Austin Rodrick


RDSTUDIO commented on CWMirage2 by RDSTUDIO
August 23, 2017
RDSTUDIO There is a little clip that fits in the space behind the shoulder joint. Depending on the figure it can be snug or a little loose. I didn't want it to be too tight since you can fix looseness more easily than something too tight.
RDSTUDIO commented on MirageGun1 by RDSTUDIO
July 20, 2017
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich No problem, glad you like it. Looks great with the coat of paint.
RDSTUDIO commented on CW Weapon Pack 1 by RDSTUDIO
July 15, 2017
CW Weapon Pack 1
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich They cancelled the print because the sprue that that holds the missile, which doesn't matter to the integrity of the model was too small. I thickened it and everything should be fine.
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich no problem. For some reason the full set isn't much more than the rifle itself. I uploaded both to see. I believe most of the cost is in the labor of cleaning up the parts.
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich Everything passed the initial check for the BHDA. The acrylic must be printed differently. Apparently from what the rejection said, they blast the acrylic with something to clean in, if the walls are less than 1mm, they could break off. The thing with my model is that the part that doesn't clear the check isn't a wall at all. I printed everything with PLA on my own printer and they turned out well.
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich I've re-uploaded the rifle model. It still says there are some suspect areas in the acrylic but they are within spec. The HD-Acrylate is available without issue.
RDSTUDIO @Seeaich The black acrylic has different print settings than the standard white strong material. Shapeways will let it print in white strong, but not with the acrylic. I think it will print fine since I've made all of these on my FDM printer, the piece they claim won't print right is the small barrel and the connections to the sprue. I've been meaning to update all the models, but have been too busy at work. I'll try to upload just the mirage rifle.
Check out this cool product! - CWProwl
RDSTUDIO commented on CWProwl by RDSTUDIO
April 30, 2016
RDSTUDIO @cale_yates - Photo is uploaded.


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