Nicholas Gaston


3D modeler, Product designer, Maker

New at the Arsenal...Die Glocke! ("Hollywood" version) - Die Glocke! ("Hollywood" version)
New at the arsenal...the WE.177B/C nuclear weapon, in 1/48 scale! - WE.177B/C Nuclear Weapon (bipack)
Now available...the scale model Lockheed Compact Fusion Reactor!

Based off of available technical details, ready for use in model projects as or scale railroad cargo. - Lockheed "Compact Fusion Reactor" Prototype!
New at the Arsenal...the 1/35 "Davy Crockett" Atomic Weapons System! - "Davy Crockett" Atomic Weapon (With XM-29 Recoille
New at the shop, and "back up in the woods among the evergreens"...scale electric guitars! - Electric Guitar (Stratocaster)!
New at the shop, mysterious alleged Nazi Wunderwaffe "Die Glocke"! - Die Glocke!
New from the Rodina...scale model Balalaikas! - Balalaika! (Edited)
"We'll meet again..." a scale replica of one of the "Doctor Strangelove" H-Bombs! - "Doctor Strangelove" H-Bomb!
The first in a new line at the RV from the SS-N-6 SLBM! - R27U/SS-N-6 SLBM nuclear warhead RV
And a replica Russian nuclear fuel pellet...necklace pendant! - Replica (Russian) Nuclear Fuel Pellet...necklace p
New at the Arsenal...a replica RUSSIAN nuclear fuel pellet! - Replica (Russian) Nuclear Fuel Pellet
New at the shop, replica nuclear fuel pellet...necklace pendants! - Replica Nuclear Fuel Pellet...necklace pendant!
New at the shop...own your own life-size nuclear fuel pellet replica! - Replica Nuclear Fuel Pellet!
A world first, own your own My Little Pony...skull charm! - My Little Pony Skull! (Necklace charm)
New at the shop...polished gold turds! As a necklace! Get your Valentine's Day shopping in early! - "Oh, poop!" Necklace pendant
The (Artificial) Heart Pendant—for the bio-technically minded valentine, transplant patient, or Mad Scientist in your life! - Artificial Heart Pendant!
Searching in vain for a replica lobotomy tool? Well, take a load off your mind with our new Orbitoclast! - Orbitoclast!
"Oh, poop!"

A slightly hideous, possibly hilarious, but unquestionably accurately life modeled and scanned item, now for sale!

Order now as a gift for someone with a sense of humor, or that you loathe! "Oh, poop!" Authentic 3D-scanned, life-sized excre
A real blast from the past—own your own historically accurate atomic test house!

- 1/72 Atomic Test House
Ranchoth favorited Lotus Top by ThreeForm
November 5, 2016
An authentically prehistoric addition to the shop—a fossilized dinosaur skin-textured mug, with claw handle! Dinosaur Skin Mug
A new(ke), refined offering from The Arsenal! 1/35 scale "H912" SADM Transport Container (Multi)
A clinking, clattering new addition from The Arsenal!


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