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Strangefate commented on ACC-14b-iSpiderGear-s 6inch by Strangefate
October 9, 2018
ACC-14b-iSpiderGear-s 6inch
Strangefate @soopasawa @8bitbrave I can look into it, might take a week or 2 if it gets done.
Strangefate commented on FB-01-Preset-01 7inch by Strangefate
May 14, 2018
FB-01-Preset-01  7inch
Strangefate @cobz1976 It will. I had started updating all figures to the newest base body but got sidetracked with other projects. It will probably come back in a few months once I have time to update it.
Strangefate @Buddy I do hear that question a lot... The problem is that printing prices skyrocket really quick. Male figures would have more mass and take up a bit more space for printing, which would translate into figures being always $7-10 more expensive on average, compared to a female. So that kinda kills the motivation a bit. That said, I'd love to add a male figure and designs... so maybe I'll still bite after all the females are updated and I'm done with a few other things.
Strangefate Hey @Buddy .Sometime after June it should come back up. I've made improvements to the base figure joints (more range and look better in some cases) and have to transplant her gear to the new body and reupload it... After june I'll be focusing more on this stuff :)
ACC-04-Sword 7inch MOTU v2.4 - Atlantean Sword
Strangefate Thanks a lot @Starvihawk , glad you like it!
ACC-15-Ninja Laser Sticks 6-7inch
Strangefate @andresthorson They're about the same size and should work on the same hands/figures. I can't guarantee that the laser blades of other swords will fit snuggly into these, didn't plan for that.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Preset-06as 6inch by Strangefate
December 16, 2017
FB01-Preset-06as  6inch
Strangefate Hey @henry_cole46 ...I had started to port this figure to the new body (better articulation, nicer torso cut etc) but I got sidetracked by other things. I twill come back for sure, but have to finish other things first atm.
Strangefate Hey @Steve42082 I don't do commissions sorry, not enough time. The figures currently not for sale need to be updated to the latest female body that has better articulation and other tweaks, doint them 1 at a time when I do have some time. Eventually they'll be all back online.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Preset-10s 6inch by Strangefate
December 9, 2017
FB01-Preset-10s  6inch
Strangefate @nobleclonetrooper There usually isn't any paint rub at all. If you read my post to Keling_ding (below yours) and the base action figure description linked above, it will explain why. Hope that helps
Strangefate @kelin_ding I've only ever used acrylics, but from what I've read, enamel should work fine too, I'd just avoid using any strong sealants or coats, just in case. If memory serves me right from my time doing miniature models, enamel paints can be more liquid than acrylics (?) which means that the first coat may not look very sharp (then again, if you order it in red, it's less of a problem than it would be on white). If you read through the base action figure description that's linked above in the description of this figure, there's a section about painting (and everything else), should help you understand what to expect and why. I don't do the Kraylon coating at the end anymore (as described there) because I noticed that it doesn't need it... you can't scratch the paint after a month or so, with or without a finish coat applied. I apply some shiny coat here and there to make some details and materials pop against the skin texture, but that's all. Hope that helps, any other questions, feel free to ask :)
Strangefate Hey @kelin_ding .She will be a bit Taller. The base figure is exactly 6 inch which works well with the usual Hasbro/Marvel and DC 6 inch scales, but her boots and head attachments (I forget their name) make her look a bit taller. Since I think the Figuarts figures tend to be a bit smaller than Marvel/DC figures, and some of the female Star Wars Black figures are close to 5 inch tall from what I remember, she might look rather tall compared directly with those.
Strangefate She fits in very well with the other figures @thowerton .Thanks for the shot!
