materials.
SussmanDESIGNS @EggYolk oh no. I didn’t mean it to come off that way on my end with her. I more was just going through my design process and how I got to the point I did. I can easily make tweaks though. As for magnets there also is always a chance Philips has changed magnets over time too I guess with one that holds more or holds less depending on their cost. Again as long as it’s holding that is the key. I’m actually going to look into another aftermarket solution for even stronger magnets if someone wants to add them in the future to get a stronger hold and I will add a link in the description.
SussmanDESIGNS @EggYolkaorey my answer wasn’t complete. So what some have done to get a finished product with a perfectly smooth finish is used rattle can paint and primer. And sprayed that on the cover. Sanded it with a fine sand paper and repeated to smooth then finished with the color of choosing. It’s definitely an extra step but since for the most part you only use one or two of these not a huge deal if you are up to the task. I am in the process of having these outsourced as a production item with an injection molding facility to make an oem finish product but 1000-10000 piece minimums aren’t making it tough to secure the funding on my end a small business. I apologize for any difficulties.
SussmanDESIGNS @EggYolkthank you very much for the feed back. So I’ll touch each point. Yes the produc will have a more rough finish then say a production switch plate because of the nature of the manufacturing. That’s something shapeways would have to address on the printing process. As for magnets I’m surprised to hear you are having an attraction issue. The thickness is actually slightly thinner at the magenta than the hue plate out of the box. Our test models all have a great holding strength but I’ll take note on that. Lastly as for recessing more. I can recess it slightly more but the issue becomes a standard electrical box dimension vertically is almost the same as the remote so recessing it in and keeping wall thickness becomes difficult. I could make a more raised area to have the switch blend in more as an option as well. I appreciate the comments and will definitely keep these in mind for future ideas.
Philips Hue Dimmer Plate 2 Gang Decora Switch Plat
SussmanDESIGNS All the pictures are too large to send. Hue switch sticks out basically the same as the one in the box. Not sure what you mean about Decora. The Decora switch mounts to the box and then the plate mounts to the Decora switch. Just like a toggle switch.


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