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Red_Star_Forge commented on Medium Handle 1 by Red_Star_Forge
November 26, 2019
Medium Handle 1
Red_Star_Forge @Traveler7 Let us know how that turns out, please!
Red_Star_Forge commented on Great Kafai by Red_Star_Forge
March 30, 2019
Great Kafai
Red_Star_Forge @arjan14kuipers Don't believe so, no.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Huna Nuva by Red_Star_Forge
December 17, 2018
Huna Nuva
Red_Star_Forge @Dimensioner thank you for the heads up! While it's possible that the mask you received fit improperly due to Shapeways plastic tolerances, we will make sure that our Nuva line has axles that are consistent with our other lines.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Great Valumi by Red_Star_Forge
September 28, 2018
Great Valumi
Red_Star_Forge @doerrbrooke1 Sorry to hear that the fit is a little loose! If you have access to epoxy putty, you may be able to use it to reinforce the axle a bit.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Vanguard Kakama by Red_Star_Forge
August 27, 2018
Vanguard Kakama
Red_Star_Forge @kmweaver064 We've updated the model due to popular demand! We hope this is more accurate to the Kakama.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Matatu Nuva (Scope) by Red_Star_Forge
May 29, 2018
Matatu Nuva (Scope)
Red_Star_Forge @Drew92 we pulled influences from both masks.
Red_Star_Forge @bradshawjosh17 Unfortunately we will not be offering masks that were seen in set form. We want to avoid legal trouble with The Lego Group, and, since others are already doing so, we don't find it necessary to retread explored territory.
Red_Star_Forge @Ralzebun We do our best to ensure that both heads are compatible with our masks. If you have any fitting issues with the Mata head, please let us know. So far we haven't had any issues with our products, though.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Vanguard Akaku by Red_Star_Forge
May 29, 2018
Vanguard Akaku
Red_Star_Forge @benmurphy47 No clue! G2 compatibility isn't really on our list of necessities for the shop, but you're free to give it a shot.
Red_Star_Forge commented on Vanguard Calix by Red_Star_Forge
May 5, 2018
Vanguard Calix
Red_Star_Forge @Magnus Yep! Vanguard masks are Great Kanohi that are bestowed upon the most valorous Toa. RSG's collective headcanon is that the Toa Mangai received their Vanguard Kanohi after the Battle with the Kanohi Dragon.
Inorganic Kadin (Red Star Games)
Red_Star_Forge @bluestreakauto1994 Not to my knowledge, no. Although, if our internal artists had that in mind, it's an interesting parallel. -Petrus
Inorganic Sanok (Red Star Games)
Red_Star_Forge @Magnus we are considering a lot of regional variants for a lot of masks. We'll add your interests into consideration.
Red_Star_Forge @Dimensioner We've completed the Inika masks! Make sure to check the shop!
Red_Star_Forge @Dimensioner Hi, thanks for the question! We are currently finishing up the final of the 6 masks before we make them public. I also recently received my Sanok and Calix, and have discovered some slight printing issues that we need to resolve before our shop becomes more popular. You can expect the other 3 Inika masks and an announcement for many more coming very soon. The problems here are some slight fitting issues with the Axle (though it does work) and the overall size of our masks.
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March 25, 2018
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March 25, 2018
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January 11, 2018


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