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slackard commented on Mamiya CS to Canon EOS Adapter by slackard
November 1, 2016
Mamiya CS to Canon EOS Adapter
slackard @roughrhoads As an independent designer, my resources are limited & I do not presently own any Sony equipment & am simply unable to make the necessary measurements. So, no imminent plans for a Sony E to CS adapter. Unfortunately design and prototyping are costly endeavors & a 3D printable Sony E to CS adapter isn't within my means. On the up side the current 3d printed CS to EOS adapter can be used in conjunction with one of these: Good Luck!
slackard @Fruts Sorry, a CS to Nikon adapter is not possible. The nikon bayonet is too small for such an adapter... The EOS bayonet is quite a bit larger which makes this adapter possible.
Disc Brake Adapter for Fisher Level Betty & Joshua
slackard @Tuareg, one other thing... a suitable caliper for the a2z mount on your bike could also be the Hope Trail Zone #3 or #5 "IS" (Industry Standard 51mm mount) These calipers are not current, but if you can find one, it might work in your frame.
slackard @Tuareg You didnt follow my framing guide, but its no bother since unfortunately your dropout is not suitable for a custom adapter. We need a significant amount of surface area to mate & fix the adapter to your dropout, yours has none to spare. Your best bet would be to use the A2Z adapter you already have with a caliper with a 50.8 hole pattern (old style front caliper) If you have further questions, shoot me a private message in the fourm, since this comments thread isn't the best venue for this conversation. Thanks
slackard @WubblesTheSubwoofer The joshua had a different dropout than the level betty in 98. Send me a photo of your drop out and perhaps we can do a custom adapter to fit. Follow this guide:
slackard @Tuareg The adapter you attached is not suitable for 3d printing. To replicate this would be expensive and weak by comparison to the original. I wouldnt recommend 3d printing as a good solution for such an adapter, too thin and narrow. It would break almost immediately. Send me a photo of your Klein dropout and perhaps we can do a full custom adapter to fit. Follow this guide:
slackard @floridaoccifer I already responded via PM. Here it is again: No adapters for your bike as of yet. I googled around and from the looks of it your Klein may not be a good candidate for a 3d printed brake adapter since the dropout isn't flat and there is no space for mounting bolts... Without a 3D laser scan of your dropout, i couldnt be of much help. However, if you have the old 22mm disc mount on your frame, there might be hope.. check this link for another guy's home-brew mantra adapter. ntra-242234.html good luck
Porsche Mountain Bike "Bike S" Disc Brake Adapter
slackard Kondoc7, No adapters for a 2016 talus. That bike has small dropouts and is not suitable for drilling and fixing a 3d printed disc adapter.
slackard @blarys Nothing against your bike guy, but fwiw... Typically bike frames are 6061-T6 or 7075-T6. That "T6" value is the type of heat treatment, which ultimately gives aluminum its strength. Heat treating is a sensitive process best left to professionals. Welding to aluminum WILL disturb the heat treat, and will likely weaken your frame significantly, leading to cracks and failure, not to mention scorching your paint job. I guess you could pay to re-heat treat, but that would ruin the entire paint job and you'd be stuck with those additional heat treat and refinishing expenses......Not trying to be all preachy, but welding to heat treated aluminum is not likely to produce good results---go with the 3d printed adapter... & good luck!
slackard @blarys Ok, sounds like you've got the same model as the bike pictured here. "Porsche Bike S"...... So, this adapter will almost certainly work. If your frame size is vastly different than the bike pictured, the design may need a minor revisit, just in case the welds aren't exactly in the same place...... I've sold a few of these without any fitment issues, so you're probably fine buying this adapter. For a guaranteed fit, you can buy the Plastic version first, to verify fitment on your frame. You can also follow this guide: Shoot some photos and send them to me a PM on this forum. With good photos I can make a solid recommendation.....though i will still recommend buying the plastic version first to ensure good fitment..... Good Luck!
slackard @blarys Are you asking about custom disc brake adapters in general? Or specifically about THIS "Porche" bike? Generally speaking, my custom adapters are designed in accordance to the 50.8mm ISO disc brake standard, and can be used with any size rotor, as long as the frame has room for that rotor.. Some frames have narrow stays and larger rotors may not compatible. The adapter on THIS PAGE was designed specifically for the Porche bike pictured above, and according to bike's owner, he could only fit a 140mm rotor on THIS frame -- anything larger was contacting his chain stay.
slackard commented on Schwinn S20 Disc Adapter by slackard
April 29, 2015
Schwinn S20 Disc Adapter
slackard The source 3d model is identical for plastic or stainless. No scaling is done on my end. Shapeways lists different tolerances for steel and plastic so there could be minute differences, but largely the printed parts will be identical in scale. I always advise customers that if the plastic version fits, the stainless steel version will fit with 99% certainty. For good measure, I also tell people it's possible some drilling or grinding could be required on the stainless version, even though most customers have reported that fitment was perfect right out of the box.


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