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April 21, 2021
Fitbit Flex Armour - Pendant or Keychain
Stephen_Arsenault @lilulucky2 I'm sorry to say I do not.
Stephen_Arsenault Unless you already have one to spare, I recommend buying a "Pendant Bail" with this FitBit Flex Armour. One point to consider when buying a bail is the width of the bail hoop -- in this case, it's just over 7mm wide. Below is an example of a pendant bail which would work. Depending on the design of your bail it will critical that you fasten the bail securely or it may fall off.
Prices have been SLASHED across all items in my shop, including best sellers!
These intricate anchor earrings are one of my earlier designs but I have a special place in my heart for the 0.8mm thick detailed rope that filigrees around each anchor. Anchor Earrings
NUC Chassis Removable Cover - Add Your Logo!
Stephen_Arsenault Hi @fbdccfd, You can use the product page to upload your logo as a 1-color image (the upload box it under the label "Custom Image"). This will automatically generate a preview of the final part. If you're satisfied go ahead and purchase the customized product at a quantity of 3. Good luck, enjoy!
Add a little class this Christmas with a custom Volkswagen key! Volkswagen Key Blank (Retro)
Add a little class this Christmas with a custom Volkswagen key!
Follow me on instagram to see how I go from 3D print to glow in the dark resin casting. #EZPZ
Working on a new series of Tritium keychains!
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April 15, 2016
Stephen_Arsenault commented on Pebble Time - Bumper by Stephen_Arsenault
February 19, 2016
Pebble Time - Bumper
Stephen_Arsenault @Darya27 Very interesting. Can you confirm that the bumper you are describing matches the preview photographs in my shop? I know this is an odd request - but please check carefully. For example, in my photos you will notice a panel which travels from the button to the microphone hole. Does your bumper have this panel?
Stephen_Arsenault @Darya27 Sorry for the slow response -- it sounds like the bumper is being frequently detached and reattached to the PebbleTime. If this is the case, I'm afraid that the wear you're describing is unavoidable for all thin plastic products (regardless of how they are manufactured). Frequent flexing of thin walls reduces the the plastics tensile strength and will ultimately weaken the mechanical grip, which sounds like what you're describing. Would you mind describing how often you remove the bumper during one week and how long you have had the bumper for?
Stephen_Arsenault @nturnes20 I haven't come up with a concise answer to this question - I get it often with the Pebble Steel, so bear with me: The pebble steel is ~1 mm taller than the common Pebble Time watch. As a result, my case fits but there is a small gap at the bottom which is unprotected by the case. However, there are reasons you might prefer this case over other options. My case fits very well, in fact I am proud to say it's "hard to put on, hard to take off". Other cases fall off simply by brushing a sleeve.
Stephen_Arsenault @frakseno Here's an album with some hi-res images of black (polished not available) and white polished.
Stephen_Arsenault @frakseno Totally understand - I'll tag you when I get some photos.
Stephen_Arsenault @frakseno Unfortunately I don't have any photos or product on hand in white or black. I'll try to get some photos included. I feel like the unpolished black is comparable to a black suede or a little rougher. The white looks matte, I prefer the polished white.
Stephen_Arsenault @frakseno I wouldn't disregard the polished metallic plastic -- it's not flashy like chrome, just grey with a slight glitter. Alternatively, white strong and flexible with a polish is both long lasting and humble. Do you have a specific concern regarding the unpolished black strong and flexible?
Stephen_Arsenault @frakseno the strong flexible material is not available from Shapeways in the combination of black and polished, sorry!
Stephen_Arsenault @acesmythe -- it firmly hugs the perimeter of the watch base with a form fitting shell. It is very secure; I was accidentally mailed "the other guys" version of this bumper and I was shocked that it fell off so easily. Actually, it was a gift for a friend - he was quick to display that simply lifting his arm would cause his shirt sleeve to pop off "the other guys" bumper. Mine stays on. Period. Honestly, I would compare the surface texture to very fine sandpaper. It's not a super flattering description (and don't worry, it won't actually scratch anything) but it's really very accurate. Polished is a lot better. The black color isn't 100% black, it's more like a very dark charcoal color. As for the flexibility of the material, it seems sufficient. What I mean by that is that the design is pretty rigid. One thing to bear in mind is that if you fidget with the bumper while it's not on your watch (I'm talking to you Sergio) it will probably break. The material does not withstand frequent and extreme folding and will simply shear off at the stress point. That's going to happen whether you buy my bumper, "the other guys" or any thin 3D printed material.
Stephen_Arsenault @friar_fnord Okay -- just heard back from my "tester"! It doesn't fit perfectly; basically the pebbletime steel is a little taller, so while it does FIT and does stay in place, it kind of looks like an adult wearing a child's hat.
Fitbit Flex Armour - Pocket Clip
Stephen_Arsenault @TeutonJon78 Hey - thanks for asking. They all fit well, but this material is prone to tolerance issues. If you're concerned about the tolerance issues I would recommend you try my metal series which I referred to in earlier messages. This is the clip ( and this is the pendant (
Stephen_Arsenault @skonings So sorry to hear that, I spoke with Shapeways yesterday. The printing process has a accuracy tolerance which varies across parts. For example, in brass and other casted metals it's typically +/- 0.15mm (greater or less than). This tolerance is taken into consideration in the design of the case, however the problem arises when it skews dramatically towards to the "plus 0.15mm" side. This creates the problem you're describing. If I adjust the design I would have the same problem when it skews towards the "minus 0.15mm" case. Hence, the problem in printing. I have a revision of this design available in the shop for purchase right now, it incorporates a clip. However, it's currently available only in semi-precious metals. I am revising this design to work with plastic materials and will be available soon. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I would describe this as a problem of 3D Design vs. 3D printing. Shapeways uses phenomenal technology but the tolerance required for this design is too narrow for the printing resolutions available in pretty / cheap plastics. If you would like, I can message you when the new design is released in plastics.
Stephen_Arsenault @skonings Sorry to hear about that, you have the same issue as Kepal. One cause for this may be the orientation the 3D model is being printed at has been changed recently. You will need to reach out to, they will resolve this issue promptly.
Stephen_Arsenault @kepal Thanks! Did you order your pendant recently -- it sounds like it was skewed in manufacturing. I would recommend contact and ask them about a refund. Also, you may want to consider the new semi-precious metal. The new design incorporates a clip which prevents the fitbit from falling out.
Stephen_Arsenault As owners of this product I hope you find as much satisfaction and pleasure in your daily use as I did in designing it. If over the course of the products lifetime you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know!
Glasses Frame with customizable Inscription
Stephen_Arsenault Really impressive work, looks great!
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February 1, 2015
Stephen_Arsenault I'm not a gardener but the design is brilliantly executed - great work!


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