Stormchaser91 commented on Mask Of Time Pedastal by Slythenperior
April 4, 2017
Mask Of Time Pedastal
Stormchaser91 Also, brass/bronze might be interesting options for these G2 Vahi.
Stormchaser91 This is great! I think I'll get one. Ever consider doing up a "complete" mask of time, using the G1 & G2 versions fused together? You seem talented enough to be able to pull it off the fusion well enough to do it justice. (Personally, I see the "cheek" pieces of the G1 Vahi sliding up under the lower triangular bits on the G2 mask, but that's just me...)
Articulated Bionicle Toa Mata Torso
Stormchaser91 Ok, this looks promising, but there definitely needs to be an option for "polished" black, as well as an actual option for brown. Nice of you to include purple for the Voriki fans, though!
Stormchaser91 added a product to a list
April 4, 2017
Stormchaser91 commented on Kraahkan G2 by fb6e5d9
April 4, 2017
Kraahkan G2
Stormchaser91 Hey, this looks interesting from the current angle, but would it be possible to get a view of the "face" of the mask as well? Also, is it wearable in both directions, like the original?
Stormchaser91 commented on Toa Tupac's Kanohi Mengu by tom_rule95
March 29, 2016
Toa Tupac's Kanohi Mengu
Stormchaser91 @tom_rule95 ah, cool. Have you also considered making "G2 compatible" versions as well? They might go over well.
Stormchaser91 @tom_rule95 commission, eh? What, exactly, would that entail? (I might be considering both a Mask of Adaptation and a Mask of Incomprehension)
Stormchaser91 @tom_rule95 k, I'll do that later then. Say... You do a lot of Kanohi work... Ever consider doing a Mask of Adaptation?
Stormchaser91 So... This mask. What is it's power?
Stormchaser91 commented on Mask Of Spacetime by AArami
March 27, 2016
Mask Of Spacetime
Stormchaser91 Fun looking design. I intend to get one, eventually. Mind sharing where the inspiration for it came from?
Stormchaser91 commented on Voriki parts pack by Maphrox
December 14, 2015
Voriki parts pack
Stormchaser91 @Maphrox (declares you will add things on February 31st) I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE YOU SLY DOG!
Articulated hand (long fingers) - set of two
Stormchaser91 @Leewan just got both sets of hands today, and I love them. The "strong, black, and flexible" plastic with the velvety feel makes the bits kind of bind on each other, so I'd suggest going with the other black plastic, except for the fingertips. Also, what are the grey slanty things that were in the sintershell?
Stormchaser91 @Leewan still going to buy these either way. Also, would you consider calling these "toa hands" and the smaller ones "matoran hands"?
Stormchaser91 @Leewan nice. I have a question about the thumb though: have you considered adding the ability for it to rotate (do the opposable thing) around the digit's core axis, in addition to bending?
Stormchaser91 commented on Kanohi Kraahkan [2nd Epic Edition] by kortess
November 2, 2015
Kanohi Kraahkan [2nd Epic Edition]
Stormchaser91 Heh, the bronze-infused stainless steel version looks like the best candidate for movie-accurate painting... Shame you can't make things two-tone (die-cast? idk) with this.
Stormchaser91 commented on Sonic Sword .V2 by AArami
October 30, 2015
Sonic Sword .V2
Stormchaser91 Nice. Quite appropriate for a toa of sonics... Love how it looks like a tuning fork. You seem to do very great swords. Would it be possible to request one?
Stormchaser91 commented on Miru redesign by 00dude00
October 30, 2015
Miru redesign
Stormchaser91 I agree with those below: a full set of Mata kanohi is needed. Perhaps a set of nuva kanohi as well... @znickel_ions it could well be a metru-nui version, but... it seems a bit more elvish in design than Lhikan's hau (though maybe it's an appropriate counterpoint to the average flair and flamboyance of your average toa of air... Meh.)
Stormchaser91 commented on Articulated hand - set of two by Leewan
September 28, 2015
Articulated hand - set of two
Stormchaser91 @Leewan I think this is a great idea, good sir, but... Might I add a suggestion or two? Perhaps adding a small disk at either end of the main finger rod so the outer two fingers can't accidentally be knocked off sideways? And perhaps adding another joint to each finger? I'm just throwing out ideas, you can use them if you see fit.


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