Timothy Gibbons



Finally finished the first of the promised models, the Ancient Prowler, heavy shuttle as an expansion to the SGA universe - http://shpws.me/PuVA Ancient Prowler: 1/270 scale
The Wing Commander movie Kilrathi KF-100 fighter - http://shpws.me/PbPq Kilrathi KF-100: 1/270 scale
My newest model of the X-301, with the AIM-120d missiles moved to the outside rail like in the episode "Tangent", also, this model features a camouflage pattern embedded in the design - http://shpws.me/PaTO X-301: 1/270 scale
The New Death Glider model, with more detail and reworked cockpit - http://shpws.me/PaTN Death Glider: 1/270 Scale
A squadron of the New Death Gliders - http://shpws.me/PaTM Death Glider Squad: 1/270 scale
Just finished an update on the Ori Fighter with a more detailed model - http://shpws.me/PaTL Ori Fighter Squadron: 1/270 scale
A set containing the new Armored Glider, the new Kull Glider, and the new detailed Death Glider and X-301 - http://shpws.me/PaTF Glider Group Set: 1/270 scale
A flight of Armored Gliders, in addition, I will be updating the Death Glider, X-301 model and the corresponding sets with newer models that have more detail - http://shpws.me/PaTB Goa'uld Armored Flight: 1/270 scale
Offering a newly updated Kull Glider that looks a little more like an Asgard armored Glider than the previous model, my model is currently in route and I'll be posting pictures once painted :) - http://shpws.me/PaGL Kull Glider: 1/270 scale
Now a Stargate for planet side scenarios - http://shpws.me/PaGG SG1 Stargate Token: 1/270 scale
Fleshing out the System Lord Faction with a beefier version of the standard death glider - http://shpws.me/P9fJ Armored Glider: 1/270 scale
The second of my sailing ship designs, this one takes the 22 gun frigate and gives it a bit of "Black Flag", flair with a large ram in the front. - http://shpws.me/OWDc Ram Frigate, 22 gun: 1/500 scale
Took a quick break from Sci-Fi minis and finished up a couple of 1/500 scale sailing ship game pieces I'd been working on that come with or without bases and good for wargaming or game pieces :) - http://shpws.me/OWCP Light Frigate, 22 gun: 1/500 scale
And now the Kilrathi have a presence in 1/270 scale with the Dralthi Mk I, "flying pancake", fighter - http://shpws.me/OWxY Dralthi Fighter Mk. I: 1/270 scale
Expanding the Wing Commander section with the first of the Rapier class fighters, the F-44a from WC1 - http://shpws.me/OWxy F-44A Rapier: 1/270 scale
Finished up the groups for the Stargate ships and will be adding some sets for the Star Wars and Wing Commander sections - http://shpws.me/OUh2 Tiger Claw Squadron: 1/270 scale
Launching a new Stargate Munitions token, the N/AIM-54 "Phoenix", still playing around with the rules on this one. Basic idea is front deploy and then it moves again and detonates. - http://shpws.me/OUfI N/AIM-54 Phoenix Missile
Enough Tobin mines to create your own respectable minefield - http://shpws.me/OUfz Tobin Minefield Tokens
Grouping some of the Munitions tokens into bulk sets, first up a set of Tauri Nuclear weapons, because we all love explosions :) - http://shpws.me/OUfw Tauri Nuclear Munition Tokens
A small swarm of 1/270 Wraith darts now ready for action - http://shpws.me/OUfa Wraith Dart set: 1/270 scale
F-302 squadron, all the 1/270 scale sets will be available in WSF and FUD. http://shpws.me/OUai Tauri F-302 Squadron: 1/270 scale
A swarm of 6 Death Gliders in 1/700 scale - http://shpws.me/OU9J Death Glider Large set: 1/700 scale
A pair of Ancient Shuttles in 1/700 scale - http://shpws.me/OU98 Ancient Shuttle set: 1/700 scale
1/700th scale F-302 interceptors - http://shpws.me/OU97 F-302 Interceptor Set: 1/700 scale


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