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SHANEHAi commented on TR: Sonic kit for Mindwipe by cnomis
October 21, 2017
TR: Sonic kit for Mindwipe
SHANEHAi Any chance of this in black yet? Still waiting on this one...(Maybe offer ALL of your stuff in black as an option...?)
SHANEHAi @sxi Arsenal Is there any way you can offer this set in black, purple, or gray as well? That would save a lot of unnecessary painting. Thanks!
SHANEHAi commented on TR: Crocjoint for reptiles v1.2 by cnomis
July 14, 2017
TR: Crocjoint for reptiles v1.2
SHANEHAi @cnomis Thank you! Really appreciate it, and several good options!
SHANEHAi @cnomis I want to order this and I'd rather not have to paint them. So, to echo other requests of the same, could you PLEASE offer this in BLACK rather than white, ASAP?! I'm trying to make my order, so PLEASE, could you do this quickly for us?! Thank you for your time and consideration!
SHANEHAi added a product to a list
July 12, 2017
DOTM Voyager Skyhammer Assault Kit v2.0
SHANEHAi How about a kit similar to this, which simply replaces the original folding rotors with another 4 bladed rotor that remove and come apart to form 2 swords, somewhat similar to the voyager Springer sword, in bot mode? That sort of upgrade with the chest plug, arm cannons, and replacement head of some sort would be great for this figure! Thanks for your time and consideration.
SHANEHAi commented on Detective Adapter by InsaneGalvatron
July 8, 2017
Detective Adapter
SHANEHAi @InsaneGalvatron Yes, the Go-Shooter, right! Didn't realize that about the figure. Everytime I see anyone mention it, they always call it a KO...learned something new today, lol. Is there a way you could send me a link to a seller who might have one? Btw, these adapters are great! I converted a Bunglebee into a dual headmaster figure, so that now, Hubcap and Bumblebee share a body, depending on which head is plugged in depends on who he is. Also added some paint to make Muzzle more accurate for my Nightbeat. Glad you came up with these things! I ordered several of them.
SHANEHAi @GamorreanJedi Where can I possibly find one of these KO's? I've looked everywhere and searched by everything I can think of with no success...also looking for a TFCC Runabout aka Overrun? Do those exist? Thanks!
SHANEHAi commented on Hot Spot Ladder upgrade by zoso1900
July 8, 2017
Hot Spot Ladder upgrade
SHANEHAi Which Hotspot?
SHANEHAi commented on Combat Heli Main Rotor Blades x2 by SteamShield
April 1, 2017
Combat Heli Main Rotor Blades x2
SHANEHAi @SteamShield No, I sure didn't! I'll try to find it and take a look. Thanks for the heads up!
SHANEHAi @SteamShield Have you considered the option to add a couple of 5mm peg handles to hold these blades, as well as the stock rotor blades, and a central rotor column with 4 ports, that the 5mm handles could plug into, for those who might like to have the option of giving Vortex or Blades their rotors as sword weapons? Something like that, combined with the other assembly, and the modifications I mentioned there would be an immediate sell for me! (Probably others as well!) As an artist myself, I can say that you are definitely an artist with what you create! Keep up the awesome work!
SHANEHAi commented on BFD 2016 for Drill Tank by SteamShield
April 1, 2017
BFD 2016 for Drill Tank
SHANEHAi @SteamShield I'll have to check out the hands and forearms on my Devastator and see what might work for that...either way, I'll still probably getting one of these drill deals for my Nosecone anyway...although, I would like one that sits up off the ground and is more central to the front of the vehicle, rather than sitting down low in the the Hasbro version but with the bigger better drills you have created. Does that make sense?