Strangefate Some very nice piedces there @Darksidecustoms757 . When I started with this I wanted to do the SW cantina, carbonite chamber and modular Death Star and rebel corridors, but the printing prices go through the roof too quickly for any of that. There's also a Facebook page with updates one what I'm working on etc:
Strangefate Thanks @Darksidecustoms757 , glad you like it, she's looking good! :) I do plan to do more Star wars figures using the female base, I have a bounty hunter, jedi and sith figures on my to-do list, the only problem is finding time :)
Strangefate @DailyDurian She looks awesome!. Nice job on the tattoos, they look perfect :) I'm back and fixing all issues btw. The missing black female will be up soon. Interesting about the balljoint, should be interesting to see how she looks with the shorter torso in more action shots :) @Andrewsimonthomas what Durian said should work well. I used a water resistant marker myself with a pointy felt tip, worked really well.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Body-01s 6inch by Strangefate
October 24, 2017
FB01-Body-01s  6inch
Strangefate Thanks for the heads up @keithminshew ...seems they broke when dropbox changed their linking format, I'll fix them asap.
Strangefate Hey @alphaproto ...Maybe at some point in the future, but not right now.
Strangefate @adallinear Hands pack is up!:
Strangefate Nice pose @adallinear and glad you like it! Aaaand sorry to hear it broke. The hand pegs are the thinnest pegs on the figure I guess. I've been meaning to do a hand pack for a while now with different types of grips etc. Give me a week or so and I'll have one up. I'll reply here again when it's up to let you know.
Strangefate @Timmy_22222001 So basically, you're saying the torso ball joint fits all the way into the socket as it is ? ...I've never heard of them being loose, they're made to be too tight by default, so that you may need to remove some material to make them fit, or best case they'll fit with enough strength... I'm not sure what to say, didn't even know it was possible for them to be loose. I take it you are using the set of ball joints where the balls on both ends are the same size ? Neck ball joint has a larger and smaller ball, and the torso ball joint has 2 larger balls. Other than that, super glue should be your best bet yes. I would try to not apply too much of it on the bottom of the socket, and more around the sides and top of it, and all around the ball itself. Sorry for the issues, and glad to hear you still like it :)
Strangefate @Timmy_22222001 The 2 sets of ball joints are basically the same. The ball joints with the cuts should go in easier if the other ones won't. Due to printing inconsistencies, they sometimes don't go in easy, but the ones with the cuts should. Make sure you remove as much print dust from the gap around the ball joint sockets before attaching the joints. Worst case, take a knife and clean out the cuts of the ball joints too. The gaps are needed to let the pieces expand or contract to fit into each other. You will then still need some strength, I would grab the lower torso, put the ball joint in place, then press it in with the upper torso. Basically, press the ball joint into place using the upper and lower torso ball sockets, they should both pop in this way. Same with the head. If all fails... grab a knife and scrape off some (very little) plastic from the top of the ball socket and try again. ...hope that makes sense.
Strangefate Hey @Timmy_22222001 You don't need any glue, I wouldnt worry about that. To remove the sprues I would use a sharp knife or pliers. Torso sprue needs to be removed and the parts be connected with the ball joints yes. You can just twist the upper and lower torso until the sprue breaks, then clean up the bits of sprue on either part with a knife. The sprues are necessary to make printing affordable, but they all need to be removed.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Body-01 7inch by Strangefate
September 9, 2017
FB01-Body-01  7inch
Strangefate Hey @jaredfragd3111 ...I don't do commissions I'm afraid, this is mostly just an outlet for excess creativity and ideas for which I don't have that much time.
Strangefate Not at this point @Yautja117 ...I've been meaning to offer it in parts like the other designs... but I need to find some time :)
Strangefate Hey @hiperverso ...a skinny male figure would be 15% or so more expensive to print. Price goes up pretty quick as you add mass, so there's not much motivation to go there unless printing prices go down :/
Strangefate @bullyart07 That's not possible sorry. While it can be printed at that size, the price would be more than triple and I'd have to readjust all the joints to work properly again.
Strangefate @bullyart07 It would make sense to do that, which is probably why I never thought of it... I'll look into offering the parts.
Strangefate Hey @bullyart07 Sorry to hear that happened. You'll have to email Shapeways support with your order number: Their support is very good so you shouldn't have any problems with them.
