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marcus lee


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Maker, Artisan
Redwolf is currently a cad designer and a bench jeweler. I am l 4 CAD qualified. I will work hard with y...

DeAgo Falcon Main Hold Floor Big Barrels With Lids
redwolf2008 Please note all 1/43 scale barrels come with lids. they will need to be cut from the bottom of the print. and placed or glued on top of the individual barrels. the add image shows the print, how it will arrive, with barrel lids attached on the bottom.
redwolf2008 thank you for your generous comments if there is any items that you think would go well with this model please let me know
redwolf2008 thank you very much is there anything you would like next. sincerely RedWolf
DeAgo Falcon Main Hold Floor Pit 1 cut it to hight
redwolf2008 @oblagon2000 hi I don't know, but if you can find out what the outside diameter is, of the octagon then I would be happy to tell you what the minimum opening is needed for mine it should be close anyway please could you let me know why you didn't like my aftermarket floor sincerely Redwolf
redwolf2008 Hi. I don't have opening dimensions for Paragrafix but this was designed to go in tight with here you can see some photos of it. If you give me the opening and how you've mounted it I can check for you and or make some adjustment's sincerely Redwolf
redwolf2008 added products to a list
July 3, 2017
DeAgo Millennium Falcon Engine Grill fins curve
redwolf2008 yes you should be able to I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to retrofit
DeAgo Falcon Main Hold Floor Pit Single Cover
redwolf2008 @seimna Hi this particular add is for one solid pit cover but if you want to buy a set altogether I have in my store floor pit covers and if you also want the replacement floor you will find it there as well if you have anymore questions please ask sincerely redwolf
deagostini millennium falcon landing & safetylight
redwolf2008 I hope this helps good luck
redwolf2008 hi, the LEDs use an interference fit and dab of hot glue. what I refer to in the instructions below is there is a lip on the safety light housing this stops the housing from having to be glued into the hull plating. I am working on getting some photos of the safety lights from people who have bought and finished installing them as I write this. I have seen them installed and I can say they look relly nice and as I finish mine I will be using the very same set as I have up, on my Shapeways store myself. of all the items that I offer in my store, the safety lights are by far the most popular. sincerely Redwolf
redwolf2008 Hi thank you and I hope you enjoy these landing lights. please let me know how you get on with them. and if you have any questions about installation please just drop me a message. I wanted a way to lock them in place and not be forced to rely on glue to hold them in so, once you insert the 2mm LED in the back this will spread the fingers out slightly and lock it in place. On some of the plastic plating, you might need to countersink the hole, but only just enough, to allow the lip on the fingers to come through the hole. sincerely Redwolf happy modeling
DeAgo Falcon Engine Grill Bent So It fits boundary
redwolf2008 @dragnse7en I would love to see some photos of the landing gear if it is not too much trouble.
redwolf2008 @dragnse7en ok but I can't say if it will work how did the landing gear go?
redwolf2008 @fba6ee2@fba6ee2 thank you
DeAgo Falcon Safety Lights Black Hi-Def Acrylate
redwolf2008 @fredlazzarotto here is a photo of my print
redwolf2008 @fredlazzarotto yes I have had it printed and am using it for my own model
deagostini Millennium Falcon Landing Gear Rod able
redwolf2008 @dragnse7en Hi I've just added FUD to the material list as you've asked good luck and please send me photos on how it turns out. and as always if you have any more suggestions or questions please just drop me a line.
redwolf2008 @fba6ee2 however if you choose Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.
redwolf2008 @fba6ee2 no this is made of White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish
redwolf2008 let me know if there is something that I have missed
DeAgo Millennium Falcon Model Gunner compartment
redwolf2008 @santaboy hi yes. It fits and no I haven't split it yet but I will work on it I've been creating a lot of new models and working out the kinks in them and just haven't had the time to do it. if you send me a pm I will be happy to send photos to you. they are to big to post here sorry
redwolf2008 @Maddin2014 please if you have any more questions or suggestions please let me know sincerely Redwolf
redwolf2008 @Maddin2014 HI yes I am but I am finding it hard to decide where to put the split as not to show or only do it in certain materials that can be comically welded together again IE, acrylic but I would like to keep the cost down and use nylon so It stays affordable to everyone
Check out this cool DeAgo product! - deagostini Millennium Falcon Landing Gear Rod able
DeAgo Falcon 1/43 Cargo Barrels Boxes & crates
redwolf2008 Updated I tweaked the main hold barrels specks So It will print even better ,and I added two more supports so once it is printed you can cut them apart or stack them . the electrical room will be one of my upgrades soon and I am replacing port side hold wall with sliding door and the rooms on that side . thank you for your support and hope you check out some of my other upgrades.
redwolf2008 Hi if you've wanted a whole mess of 1/43 scale cargo boxes to go with your DeAgo falcon then this is good value for the money and if you are in need of special combo packs please contact me and I will be happy to make some up. happy modeling sincerely RW
StarWars Millinium Falcon Gunner Window V-2
redwolf2008 Hi, this window is designed with the geometry of the DeAgo falcon in mind so you don't have to cut into the ABS plastic to make, it fit that is why it has a notch taken out of the outer edge, and according to the photos the octagon outer ring is slightly rotated off center and gives the original movie set an interesting look all of which I have tried to faithfully reproduce. thank you for looking. sincerely RW
DeAgo Falcon Exhaust Plates For the Ion Drive
redwolf2008 I am at the moment trying to adjust the print so that I can bring down the overall cost of this item as I have done for some of my other models stay tuned and happy modeling RW
DeAgo Millennium Falcon Gunner Window accurate
redwolf2008 @texhonolize HI this is for the DeAgostine part works, build the millennium falcon. If you need a different size I will be happy to resize it for you.
Check out this cool product! - just added HI-Def Acrylate to the list you can get this in will make panting, and gluing easer Falcon Mane Hold Floor To Be made in plastic
Check out this cool product! - Trangler Tea And Tea Biscit Mug Ceramic


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