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Ryan Shortt


ryanshortt commented on Scout Refit by Carter77
14 days ago
Scout Refit
ryanshortt Is it 1/270?
ryanshortt This looks great! What scale is this?
Corvan Assault Scour Ravenheart class
ryanshortt Or WSFP??
ryanshortt Could you make this available in WSF please?
ryanshortt THAT looks AWESOME!!!!
ryanshortt commented on Corellian Assault Transport by Gosric
May 7, 2017
Corellian  Assault Transport
ryanshortt Another wonderful design! I will be purchasing this in the near future! Awesome!
(Armada) Transports Set IV
ryanshortt Could you scale the Volt Cobra to 1/270? Looks great!
ryanshortt favorited Oota Goota by MillerBro
February 6, 2017
(Armada) 12x Razor Starfighter
ryanshortt Will we see all of your new pirate fighters in 1/270?
ryanshortt commented on (Armada) 12x Supa Fighter by Mel_Miniatures
June 12, 2016
(Armada) 12x Supa Fighter
ryanshortt Will we see this in 1/270?
ryanshortt commented on Recon X-Wing Parts by Spacecat0453
December 8, 2015
Recon X-Wing Parts
ryanshortt This is fantastic! Would you be able to create the parts to make an xj?
ryanshortt commented on MonCal Freighter by jgthebuzz by j_roncho
December 7, 2015
MonCal Freighter by jgthebuzz
ryanshortt That is so cool! Will there be a 1/270 WSF version? Or a 1/2256 version to go with the rest of the fleet?
ryanshortt commented on Kimogila 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
December 2, 2015
Kimogila 1/270
ryanshortt Ok, thanks. I just ordered one, and if I can match the colours as well as you did, I'll post the recipe here.
ryanshortt What colours did you use for this scheme?
ryanshortt commented on A-Wing 1/72 scale by Spacecat0453
August 19, 2015
A-Wing 1/72 scale
ryanshortt What is the opacity of the canopy?
ryanshortt commented on T-19 Starhopper 1/270 by Gosric
January 10, 2015
T-19 Starhopper 1/270
ryanshortt Thanks, that would be totally cool with me!
ryanshortt What a cool ship, with a great back story!
ryanshortt commented on TIE Avenger 1/270 by Gosric
January 10, 2015
TIE Avenger 1/270
ryanshortt @Gosric That would be WSF!
ryanshortt What excellent design work Gosric! Thank you for making this!
ryanshortt commented on Corvan T-4/H 1/270 by Gosric
January 10, 2015
Corvan T-4/H 1/270
ryanshortt A nice ship- I bought all the different versions!
ryanshortt commented on TIE Raptor Mk2 1/270 by Gosric
January 10, 2015
TIE Raptor Mk2 1/270
ryanshortt Thanks to Gosric's modification to the original design, I am now a fan of the Raptor. The enlarged wings make it so much better
ryanshortt commented on TIE Spectre 1/270 by Gosric
January 10, 2015
TIE Spectre 1/270
ryanshortt Now, this ship is seriously cool.
ryanshortt commented on Nova Courier 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
January 10, 2015
Nova Courier 1/270
ryanshortt I have fallen in love with this ship through Mel's work! I can't wait to draw it!
Baudo Yacht "Pulsar Skate" 1/270
ryanshortt The Skate is awesome, well done!!!!
ryanshortt commented on Delta Shuttle 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
January 10, 2015
Delta Shuttle 1/270
ryanshortt Got mine before the mod. All window frames were hand painted.
ryanshortt commented on V-Wing Airspeeder 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
January 10, 2015
V-Wing Airspeeder 1/270
ryanshortt Thank you for designing this ship!!!! Mel, it's awesome!!!!!
SoroSuub Yacht 3000 "Lady Luck" 1/270
ryanshortt The Lady Luck!!!!! Mel, you rock!!!!


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