3D modeler, Designer, Artist

Zuul crurivastator by ©RareBreed - http://shpws.me/QpdB Zuul crurivastator
Carnotaurus color concept by ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/T5N9 Carnotaurus Deluxe
A relative of the brontosaurus by ©2012-2022 RareBreed in white or color - http://shpws.me/T3Ur Dicraeosaurus (Edited)
Small Stegoceras ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SZXn Stegoceras validum
Updated Triceratops by ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SZ0O Triceratops
February with a little charm - http://shpws.me/SYoU Dinosaur Charm (Edited)
Valentine's day gift from the sea, a manta ray pendant - http://shpws.me/SYhR Manta Ray Pendant (Edited)
NEW Carnotaurus by ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SXMo Carnotaurus
Ceratosaurus by ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SXIp Ceratosaurus
Crocodile Attack! by ©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SXnP Sarcosuchus (Edited)
A wild looking wolf creature - http://shpws.me/SWTt Amphicyon (Edited)
A 2020 reconstruction of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.
©2012-2022 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/SWDz Spinosaurus
The RareBreed Shop is open for 2022! -http://shpws.me/SWrv Eocharcharia (Edited)
Tarbosaurus bataar ©2012-2019 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/R5mL Tarbosaurus Bataar
Tyrannosaurus rex ©2012-2018 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/QXWL Tyrannosaurus rex (Edited)
Charonosaurus jiayinensis ©2012-2018 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/QOV1 Charonosaurus
Alxasaurus elesitaiensis ©2012-2018 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/QLpk Alxasaurus (Edited)
Zuul crurivastator ©2012-2018 RareBreed - http://shpws.me/QpdB Zuul crurivastator
Torosaurus latus ©2012-2018 RareBreed -
http://shpws.me/Q9kP Torosaurus
Carnotaurus Deluxe 1:48-1:24 scale - http://shpws.me/OfXU Carnotaurus Deluxe (Edited)
Chasmosaurus 1:50-1:20 scale - http://shpws.me/N8FY Chasmosaurus (Edited)


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