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SpyderHelix commented on Chief Guh by mz4250
March 12, 2017
Chief Guh
SpyderHelix Thank you sir! I'm slowly getting things together to do prints for the Adventurer's league STK adventure arcs :) Fine timing!
SpyderHelix commented on Dragonborn Paladin by mz4250
February 17, 2017
Dragonborn Paladin
SpyderHelix Thanks for the fix! I got hold of the version of cura you suggested, installed it and it looks much better than the new one. Tweaked it so it fit my machine (Qidi X ONE) and started the print for this model - after 2 layers it began dragging the nozzle through the printed material..there wasn't any more z movement. I'll keep working on it, but I guess there's something I'm not getting. Printing now with S3D. I'll have to figure something out for mesh fixes so I don't keep bothering you to do them, I have meshmixer installed but the most I've done with that is fumble around for 20 minutes on a model and then close it lol
SpyderHelix No worries, I guess it's all about learning new things lol I'll keep at cura and see what I can do, it just doesn't seem to flow as smoothly as S3D and is clunky..off to find and reload a copy that might work!
SpyderHelix The open ankle
SpyderHelix I notice that the right leg near the ankle has open geometry - when I load it into Simplify3d it leaves it open as a seperate piece, and I have no clue how to use cura (I tried over 2 months and couldn't get the print settings right for my printer, nor print anything correctly) is there another bit of software I can use to close the open meshes so I can print the models in one piece?
SpyderHelix commented on Myconid Version 3 by mz4250
February 14, 2017
Myconid Version 3
SpyderHelix Thanks for the info so quickly! I guess it's high time I figured out what all the settings are in S3D so I can more accurately guess on how to print these. Many thanks!
SpyderHelix How do you print this figure? I've tried on it's back, face, and standing up and I just can't get a good print out of it.. (100% infill, .1 resolution, 20mm/s) Awesome looking myconid though, can't wait to fill my mini box with a bunch lol
SpyderHelix commented on Flail Snail by mz4250
November 26, 2016
Flail Snail
SpyderHelix @Weyland I've also been using .1 layer height, speed is 50 mm on mine (I'm new however, so listen to the pros :) ) supports, raft, and I used 100% infill just to make it a bit more solid.
SpyderHelix Thanks :) I'm off to do more of your models - between those and an indiegogo I backed with dungeon tiles, I'm going to be a busy boy lol
SpyderHelix Got this far with it using the PLA that came with my machine..almost looks like it should have some white in there for a creamsicle effect lol I've switched to silver/grey so hopefully the prints will come out looking better :)
SpyderHelix Love this!! I was just reading about these in the guide last night, so glad I checked in today - just got my 3d printer on Tuesday and I'm going to be a printing fool for the next few weeks lol Thank you SO much for the time and effort put into these files!
SpyderHelix commented on Beholder (updated) by mz4250
November 19, 2016
 Beholder (updated)
SpyderHelix I should probably add that I am using meshmixer to separate the meshes, and then using Simplify3d to print them. Simplify is the one that's angry with me apparently - looking at the mesh in Mixer, the base of the stalk is closed.
SpyderHelix I'm horrible at Blender, so I downloaded Meshmixer to try and separate the beholder to print it..when I separate one of the eyestalks to print it, it wont put support structure under the base of the stalk because it's an open mesh - are you familiar with meshmixer to point to direction of a solution or should I keep on tryin?


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