slutlab commented on DNA200 Case Buttons by slutlab
May 31, 2016
DNA200 Case Buttons
slutlab @Evolv These buttons were modified from the original reference models, some areas were thickened, to meet Shapeways minimum thickness requirement, while other areas material was removed, to allow for clearances and tolerances. The buttons fit 0mm-.25mm recessed from the face, on my shapeways cases. If the buttons not sticking out is the only issue, you could try: , which are .75mm taller than these ones. I apologize for not being more clear that these were modified for my 3d printed cases on Shapeways.
slutlab @scoopy79 yes they are now printing successfully.
slutlab @sgtmonty , To anyone that had these fail to print. I've thickened the sprues holding the buttons together, so these should pass manual checks now. Sorry about the delay.
slutlab commented on SquonkLab950-DNA200-Chassis by slutlab
April 27, 2016
slutlab @wahotah The screen is held in place by a piece of foam or tape, between the screen and the board. There are ledges modeled into the case, to center the screen, then once the board is screwed down, a piece of foam will keep the screen pressed into location.
slutlab @TheVapinArchitect Not a problem. These buttons will give you +.5mm protruding on the SquonkLab models. (+.75mm on the non squonk models).
slutlab @TheVapinArchitect I just put up this model: . They're listed as .25mm recess, but that's in addition to the .25mm they already were recessed on this model, giving you a .5mm recess on the SquonkLab models.
slutlab @TheVapinArchitect I received my print, and have since made a few small adjustments (adjusting for tolerances), and am now satisfied with the design. I have not fully built the mod, but I did mock it up, and everything fits nicely. The buttons are actually recessed about .25mm, simply to be able to use the existing button model I have available. If needed, I can make a set of buttons that are flush, or even protruding, but I preferred the slight recess. The insert is held in place with 2 screws, and then the door has 2 magnets glued in place. Both the insert and door have a lip that secures one edge. Excuse the poor quality:
slutlab commented on Evolv DNA200 Case Without Buttons by slutlab
December 6, 2015
Evolv DNA200 Case Without Buttons
slutlab @willhately I don't think any connectors will fit in this sized box.
slutlab commented on Evolv DNA200 (106x37x26 Battery) by slutlab
October 23, 2015
Evolv DNA200 (106x37x26 Battery)
slutlab @KPowell270 There is no board backing plate. The board is held in place with the three screws. These screws will work:
slutlab @ssingleton sorry for the late reply. I don't get a notification unless I'm tagged in your post. That support piece, is meant to support the board when pressing on the up/down buttons, but I know it makes it a pain to assemble. I'm not sure if it's possible to bend the wall about 2mm, the board should fit past it. If you like, you can simply sand it or cut it down so the board clears. It isn't a critical feature, I just added it to the model, so you have the option. @shimmy1973, three 0-80 x .1875" for the board four 2-56 x .75" for the case The case is only available as all one color, because Shapeways printing has a fairly loose tolerance. If you were to order both pieces separately, there's a chance that they wouldn't be flush. Sorry. @scoopy79, thanks for helping out with the tech support :)
slutlab @scoopy79 Correct, this model hasn't been printed or tested. There's no reason that this won't print successfully though. Same goes for the actual assembly of the mod, there's nothing different between this model and the refrence size model, in regards to assembly, which is why this model is not in Beta. If I had any doubts about printing/assembly, I would have left it as Beta.. The battery area does not interfere with the balance port. Please refer back to the cut-away render, to see how the battery will fit in the case. You may need/want to position the balance port facing downward, to allow for extra room for wires and connectors.
slutlab @scoopy79 Yes, this should print just fine. It's essentially just a larger size version of the smaller sized one, which has never had an issue printing. As far as how long it takes, that all depends on Shapeways. I have had one order that took a bit longer than their estimate, but almost all my other orders shipped early. The last order I placed shipped in 8 days, while the eta was around 18 days.
