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Ryan Waldram


rwaldram commented on Generic Star Destroyer Bridge by WillNoon
24 days ago
Generic Star Destroyer Bridge
rwaldram Outstanding quality. Perfect size to use as replacements for anything in scale with Korbanths SSD Executor (around 1/20778 scale).
Imperial Star Dreadnought Vigilant Class
rwaldram Is this ship your own design? I'd like to add it to my Star Destroyer fleet project (currently 40+ ships), but can't find any references to it, how big it was etc
Interdictor Sith Destroyer (1/4000)
rwaldram @19mark93, Mel made several of his ships in this scale for me (i'm guessing you're building Korbanths SSD Executor) a while back, however it is very difficult to get hold of him.
Imperial Bellator Star Dreadnought / Battlecruiser
rwaldram Hi, would you be interested in possibly doing a highly detailed, significantly larger version of this? I am looking for on around 35cm long.
(Armada) Lucrehulk Star Destroyer
rwaldram Hi mate, I'm trying to find out if you can resize this model into the same scale you did for me with a few other models a while back?
(Armada) Conqueror-Class Star Destroyer V1
rwaldram Would you be able to do a version of this measuring 7.7cm long?
Imperial Star Destroyer History
rwaldram Incredible details, individually printed vector vanes on the large engine bells, perfectly printed gun barrels on the tiny trench guns and dorsal turrets of the ISD I (Devastator), even the tiny little antenna / probe on the front of the Victory I bridge is featured.
rwaldram commented on Empire- Imperial Shadow SSD by Gosric
May 23, 2018
Empire- Imperial Shadow SSD
rwaldram Out of curiosity, how long would this ship be in comparison to the SSD (Executor) in the original movies (19km long)? I would be interested in getting some more details and images of it to build a larger one in scale with a 36" long resin Executor that i have.
rwaldram commented on Relentless II by Carter77
May 23, 2018
Relentless II
rwaldram I don't suppose you could re-size this to 17.09cm long could you?
rwaldram commented on Bellator Carrier Refit by EpytronOmega
May 23, 2018
Bellator Carrier Refit
rwaldram Hi, I don't suppose you could do a larger version of this (even one as standard, not a carrier). I am looking for a 34.96cm Bellator
Endurance Fleet Carrier Mmch Scale
rwaldram Hi, is there any way you might be able to resize this model like you did with some of the others for me? I am looking for it to measure 5.01cm long.
rwaldram commented on Legacy by Carter77
April 28, 2018
rwaldram Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to do one of these that is 6.74cm long?
Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer 76mm
rwaldram I was wondering if you would be able to do a custom sized version of this ship, just slightly shorter than the one you have now. I'm looking for 7.22cm instead of 7.62cm
Trench Plates for Zvezda Star Destroyer
rwaldram A must have add on for hiding those nasty seam lines
Star Destroyer Devastator Engines for Zvezda
rwaldram A brilliant set, the details on all parts are spot on.
rwaldram Details are spot on.
rwaldram A must have for any accurate ISD I conversion
rwaldram A must have upgrade for any 1/2700 Star Destroyer
1/2700 Devastator Quad Turrets (smaller version)
rwaldram These things are tiny, yet the detail is still spot on, couldn't be happier.
1/2700 Devastator Tractor Beam Emitter
rwaldram They may be small, but if you're making a Devastator, then these details are must haves
1/2256 Revell Venator Full Set Part 2
rwaldram Excuse the disorder in the photo, but these parts are simply outstanding. It really makes you realise just how bad the original kit parts are/were.
1/2256 Revell Venator Sidewall Upgrades
rwaldram Two of the small parts (shown vertically in the centre in the original image) were packaged separately by shapeways so i thought they were missing. The detail on these items is brilliant, it'll really make the model stand out.
rwaldram Hi, can you please confirm how many individual items should be in this? I have just received it and think that Shapeways may have stuffed up.
rwaldram commented on 1/2256 Revell Venator Nose by nicholassagan
February 8, 2018
1/2256 Revell Venator Nose
rwaldram So much better than the original kit option.
rwaldram Outstanding level of detail.
rwaldram commented on Victory Replacement Parts by AncientAngel
January 27, 2018
Victory Replacement Parts
rwaldram Which Victory are these for? The Armada version or the 1/2256 resin kit?


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