ACC-14-SupSpider Gear 6inch  v1.4
Strangefate @Akatsukissj me alegra, gracias!
Strangefate Thank you @fbb90d8 !
Strangefate Hey @fbb90d8 ...Email Shapeways support using the link below and provide them with the photo and information you did here. Their support is usually awesome and will replace the missing part without a fuss.
Strangefate Hi @faiz555 ...Shapeways does all the shipping and handling, not me. When you order a new one you can just enter a new shipping address.
Strangefate Hey @Sunnyd1161 ...Sounds like that piece must have fallen/broken off at shapeways, I've had a missing piece here and there too. They DO have great support so if anything like that ever happens again, you can just take a picture of what you got and point out what's missing and they'll reprint and ship you the stuff for free.
Strangefate Sorry to hear that @fb7f49c ...The sprues holding the pieces together need to be strong for Shapeways to accept them. If you can tell or show me what part broke, I can upload that part alone for you if you want.
Strangefate @andykam I have no idea. Shapeways prints and ships everything. You can try making an order, it will show you the total costs before you finish the order. If you don't like the shipping costs or they don't ship to your area, you can simply cancel the order.
Strangefate Hey @Panicender . It depends to what extent. 3D printing isn't completely accurate and prints will always be slightly different. The parts are made to be a tight fit by default, so depending on the print they might be a bit harder or easier to attach. In some cases, you may have to sand down a peg or ball just a little to fit it into place easier. Also, if I remember correctly, each ball joint has a different size, so they may not fit if you're assembling the leg parts in a different order.
Strangefate Hey @gthadi ...Shapeways prints them when you order them, correct. It usually takes 2-3 weeks from the moment you order until you get the parts (depending where you live).
Strangefate Hey @rogersjavon4 there should be a BUY NOW button on the right side ?
FOD-03-Fantasy Masks Pack for 6'' and 7'' Figures
Strangefate Hey @IZORx10 ...some new fantasy items in general should be coming soon-ish. Beyond that, I'd love to say yes but there's too many things on my to-do list and in my experience so far, I end up not having time for most :/
Strangefate commented on SL01-Body-01 7inch by Strangefate
December 10, 2016
SL01-Body-01  7inch
Strangefate Sorry to hear that @harbi's built as sturdy as possible but a bit of care is probably still a good idea.
Strangefate Hey @veronicamachner ...Prints are never consistent, sometimes they're a bit on the tight and sometimes a bit on the loose side. I try to err on the tight side because people can always sand them down just a little if needed, but I hear you... small joints can be tough to get into place. I usually hold it in place and press the upper and lower leg together until the joint piece pops in. The broken finger, sorry to hear but... what a great idea!! it will be so much more original than all the other perfect skeletons! Glad you like it so far, thanks!
Strangefate @walruswalrus ...they're up: that link has the default head and hands.
Strangefate Hey @walruswalrus give me a few days and I can put the hands and head up in a file for you. I'll write you here again when it's up.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Head-08 7inch by Strangefate
November 30, 2016
FB01-Head-08  7inch
Strangefate Hey @hoodedman81 ...I've seen people use them on MOTUC female figures so the size works just fine, but the ball joint won't. I think what people do is fill up the hole and drill a new one in the size they need (which is smaller for MOTUC i think).
Strangefate commented on ACC-04-Swords 6-7inch by Strangefate
October 13, 2016
ACC-04-Swords  6-7inch
Strangefate @dallas_loghry They do. MOTU figures have somewhat flexible fingers tho so they'll grab anything a bit thicker or thinner, something Transformer figures can't do, so I can't say how perfect the fit would be. Another thing to keep in mind is that unless your Grimlock has articulated hands, you'd have to remove the pommel of the sword or you wouldn't be able to fit it into the hand. Last but not least, THIS version of the sword has a 3.5mm grip, the MOTU version which is on the store too has a 5mm grip.