SHANEHAi @SteamShield Do you have something like this that would be compatible with the CW Devastator, with or without upgrades? I was thinking about something reminiscent of the drill pieces that came with the G1 Scavenger & Bonecrusher figures that could somehow attach to the arms or the hands to create the look of having a drill hand (or 2!) Just curious. :)
Cannon Master Leader Head Gestalt
SHANEHAi @SteamShield Thanks for the response! Looking forward to hopefully getting all of the Thunderclash pieces (you have the yellow guns too?) in order to convert my BCOP into a full fledged Thunderclash. I'm using the BCOP with the SND PRIMO Praefectus upgrades to give him height and better proportions. Then I'd like to add the arm tubes, back tubes, this head, some 30mm stack extensions, Reprolabels, his guns and a chest piece to be fitted for bot mode if I can find one somewhere. I was wondering about the backpack tubes because I was planning to just use this head as his main head, like the SND kit does with Optimus Prime, and not bother with a voyager head, but maybe I will just go with the voyager head and this combiner head can be used for his combined mode head as Hyperdrive (is it...?) Then I'll just need to fix up his team of Turbomasters/Accelerators to combine with... Anyway, thanks again!
SHANEHAi @SteamShield Will the twin thunder tube backpack piece still work using this as the main head, a la the SND Optimus Prime upgrade? Basically, will it still connect snugly in the back cab while the Combiner head is in use as the main figure head?
SHANEHAi commented on Combat Heli Rotor Assembly by SteamShield
March 31, 2017
Combat Heli Rotor Assembly
SHANEHAi @SteamShield This is great, but I was wondering about the possibility of a pivot piece, like a mushroom peg (similar to the backpack on TR Hot Rod) that would allow for the rotor housing, which connects to the copter roof hinge, to pivot and swing around to allow the rotor pack to sit up toward the middle of the figure back, G1 style, instead of down around the robo-buttocks area? I would definitely buy that right away! Also, if you haven't already, would you be able to create a similar Blastoff wing and thruster kit to replace the tail end and rotor section of the Vortex/Alpha Bravo mold, to convert the copter into a space shuttle craft? That way I could actually rob the rotor blades from my second Vortex and then convert that Vortex into an alternate Blastoff option. I liked your jet version replacement parts, but if possible, I'd much rather use the copter mold for a more convincing shuttle, as Hasbro should have done in the first place. (Also, as I plan to get the G1 style Blastoff head you've done, I am curious as to whether it fits both jet and copter ball joints, or no?) Thanks for your time and consideration! Looking forward to getting a lot of these pieces!
Generations Nightbeat Chest Replacement
SHANEHAi @AutobotQuaternion Thanks! I really appreciate it! It's a very nice chest plate, so I will definitely be willing to wait for you to perfect this piece. Even if you 3-D print it and send it, that would be awesome. If you have yellow plastic, great! If not, I can paint it just fine. Either way works for me. I'll be waiting patiently, thanks again!
SHANEHAi @AutobotQuaternion Hi and thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I think it would end up costing me more in the long run, i.e., time, money and resources, to return the item at this point. However, I REALLY like the sculpt and overall design and concept of your particular piece...especially if you can add the struts behind the chest that are attached to the screw/arm posts, which help to hold the arms more firmly in position for holding posability. So, I was wondering if you could possibly send me another one with the fixes in place? If nothing else, I would be willing to beta test your fixes, if you like. Anyway, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
SHANEHAi @Quaternian I picked up this chest plate "replacement" thinking that it was ready to go without any additional work required, aside from the obvious of having to remove the screws and switch the arms over. NOT EVEN CLOSE! 1) This piece doesn't have the molded support strut along the underside of each post, which is A NECESSITY to help create resistance and help support arm poseability in bot mode. 2) the posts themselves are too narrow, adding to the loose floppiness of the arms. 3) The holes for the screw insertion are too big, so there is NOTHING for the screw to bite into...not only do the screws not hold, they fall right out by themselves. I've worked with this mold quite a bit, in addition to other customizations I've done, so this isn't a simple newbie fix type of issue. This is a faulty product issue, so I'm perplexed at the claim that this fixes the not-locking-chest issue, because the chest plate actually has to be able to attach in order for it to be able to lock... So, my question is, how do we resolve this situation, because I feel like I've just paid for something that has no functional use, sort of like buying virtual sneakers, when what I ACTUALLY need are REAL sneakers. Know what I mean? Not trying to be rude, just illustrating my point. The front chest sculpting is terrific, so I hope this can be rectified somehow...Otherwise, I'm back to square one. Thanks.


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