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Slythenperior commented on Mask Of Time Worn by Slythenperior
December 26, 2016
Mask Of Time Worn
Slythenperior @meliug_ocan are you the same person that asked me that question on deviantart? I will be putting it up on etsy after a little more time has passed. The reason is I know some people have been copying the file and giving it to others after they download it.
Slythenperior @TheChroniclerKnight162 the black Acrylate is a little stronger and a little cheaper. So I thought it would be best just to go with that.
Slythenperior commented on Mask Of Time Pedastal by Slythenperior
December 23, 2016
Mask Of Time Pedastal
Slythenperior @TheChroniclerKnight162@TheChroniclerKnight162 honestly the only difference is that there is an extra slat over the mouth area. Since we didn't get many images of the mask I thought I would include both versions, since the change wasn't that hard. I also know people who prefer one version over the other.
New mask of time. As seen sitting on the Pedestal.
Mask Of Ultimate Power Titan Scale
Slythenperior @Sykes Ah so they do not clean the supports left over from the print process. They should sand off easily enough if you use a nail file or something similar. It is really trik for me to get a good fit for the mask. A little while ago it was too loose, so I made it 2% smaller which fixed the problem for the strong and flexible plastic. I am currently working on making the model more accurate and it will be available soon. Here is a WIP image, there have been many small changes to the current model including a small detail on the side of the eyes and fixes the problem with the crown spikes. If anyone sees anything that could be improved please let me know.
Slythenperior @Sykes that looks really gorgeous. How do you find the strength of the model. Does it feel like it could break at all when putting it on the head?
Slythenperior @hrungir Yes I am, though I have had to make a model of the G2 head in order to figure out where it is supposed to go. @Snarffles505 Generally commissions do cost money. Making 3d models is time consuming and I could put that time and effort towards something I am getting paid for. I generally charge $25 an hour for Individuals and $40 an hour for companies. @Zorglorfian There was a small update where I changed the scale of the mask to fit better but didn't alter the Geometry of the model. There will be soon however. I am working with @IXRollOutIX in order to make this final mask as accurate as possible.
Slythenperior @fbef355 I will be updating the model in a bit. This will only be changing small things that only those that are really observant will know.
Slythenperior @dragologer I could do that but the printers would never be able to get that detail unless you get the frosted ultra detail.
Slythenperior @dragologer but if you want something to be added to the model I could do that as well.
Slythenperior @dragologer I do take commissions if that is what you are asking.
Slythenperior @legonardo What material did you get yours in?
Slythenperior @galva101 @legonardo Did either of you have trouble with the mask fitting onto the head? I need to know if I must reduce the size or get in contact with shapeways about this.
Mask Of Ultimate Power Villiger Scale
Slythenperior @ichachouai2 The second image shows the titan scale and the villager scale and the protectors of stone and jungle.
Slythenperior @Snarffles505 more the other way around. The titan mask is the closer to the one we see in the contest video and JTO. The smaller one is a modified version of that one.
Slythenperior @ababitsk@Snarffles505 Both of them fit onto the G2 heads. I just made a small change to them in order to make one bigger than the other, the clips remained the same size though. The reason One is bigger than the other is because the mask seen in the Makuta contest video is designed to fit well on the model and be bigger than all the other masks.
Slythenperior @Snarffles505 Both of them fit onto the G2 heads. I just made a small change to them in order to make one bigger than the other, the clips remained the same size though.


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