Strangefate @Haddr ...The MOTU version of the swords have pictures with MOTU figures holding them:
Strangefate hey @drwillsdc ...not really I'm afraid. I'd have to thicken it to be printable at that size and even with the most expensive plastics, the detail wouldn't survive, it needs to be modeled in a simpler fashion with only the more relevant details present in a bolder fashion, so they read properly.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Torso-14 7inch by Strangefate
September 29, 2016
FB01-Torso-14  7inch
Strangefate Not sure @Yautja117 ...This is the process Shapeways uses for polishing: ...I've thought sometimes that putting apiece in a jar filled with rice or other small pellets, then spinning it for a while might do something, but never actually tried it. I'd be careful with sandpaper.
Strangefate @Yautja117 In theory yes. I just enabled t he black Acrylate for this piece, but as you can see, it more than triples the price, it's an expensive material :/
Strangefate commented on FB01-Preset-10 7inch by Strangefate
July 23, 2016
FB01-Preset-10  7inch
Strangefate @fmlouder There already is a 6 inch version: Copy that short URL, IT won't appear here as a proper URL. She will be on the tall side with her... head tubes... can't remember the name.
Strangefate A good question @LordChain ...Fixed. For some reason the other colors were hidden. Thanks for noticing :)
Strangefate commented on Dragon Priest Mask KeyChain by Strangefate
July 22, 2016
Dragon Priest Mask KeyChain
Strangefate @zooley that actually looks really awesome, thanks a lot for the picture! I forgot to order one with the last batch of test prints I got...
Strangefate commented on FB01-Head-06 7inch by Strangefate
April 21, 2016
FB01-Head-06  7inch
Strangefate Thanks a lot @chomski :)
Strangefate Hey @abayomima ...size wise they will fit. A socket for a ball joint is there but will most likely not fit the MOTU figures. There's quite a few customizers using these heads of female MOTUC figures, but I imagine they ahve to tweak or fill the socket and drill it anew.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Head-07s 6inch by Strangefate
March 21, 2016
FB01-Head-07s  6inch
Strangefate Hey @Gyarados66 ...The ball socket probably won't fit as it wasn't made to fit with the Star wars figures. I imagine the scale would fit for the male figures, the female figures in that line are rather small from what I've seen so far. As for making it pass for a male... to some extent it should work I imagine, at least as male as Hayden Christensen did as Anakin :)
Strangefate commented on ACC-14-SupSpider Gear 7inch v1.4 by Strangefate
December 14, 2015
ACC-14-SupSpider Gear 7inch  v1.4
Strangefate Hey @Superseanski. The legs in the pictures are the 6 inch ones on 6 inch figures. The 7 inch set would work too, but things might look a bit bulky of course. The 7 inch set is only about 4-6% bigger than the 6 inch set so I don't think you'd really gain much on the length of the leg. You should be able to pose them so the figure is supported in the air yes. That said, printing is never twice the same and since Shapeways does all the work, I have no influence on the results. That means that some prints will have tighter joints than others. The plastic is not water tight, so if the joints are not tight enough, you should be able to coat the balljoints in super glue to add more material. The plastic will absorb and bind very well with the glue.
Strangefate commented on FB01-Preset-13s 6inch by Strangefate
November 3, 2015
FB01-Preset-13s  6inch
Strangefate @zanethetoamata ... I don't know what you're trying to ask..
Strangefate commented on ACC-24-Swords 7inch MOTU by Strangefate
October 27, 2015
ACC-24-Swords 7inch MOTU
Strangefate @dertaetowiertehund Oh... nice stand, and good painted details, thanks !
Strangefate commented on FB01-Torso-11s 6inch by Strangefate
October 14, 2015
FB01-Torso-11s  6inch
Strangefate @sethmykal they come unpainted.
Strangefate commented on ACC-13-Spiders 6-7inch by Strangefate
June 11, 2015
ACC-13-Spiders  6-7inch
Strangefate @salitremast1970 it shouldn't be a problem, no


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