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3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
I have a wide variety of figures, parts, furniture and scenery. Most are available in any scale upon request. Some custom poses also.

rkapuaala commented on Z SCALE Figure pack #1 by rkapuaala
August 24, 2017
Z SCALE Figure pack #1
rkapuaala @southernnscale Thanks, when I complete enough figures to make it a worth while purchase, I will definitely make them available.
You asked for it, it took me a while but here it is. - Kalakaua and 2 other guys HO
Check out this cool product! - my 3 part observation deck print for my coach 64 build. 1:20 Scale Rear obs deck railing
rkapuaala commented on SE 7/8ths scale Plump Belgian by rkapuaala
December 1, 2016
SE 7/8ths scale Plump Belgian
rkapuaala Thanks all. Considering that all the tools I used to make it were free, I am pretty satisfied with it. Some day I hope to be able to afford Zbrush so I can really tweak and perfect it.
rkapuaala @darkjedi Hercule Poirot is the intellectual property of the estate of Agatha Christy. I love her novels, and the BBS series with David Suchet is a long standing favorite of mine, so perhaps my plump little dapper Belgian was unconsciously inspired by Mr. Suchet's portrayal of the character :)
rkapuaala commented on Bald Guy sitting SE scale by rkapuaala
November 28, 2016
Bald Guy sitting SE scale
rkapuaala @Weejock79Yes, It should be doable.
rkapuaala commented on 1:64 Scale Nude Women 2 pack by rkapuaala
July 21, 2016
1:64 Scale Nude Women 2 pack
rkapuaala @artawzer Keep in mind they are women and they are not standing up. In 1:64 scale a 184 cm would be close to 3 cm tall. So a woman that is 169 cm tall would only be 2.6 cm tall. the girl kneelings head should be about half the ht of a 3 cm figure.
rkapuaala commented on SE Fred Figure by rkapuaala
July 20, 2016
SE Fred Figure
rkapuaala Yes, but it will only be available in WSF and the cost will be around $125 USD.
rkapuaala commented on 7/8ths scale Gum Shoe by rkapuaala
July 20, 2016
7/8ths scale Gum Shoe
rkapuaala @alexoneil Sure, but it will only be available in WSF and it will probably cost a lot just for the print. Let me know if this is what you want.
Check out this cool product! - Girl Friday 1:12 scale
rkapuaala commented on HOn3 scale kauila by rkapuaala
July 4, 2016
HOn3 scale kauila
rkapuaala @johnwcunningham786 No sorry they don't. The parts are too small to print out. Many folks have asked for that, but It would be a hassel to match it up with the currently available frame.
rkapuaala @entrauner Here is the URL It passed all the initial inspections, but don't be surprised if the reject it before it goes into production.
rkapuaala @entrauner Your gramar sounds European so I'm going to assume those numbers are formatted the same way as they are for money in Europe. So that means to me 7.465 CM or 74.65mm which is almost 3 inches long. If that is correct, It fits within the build platform fine for FXD but it will be expensive to print. Let me know that my assumptions are correct, and I will scale it for you and send you a link.
rkapuaala @entraunerYes, but I'm not sure they will not reject it. I used print anyway for this model. How big would 1/72 be? This is 1:87 on unit equals 87 units. This model is also a very small narrow gauge engine that was a little over 15 feet long from beam to beam.
Sorry for the notifications. I've been organizing my Kauila parts into a special section of my shop This is the last you will recieve for a while ! -
Check out this cool product! -
I've also successfully printed these out in 1:20.32 scale. More images can be found on my forum page covering the Coach 64 build.
Headlamp with  ornimented stand 1:20.32 scale
rkapuaala @CK1P Thanks for pointing that out. Raw Silver and Raw Bronze are the only metals that passed inspection.
SE Sherman Pippin Sitting Customizable Engineer.
rkapuaala @willysmb44 It could be possible, but not certain. You'd have to run the risk of it failing. BTW isn't O scale 1/48th?
rkapuaala commented on HO scale Figures 4 pack by rkapuaala
February 13, 2015
HO scale Figures 4 pack
rkapuaala @norm24 OK Norm here ya go I do not know how these are going to turn out and I am not ordering anything till next week so it will be a while before I do know.
rkapuaala @norm24 I'll see if I can get them up by the end of the day. I can't do large groups though. Shapeways has a 1 million poly limit and just these 4 figures are at that limit now. I will try to reduce the poly count and see if I can get in a couple of more though. At that size, less polygons is not going to be much of an issue.
rkapuaala @norm24 Wow, that is mighty small. I think that it would not be possible to even print detail that small, but if you are willing to give it a try, I'm game. Let me make sure I understand your scale accurately. 1 unit equals 220 units meaning: 1 cm = 220 cm ? Would a 2 meter tall person then be 9 mm? Things like fingers and possibly hands might not meet the unsupported wire requirements if that is the case. Even the heat would be suspicious. Anyway let me know.


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