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Aerial Team Heads for Oversized Uranos Hi-Res Set
Schweig Last question, really.. Niels@SteamShield
Schweig Will it make a big difference between adherance of any paints, the FUD material is softer?@SteamShield
Schweig Ok. So it is made from better materials.. I need to say I got these ko oversized pieces as a gift. I like them a lot nd hve many plans with them, but plying is not one of them.. What would You suggest for me to do, buy those four heads seperately to keep the costs down a bit? Feel much for those shoulders. And maybe the toes. So need to be sure about what to buy and weither or not I have moneys for those other parts. I need the nullray for the Gijoe crossover too, this can be made from material that is as hard as possible. Thank You for the swift replies! Niels@SteamShield
Schweig Howcome these four heads cost more than the four heads seperately, can I pressume this set comes with more add-ons like toes/shoulder guards? Just curious..
Schweig added products to a list
January 4, 2016
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January 3, 2016
Schweig commented on MP Seeker Head 11-6-14 by CustomsByZ
February 4, 2015
MP Seeker Head 11-6-14
Schweig And another question is Can You guys produce the pilot glass dome for masterpiece mp3 or mp11? Case is, the masterpiece Acid storm comes with a green glass dome copula while, in the original '80 tv-serie, all the seekers have a orange dome. I would like to buy 10-15 of these glass domes for all of my seekers. I have no cleu on facts like; is the connection and glass dome the same as on the mp11 molds, and can they be attached to my Igear Conehead seekers. You produce extra missiles for a kind of Starscream jet, do you produce the null-ray guns that almost all masterpiece seekers come with? I would like a few for my Igear seeker. I can provide items for scanning!!??!! I am from Holland too! As long as I get my items back unscaved and in good shape I am always willing to help You get those scans to do with thatever You please. I own a few Transformers and all are complete.
Schweig I still wonder.. The masterpiece seeker heads are made from three sections.. the ear-sections are on a spring, so the whole head can pass trough the 'Bridge', so the toy can transform. This head cannot is my guess. Dunno weither Shapeways have springs or even, weither You Shapeway guys can produce a hollow head (middle)part and produce the side-'ear'-pieces so we can put a spring in between in some kind of way?


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