Timothy Gibbons



A new ship for the Star Wars EU, the V-19 Torrent in flight position - http://shpws.me/QzbH V-19 Torrent: 1/270 Scale: Variant 2
A new ship for the Star Wars EU, the V-19 Torrent in attack position - http://shpws.me/QzbG V-19 Torrent: 1/270 Scale: Variant 1
The Glyph/Chig stealth fighter flown by "Chiggy von Richthofen" in Space: Above and Beyond. - http://shpws.me/Qwx1 Chig Stealth Fighter: 1/270 scale
SA-43 Hammerheads in a four pack - http://shpws.me/QwwY SA-43 Hammerhead Squadron: 1/270 scale
Boldly going where no one has gone before, now introducing the Federation Type 9 Shuttle craft in 1/270 scale and compatible with X-Wing small base - http://shpws.me/QwwV Type 9 Shuttle: 1/270 scale
Finishing up a couple of Hammerhead sets, first up is a pair of the SA-43's - http://shpws.me/QvW7 SA-43 Hammerhead Flight: 1/270 scale
New muntions token for the SGC Factions, the Goa'uld Plasma Mine - http://shpws.me/Qshp Goa'uld Plasma Mine Token
The "Triton" from SG1 "Space Race" in 1/700 scale - http://shpws.me/QoB4 Triton: 1/700 scale
Second of the Kon Garat race contenders, the ill-fated "Triton" in 1/270 scale - http://shpws.me/QoB3 Triton: 1/270 scale
Sebrus is now available in 1/700 scale - http://shpws.me/QotF Sebrus: 1/700 Scale
Expanding the Star Wars EU selection with the Tosqan Q-8 Multi-Purpose Fighter, a predecessor to the successful Y-Wing design - http://shpws.me/Qose Tosqan Q-8: 1/270 scale
Been getting requests for some of my models, especially Stargate ships, in various scales and to fit various stands, I will be doing my best to meet these requests over the next few months and will be grouping most of them in the new "Misc Scaling" folder. First in is the Sebrus in 1/540 scale with no stand slot. - http://shpws.me/Qopn Sebrus: 1/540 scale
Tackling a new series, "Space: Above and Beyond", with the first ship being the SA-43 "Hammerhead" Endo/Exo Fighter - http://shpws.me/Qoo6 SA-43 Hammerhead: 1/270 scale
And finally, the transport Sebrus from SG1, "Forsaken" and "Space Race", designed for X-Wing Large base, this gal was a blast to design. - http://shpws.me/QgKf Sebrus: 1/270 scale
Hey gang, so after a long stretch I have put the finishing touches on a couple models and am now making them ready for sale, first up the Ori Enforcer or Light Fighter, designed for greater speed and maneuverability at a cost of some firepower. - http://shpws.me/QgFD Ori Enforcer: 1/270 scale
Finally finished the first of the promised models, the Ancient Prowler, heavy shuttle as an expansion to the SGA universe - http://shpws.me/PuVA Ancient Prowler: 1/270 scale
The Wing Commander movie Kilrathi KF-100 fighter - http://shpws.me/PbPq Kilrathi KF-100: 1/270 scale
My newest model of the X-301, with the AIM-120d missiles moved to the outside rail like in the episode "Tangent", also, this model features a camouflage pattern embedded in the design - http://shpws.me/PaTO X-301: 1/270 scale
The New Death Glider model, with more detail and reworked cockpit - http://shpws.me/PaTN Death Glider: 1/270 Scale
A squadron of the New Death Gliders - http://shpws.me/PaTM Death Glider Squad: 1/270 scale
Just finished an update on the Ori Fighter with a more detailed model - http://shpws.me/PaTL Ori Fighter Squadron: 1/270 scale
A set containing the new Armored Glider, the new Kull Glider, and the new detailed Death Glider and X-301 - http://shpws.me/PaTF Glider Group Set: 1/270 scale
A flight of Armored Gliders, in addition, I will be updating the Death Glider, X-301 model and the corresponding sets with newer models that have more detail - http://shpws.me/PaTB Goa'uld Armored Flight: 1/270 scale
Offering a newly updated Kull Glider that looks a little more like an Asgard armored Glider than the previous model, my model is currently in route and I'll be posting pictures once painted :) - http://shpws.me/PaGL Kull Glider: 1/270 scale
Now a Stargate for planet side scenarios - http://shpws.me/PaGG SG1 Stargate Token: 1/270 scale


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