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Nicholas Gaston


3D modeler, Product designer, Maker

It's the 21st century—isn't it time you got your jetpack? New, for the first time, in 1/35 scale! - Bell Aerospace Jet Flying Belt
New at The Arsenal...the Ruhrstahl X-4! In 1/48 and 1/72.

Arm your crazy Luftwaffe fighter today! - Ruhrstahl X-4 (Quad-pack)
New at The Arsenal...the "Missionized Gun System" cannon pod for the F-35 JSF! - F-35 Lightning II "Missionized Gun System" cannon
New at The Arsenal...Argus As-014 engines, in 1/48 and 1/72!

For those times when you want a pulsejet, but don't want to buy a whole buzzbomb. - Argus As-014 Pulsejet (Quad-pack)
New at The Arsenal—the AVPRO "EXINT" Harrier/Helicopter mounted personnel transport pod! - AVPRO "EXINT" Transport Pod (Closed)
New at The Arsenal—the "Thin Man" atomic bomb! - "Thin Man" Atomic Bomb
New at The Arsenal—the RDS-2, the Soviet "Little Boy"! - "RDS-2"/"Product 601" Soviet Atomic Bomb
New and exclusive at The Arsenal, for the first time in the West...the Chinese "524-23" thermonuclear bomb!

Modeled from museum examples. In 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144 scale.- "524-23" Chinese Thermonuclear Bomb
For the first time anywhere, and exclusive to The Arsenal...the Chinese Kuangbiao-1 tactical nuclear weapon!

In 1/48 and 1/72 scale. A must for any air force flying the Q-5 Fantan! - Kuangbiao-1/“0-27” Chinese Tactical Nuclear Weapon
New at The Arsenal—the British "Red Beard" tactical nuclear weapon!

Also available in four-bomb multi-pack. Buy in bulk, and save! - "Red Beard" Nuclear Weapon
New at The Arsenal—the supposed "Virus House"/Heisenburg model German atomic bomb, with internal nuclear core and removable bomb shell!

This is, in fact, the only authentic scale model available of an actual German explosive nuclear device...technically speaking, from a certain point of view! :D

A must-have for any Alternate History, Dieselpunk, and/or science fiction model build. -  “Virus House” German Atomic Weapon
New at The Arsenal—built from designs allegedly recovered from secret documents, the German "Diebner" atomic bomb!

A must-have for any Alternate History or Dieselpunk model build!

- "Diebner" German Atomic Bomb
New (an exclusive!) at The Arsenal—the VB-3 "Razon" guided bomb! - VB-3 "Razon" Bomb
New and exclusive at The Arsenal...AGM-124 "Wasp" missile pods!

A bit of unique Cold War militaria that never made it into production. - AGM-124A "Wasp" Pod
New at The Arsenal, based on actual historical technical data...Sweden's proposed atomic bomb, circa 1955! In 1/72 and 1/48. - "FOA m/1955" Swedish Nuclear Weapon
New at the Arsenal...the "Tallboy" earthquake bomb, in 1/48 and 1/72 scale! - "Tallboy" Bomb
New at the Arsenal...the ASM-A-1 "Tarzon" guided bomb!- ASM-A-1 "Tarzon" Guided Bomb
New at the Arsenal...Die Glocke! ("Hollywood" version) - Die Glocke! ("Hollywood" version)
New at the arsenal...the WE.177B/C nuclear weapon, in 1/48 scale! - WE.177B/C Nuclear Weapon (bipack)
Now available...the scale model Lockheed Compact Fusion Reactor!

Based off of available technical details, ready for use in model projects as or scale railroad cargo. - Lockheed "Compact Fusion Reactor" Prototype!
New at the Arsenal...the 1/35 "Davy Crockett" Atomic Weapons System! - "Davy Crockett" Atomic Weapon (With XM-29 Recoille
New at the shop, and "back up in the woods among the evergreens"...scale electric guitars! - Electric Guitar (Stratocaster)!
New at the shop, mysterious alleged Nazi Wunderwaffe "Die Glocke"! - Die Glocke!
New from the Rodina...scale model Balalaikas! - Balalaika! (Edited)


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