Scott Lumsden


Combat Orbiter Nose Section MK.II One-Piece
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield Cool thanks, (my device won't seem to let me turn any models), have you any experience of the BHDA for this kind of print? Debating ordering a WSF as well for comparison but shouldn't really spend anymore.
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield I've order the nose in BHDA, when you say uses studs to secure the 3 parts - are any more parts required and does this still double hinge to hang down and reduce the back kibble view from the front like it's early design? Thanks
Scatter Blaster for CW Swindle
Scottman_XIII @energonhotshot04 in that case awesome :-)
Scottman_XIII @energonhotshot04 No 5mm hole on the side to attach the small CW gun? I propose a version 2 maybe squash the underside a bit more too so less clearance gap when hanging of his arm. This is the Hostpot/Onslaught cannon for inspiration :-)
Transforming Neck Unit for TR Galvatron
Scottman_XIII @energonhotshot04 Go for it I'll let you know the results, I'll pick up a WSF polished too (how is that working?) as a back -up.
Scottman_XIII @energonhotshot04 Is polished metallic plastic available as an option? Thanks :-)
Scottman_XIII commented on Combat Orbiter Wings and OMS Pods by SteamShield
February 13, 2017
Combat Orbiter Wings and OMS Pods
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield efforts are appreciated, the high definition stuff might be worth the investment. Can't seem to fing your unsprued model though (found the nosecone mk5)
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield could the designs be spit into seperate components to get round this?
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield - can we get these parts in hi-def black yet? :-)
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield - Any chance of the Combat orbiter parts being made available in the new Black Hi-Def Acrylate? (Same request for The combat heli rotor assembly)
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield would Black acrilic be a viable option?
Scottman_XIII @jvog4265 cool - I'll look forward to pictures :-)
Scottman_XIII @SteamShield You make a fair point, it's a shame about the grainy textures. These are great designs :-)
Scottman_XIII @jvog4265 Did you try these parts in black? If so what was your opinion and do you have pictures? Thanks for your time, Scott :-)
Scottman_XIII commented on Predaking upgrade kit V2 1 by echotransformer
October 18, 2016
Predaking upgrade kit V2 1
Scottman_XIII @echotransformer - I'm revisiting my mods to Predaking and would like to replace some parts that didn't quite go to plan the first time, hopefully without having to buy the whole kit again. Any chance of a separate print for the lower portion of the thighs? I probably did too much sanding on my 1st prints, maybe I'll go WSF polished next time unless your prints can be done in the New Black Hi-Def Acrylate?
Scottman_XIII commented on Transformers 3x Turbomaster Missile by Znistus
February 16, 2016
Transformers 3x Turbomaster Missile
Scottman_XIII @Znistus I don't suppose have a design for replacement rotor blades? The original translucent pink ones are prone to snapping :-(
Combiner Wars Menasor Shoulder Pad Lock
Scottman_XIII @azmorello , any thoughts yet of a ver2 that can be incorporated into other modes? I think I prefer the idea Of simple add-on parts like this over the big wrap around onesie of PE - that thing just gets in the of all other modes.


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