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scarydollperson favorited Speaker Planter by ecken
September 5, 2016
scarydollperson favorited glasses by beatto
July 12, 2016
Aeron Chair PostureFit 6" tall
scarydollperson IS this 1:6 or 1:8 scale?
THE FLASH - Captain Cold's Cold Gun (1:6)
scarydollperson @pinder91 Ordering now!!! Tho I've never painted a model done with this material, so *gulp* I may end up having to order again... Will it be available in black plastic at all?
scarydollperson Yasssssssssssssss *makes grabby hands*
scarydollperson commented on 1:6 Decorative Radiator by Simplybill
June 27, 2016
1:6 Decorative Radiator
scarydollperson It's totally worth it (tho I wish Shapeways pricing made more sense--you'd think the 1:6 scale one would be the same as 1:12x2, instead of 1:12x6) and I may get another one next quarter as well, to paint and distress to have more of an "abandoned/distress/rusty/vintage" look.
scarydollperson IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME and I can't WAIT to paint it and photograph it in a scene and OMG YOU ARE AMAZEBALLS.
scarydollperson I finally finally finally am ordering! Apparently I've been missing out on emails from Shapeways for months. I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!!
ARROW - Arsenal & Speedy Ragim Matrix Jr. (1:6)
scarydollperson Awesome! Here's blueprints and reference (including dloadable PDF): http://news.toyark.com/2015/10/26/detailed-look-at-flash-tv-series-captain-cold-gun-replica-180751
scarydollperson Would you by any chance be able to do 1:6 cold gun and heat gun? I'm kitbashing Snart and Rory figures from LoT and have been having a stupidly difficult time finding weapons for them....
scarydollperson favorited Telesto 1:6 Scale by Hazza42
June 21, 2016
scarydollperson commented on FB01-Head-03 v2.0 7inch by Strangefate
June 21, 2016
FB01-Head-03 v2.0  7inch
scarydollperson LOVE THIS! I'm trying to find 1:6 cold guns/heat guns for custom Legends of Tomorrow 1:6 kitbashed figures, and it came up in my search.
scarydollperson commented on 1:6 Laundry Basket by anshumanbhatia
January 16, 2016
1:6 Laundry Basket
scarydollperson @anshumanbhatiaHurrah! I'm at tara @ fringe-element dot net !
scarydollperson @anshumanbhatia Oh goodness, how about EVERYTHING? Tho the Sussex Floor Lamp is definitely top of my list at the moment... For serious and for true, there is a dearth of affordable 1:6 scale mid-century modern miniatures that makes me cry hot, wet tears... But more than that, I tend to create very "everyday" dioramas, and finding things like laundry baskets, cassette tapes, light switches and electrical plates, radiators (my God I'd KILL for a 1:6 radiator!!!) and the like tends to involve days if not WEEKS of scouring Shapeways, evilbay, etsy, Aliexpress, etc. and usually either having to commission something, or try and make it myself if I can. If you would like to see my current diorama project, you can find it here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taraljc/sets/72157640691632405/ and here are all my dios to date: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taraljc/collections/72157649676568092/
scarydollperson Mine just arrived and I am so STUPIDLY HAPPY! I shall take photos in my current 1:6 scale diorama and post them on my flickr, and be sure and share the link to other 1:6 scale dio artists. Thank you SO MUCH for designing 1:6 miniatures!!!!!!
scarydollperson commented on 1:24 Laundry Basket by anshumanbhatia
July 26, 2015
1:24 Laundry Basket
scarydollperson Do you have this at 1:6 scale?
Laundry Basket in 1:12, 1:24
scarydollperson Do you have this in 1:6 scale?
scarydollperson commented on Milk Crate 1:12 Scale by cbp27
July 6, 2015
Milk Crate 1:12 Scale
scarydollperson This is PERFECT in my current diorama!
Miniature 1:24 Upright Piano
scarydollperson I've never tried that before... but I'll give it a go!
scarydollperson DO you offer this in 1:6 scale?


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