scoopy79 commented on Evolv DNA200 (106x37x26 Battery) by slutlab
August 13, 2015
Evolv DNA200 (106x37x26 Battery)
scoopy79 @daveycocket30 yes it does....The same color as the box.....u can also order different color buttons for $4 ....I like the silver polished metallic ones cut they look like metal
scoopy79 @ssingleton I taped it down into the notches where the screen goes and then put a piece of foam in between the board and screen to hold the screen firmly in place once the board is screwed down.....Make sure u bend the ribbon cable in kind of a "w" shape in between the board and screen or it will get pinched in between the fire button and board....The Hana V200 had been having a shit load of returns from not doing this right. ....u have to be very gentle and careful when bending and maneuvering the screen into place
scoopy79 @ssingleton that piece is suppose to be there...u got to kind of put it in at an angle to get it to go all the way down or push the board gently til it fits in place.....I know what u mean though....It just takes a little bit of wiggling to get it into place
scoopy79 Mine I arrived and everything fit good....This was my first 3rd model and I thought the grainy look would be a little better.. .It kinda looks like black cardboard but maybe if I put a little armor all On It It WONT Look As "dry" looking....I Mean Don Get Me Wrong Here It Looks Very Good Just Didn't Know What To Expect With The Plastic look.....All Screw Holes Were Fine For The Screws Recommend. sanding was needed at all even on the buttons....back part of case bows out a little at the bottom but I think that's because of the tight battery fit (even though the battery is 2 mm littler than the compartment calls for in the width so it should be fine) I have the Max amps 2250 lipo in there.....overall I'm very happy with my purchase!
scoopy79 @slutlab ok and as far as me be in the first one what does that mean it hasn't been tested? Are the battery dimensions with or without the balance port installed
scoopy79 U think this will print ok since I'm the first one to order long does it take with it being in production right now......I'm paranoid I'll experience delays and cancellations after reading the forums and seeing how bad shapeways actually is....why does it take so long to estimated ship date is 8-13 and I picked next day shipping
scoopy79 Think I could get a maxamps 2800 that is 108x37x22.....I will have the balance port on the board as well
scoopy79 Think I could get a maxamps 2800 that is 108x37x22.....I will have the balance port on the board as well
scoopy79 Is the battery compartment 108x37x26 or 106x35x24 I Sais 2 Different Things In The Description
scoopy79 commented on DNA200 Case Buttons by slutlab
July 28, 2015
DNA200 Case Buttons
scoopy79 Are these printing ok now
scoopy79 commented on Evolv DNA200 Case with Buttons by slutlab
July 26, 2015
Evolv DNA200 Case with Buttons
scoopy79 Has anyone got there mods assembled yet? Could someone post pics of one together and the screen lit long did everyone's take to come in....does it really take 3 weeks!!!
scoopy79 @slutlab one more question I need self tapping screws in the sizes recommended or will regular m1.6x4 and m2x20 thread nice and tight in the holes?
scoopy79 @sumantonio how do u ground the chip in a plastic u ground it to the 510 outer ring or solder tab on a fat daddy....I found a fully max battery just like the reference model.....will a fat daddy v4 lp hit this battery or keep it from hitting if the balance port is connected?
scoopy79 @slutlab is there standoffs inside to mount the board....or do u have to buy standoffs to.... I'm just curious so I know what I need to buy....cuz in order for the board to be spaced right for the buttons and USB port it has to stand off somehow right?Is there some sort of sled to hold the board and do they secure exactly cuz there's no pic of the inside


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