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Steve Martin


(Armada) Imperial Star Destroyer I Mod Kit
Sifu_Steve @jared_haslemore - FED. It's false economy to go for the cheap stuff as not only do you have less detail, you have to pre-treat it with matt varnish. (The cheaper material is actually quite porous so paint layers tend to soak in and end up looking really nasty. Heavy matt varnishes can mitigate that somewhat but it's a lot of extra work.)
Sifu_Steve @jmhuffstetler I put the whole set on the UK/IRL Star Wars Armada Facebook group. I never got around to posting them on the FFG boards. The fact that the very first post on the LED thread called for 'all sparkies' kinda put me off a bit.
Sifu_Steve @jmhuffstetler Cheers bud. I actually took about 40 photos of the entire process including the kit, LED's and ball joint base. I'm no sparky so I wanted to achieve it with the minimum of expertise. The LEDs are $2 LED strings that you can pick up from Amazon. I think I'll consolidate the phots into a video and pop it on YouTube as it's a lot easier than you might think.
Sifu_Steve @Annatar When you examine the parts, take note of the fact that the left and right turrets are different. I didn't notice this until I'd glued them on and sprayed it. This will help you determine which one is missing.
Sifu_Steve @Mel_Miniatures No, thank you for making it possible to properly field a true ISD-I. If it wasn't for the fact that I decided to open the kit up to fit the new bridge, I wouldn't have tried the LED fitting. In the end, I just cut the old bridge away and opening it wasn't necessary, but it was a hell of a project.
Sifu_Steve Good shot of engine nozzles.
Sifu_Steve Close-up of turrets.
Sifu_Steve Here's the kit installed (with a whiter re-paint and LEDs installed in the upper decks and engines).
Sifu_Steve So for anyone that's used this, did you cut down the existing turrets or just glue the new ones right on top?
(Armada) Home One "3.2 km version"
Sifu_Steve @Mel_Miniatures That's kind of you to say but the Liberty's not finished and I cheated on the Home One: I made my own transfers for the coloured patches.
Sifu_Steve And another alongside a base-coated Liberty from Mel. The two make a handsome couple.
Sifu_Steve Here's a shot of the scale, alongside an FFG Home One. As you can see, it's not a massive increase but it's exactly what it should be, given its capability.
(Armada) Super Star Destroyer Executor
Sifu_Steve @tank_santa that's a good shout! Personally, I'll be picking up the full FUD version but as a cost-cutting measure, that would be a lot more attractive.
Sifu_Steve @Mel_Miniatures Just taken a look. Good effort. I was also wondering where a cut would be possible without leaving a visible scar. I'll have to give it a lot of consideration because those seams are going to be a nightmare (hence why I suggested using a panel system). Also, is it my imagination or has the price just bumped up on this one?
Sifu_Steve @Mel_Miniatures I thought as much. Well if you can figure out a way of doing it (maybe a central core with several smaller exterior panels that attach to it?), then I've got about £400 that you can take to the bank. I've already got a blockade scenario worked out for using it in Armada.
Sifu_Steve @packdich Yes. Exactly. FUD would be preferable. I've just received Mel's over-sized Home One in FUD and the price increase was about 81%. Looking at a similar increase on this item puts it at about £319 (€409)... Hardly 'thousands'. At that price, I'd buy one on pay day! Given the size of it and comparing it to, say, a Forgeworld model of the same size, I'd say that's fair. Alternatively, you could get it in WSF but have no detail and serious issues trying to paint it. If you want to know how bad that could be, then go and look at one of the posters on Mel's Vindicator. Ergo, my point still stands: It's a masterpiece of design but in this material, there's no chance it will be truly realised. I'm pretty sure Mel knows this and that there's a technical reason for not offering another material.
Sifu_Steve I would seriously consider taking one of these off you if there were better materials to choose from. I'd rather pay £200 for a paintable, high-quality model than pay £100 for something that absorbs paint and lacks fine detail...
(Armada) Super Star Destroyer Executor (3 PARTS)
Sifu_Steve @typhon2 That's a good shout with foam. I was going to use internal plastic 'planks' to pin the pieces together and use green stuff to fill in the seams. Adding the foam will give a much more solid vase for the putty and mitigate the risk of collapse. Sadly, my wife saw my last comment and 'reminded me' we've just bought a house and spanking £400+ on a model space ship may result in hostile negotiations being undertaken... It'll have to wait another month now, lest I find everything else I own on eBay and the locks changed on my new home.
Sifu_Steve I'm looking forward to getting this, now it's in a worthwhile material. I still have reservations about hiding the seams. I'd be interested to know if anyone can see an alternative way of going about chopping the model up more discretely...
(Armada) Immobilizer 418 cruiser (Expanded Univers
Sifu_Steve Rear view
Sifu_Steve After mailing you from my phone, I've logged on with my PC and realised I can post some photos of my Interdictor here.... oops. Well, here they are. It's a beautiful little ship and it gave me a chance to try out some OSL on the GWPs. I'm really happy how it came out and the print has prompted me to order a Vindicator to sit with it.
Sifu_Steve commented on Kaneda's Bike by SooSiaal
November 2, 2015
Kaneda's Bike
Sifu_Steve Great stuff. I can say that the current scale fits 28mm miniatures nicely. If anything, it may be a little large but that works, as it makes the rider more on eye-level with the viewscreen in the cockpit.
Sifu_Steve A similar question to Zino, could this be made in 28/30mm (1:48 - 1:64)? I've purchased one in this scale but I fear it may be too small for Infinity...


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