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William Legate


Shield616 added products to a list
August 11, 2016
Venator Star Destroyer (1/7000)
Shield616 the Venator is good and all. in fact, it's one of my all time favorite's. and the fact you have the AC's, the Vaulter droids, and the Dreadnaught, is amazing. but do you think you'll ever make an Acclamator class? the one's that actually carried the Gun Ships, and the AT-TE's (which i haven't seen) Clone Wars is my all time favorite era of star wars lol
Shield616 added a product to a list
August 7, 2016
Shield616 commented on 200_Ave_Quinjet [x1] by Speed
March 31, 2016
200_Ave_Quinjet [x1]
Shield616 this is the one i'm referring to. look into it. it be amazing if this was in the works ^^
Shield616 and, i'd like to bring it to Speed's attention, the Age of Ultron Quinjet, isn't the only unique one. there is one more. the Agent's of Shield, Quinjet. the one used in Marvel's Agent's of Shield season 3.
Shield616 commented on Hellicarrier [350mm] by Speed
August 20, 2015
Hellicarrier [350mm]
Shield616 this one's one of my favorite's ;.;
Shield616 @Speed I know, it would be difficult without proper specs. having, nothing to work with. but, do you think you'd ever make the Winter Solder Hellicarrier's with the dome, and extra 16 guns? also, what is 'FUD', annnnd, if I bought this Hellicarrer, the 13 intch, white and flexible. how long does processing, producing, and shipping usually take?
Shield616 rough estimate, but, this Is your biggest Hellicarrier, yes? at 13 and a half inches, it's about the size as the one from fantastic plastic. Now, the 11 inch Helli, that's frosted ultra detail, is the most expensive. at around 275. how expensive do you think a 13 inch Helli would be, if it was Frosted Ultra detail? rough estimate off the top of your head.
Shield616 favorited 700_WS_Quinjet [x3] [H] by Speed
August 11, 2015
Shield616 favorited Hellicarrier [350mm] by Speed
July 20, 2015
Shield616 commented on 1/700 C-17A with Gear x2 (FUD) by Echoco
July 19, 2015
1/700 C-17A with Gear x2 (FUD)
Shield616 How long does it usually take for an item to be 'processed'?
Shield616 @Echoco. Then yah, in a bit, definitly ordering it. see, for the shield Hellicarrer I'm building. also want S.H.I.E.L.D. 616. it's a modified c-17. has read wings and two secondary engine. All the engines can pivot for vertical take off (which'll been easy to modify since this comes with 2) buuuut, it can also cloak. and turn invisible. If this, looks like that. my search is over lol
Shield616 @Echoco. hmmmmm, interesting. if it Is, a little see through. might just order it.
Shield616 is there any other option, other then Frosted Ultra detail? and, is frosted ultra detail really, 'translucent' is it see through? ooor just whitish, yet reflective?
Shield616 commented on Hellicarrier [100mm + Solid] by Speed
July 17, 2015
Hellicarrier [100mm + Solid]
Shield616 @Speed I'll be waiting intently till august. cus, a pack of quinjet's. 6 to 12. gaaaah, that would be quite incredible.
Shield616 Hmmmm, you guy's may be my last hope on this. I've seen the Batmobile. the sci fi space craft. the many many other version's of the Helicarrer (which is AMAZING!!!) i know you seem to like the weird and sci fi. So, I've looked everywhere for a pack of QuinJet's. 6 to 12. small 1/400 or 1/700 scale. annnnd, literally, no one has them. no one. so, I was wondering if that's something you wouldn't mind putting in your gallery. you'd be a life safer. and, i can guarantee, other's whom have purchased your Helicarrer's in the past, would die just to get there hand's on the Helicarrer's main high tech aircraft.
Shield616 commented on Hellicarrier [100mm + Hollow] by Speed
July 17, 2015
Hellicarrier [100mm + Hollow]
Shield616 quinjet's?
3mm (1/600) Sci-Fi Air Support Force (24 pcs)
Shield616 Hmmm, question. you seem to like sci fi. would you ever add a QuinJet to your gallery? been looking for them everywhere. the rigged square aircraft kind of look like them. been looking, but no one has them.
1/700 C-17 Globemaster III (2x)
Shield616 @KokodaTrailModels glad it come's with 2. planned to build Shield 616, with two rear wings and engines that pivot for vertical take off. as for the quinjet's, it's a shame. cus, literally No One is doing them. but, you're right. it Would make for a cool model. ehhh, guess I'll just order a second pack of aircraft from fantastic plastic. thanks for your service and replying so quickly ^^
Shield616 Two questions. firstly, once bought. does it come with a second C-17? (would need a second for the project I'm undergoing) and secondly. I know it's sci fi, so the answer is probably a no. but, do you think you'd ever add a QuinJet, or a pack of 6 QuinJet's, to your gallery? bought a Heli-carrier model from Fantastic Plastic. but, they say it doesn't come with QuinJet's, for, they are too small to sculpt. Wondering if they'd be any easier to 3D Print?


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