slutlab @scoopy79 I can't 100% say, but I personally think it will fit, just a tighter fit. If you look at the cutaway picture, you can see a small space between the "battery space" and the case. that's a little over 2mm, so I would think that maxamps pack would be just snug, height wise. Also, in the cutaway picture, you can see a small ridge along the bottom edge on the inside of the case. This is the material that I referred to earlier, that's needed for the screws to thread into. Luckily, most lipo packs are fairly rounded on one end, so that will help clear those areas.
slutlab @scoopy79 you must have caught me while I was editing the descriptions. I reduced the size in the description to 106x37x26, to ensure all lipos within that size will fit. technically, there's more height and width, IF the lipo's edges are rounded enough to not interfere with the added material in the corners, for the screws. See the cut away picture, to see how a 106x37x26mm will fit.
slutlab commented on Evolv DNA200 Case with Buttons by slutlab
August 23, 2015
Evolv DNA200 Case with Buttons
slutlab @JoJo047 Polished Metallic Plastic is now available.
slutlab @theonejay22 You'll most likely need to hard wire the battery. @JoJo047 I'll work on it later today. Some pieces need to be adjusted for Polished Metallic Plastic.
slutlab @BlueManRising correct, only plastic is included here (case with buttons). You'll also need the DNA200, a 510 connector, wires, lipo battery, 3 screws for the board, and 4 screws for the case.
slutlab @windxrunner and @dsidab81, Thanks for input and kind words. All of my models now have a small feature to support the board on the corner without the screw. I haven't physically tested this yet, but it should work well. About the sanding on the buttons, unfortunately, that's product of 3d printing tolerances not being nearly as small as a machined metal part, the plastic is soft enough that it's very easy to sand them down to fit, as you've done. The larger models I have available will be much easier to assemble with xt30 and balance connectors, due to the added space between the board and the battery. Check out the cut-away views to compare the amount of free space between this model and the larger ones.
slutlab @logan275 It sounds like your model was on the extreme side of + for Shapeways tolerances. I'd suggest putting a drop of slow-cure CA / Super Glue in the holes and then screwing the board down.
slutlab @Ragecc The holes are un-threaded, but you should be able to get the screws started enough, to where they'll self-tap. Can someone who's completed their build chime in on this?
slutlab @D022A Yes, your version will work with the shorter 510s.
slutlab @scoopy79 either one should work, but I haven't assembled this personally. Still waiting on feedback from others, once they're finished building.
slutlab @scoopy79 You ground the board to the 510 outer ring/solder tab. A FD V4 LP Long (what's pictured in the render) will be very close.. I'd say it will depend on the individual lipo's shape.. most lipos have slightly rounded edges, etc.. a Varitube or FD V4 LP Shorty should work without issue. either way, it's a good idea to use a small piece of scrap plastic, put between the lipo and the connector, in case you drop the mod or something, so the 510 doesn't dent the corner of the lipo.
slutlab @windxrunner The material is fairly soft, so you shouldn't have any trouble drilling the screws straight in. I would be careful, especially with the 3 smaller screws, not to over tighten and strip them. I would try hand tightening before using a drill.
slutlab commented on Evolv DNA200 (90x36x23 Battery) by slutlab
August 16, 2015
Evolv DNA200 (90x36x23 Battery)
slutlab @ssingleton , for continuity, re-posting what I wrote in the replies of the 106 model: That support piece, is meant to support the board when pressing on the up/down buttons, but I know it makes it a pain to assemble. I'm not sure if it's possible to bend the wall about 2mm, the board should fit past it. If you like, you can simply sand it or cut it down so the board clears. It isn't a critical feature, I just added it to the model, so you have the option.
slutlab @ssingleton Yes, those will work for the case. These will work for mounting the board @SteveAdams86 No, There's no plans for any added covers. I don't have any experience with Shapeways rubbery materials, sorry.
slutlab @alee132 That battery (while expensive, and I don't trust maxamps C ratings), will fit just fine with connectors. I designed this case a little wider and shorter, so the 510 connector isn't directly above the battery (The given battery dimension is up to the side of the 510). As a result, there's plenty of room for both main and balance connectors. Here's a picture showing your 85x35x20 battery:
slutlab @wyllclark available here: . Really expensive, being so huge.. 200mm tall, which is the limit for Shapeways.


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