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Ralph Conway


3D modeler, Designer, Artist
After 15 years I found back to 3D modelling and vizualisation. In a former life it was business. This time it is for pleasure :-). Conny

ralph_conway commented on Falcon DeAgo Cone v4.1 by ralph_conway
May 10, 2018
Falcon DeAgo Cone v4.1
ralph_conway @cujo65 All printed materials have to be prepared in my experience. While FUD has to be cleaned from the rest of supporting wax and set out to sunlight (UV-light) before it can be primed and painted, SFP has to be overworked with filler spray and sanded. I did ad two (thin) filler coates to keep the detail and to get a perfect result after sanding. The pictures above show how it is coming out of the box (the green cone) and how it looks like after preperation (2nd pic). Just read the sublines. FUD brought me a perfect print out of the box that has to be cleaned from wax rests only (3rd pic).
ralph_conway @fba6ee2 Yes, of course, Matt. I cleaned my first FUD cone about 5 times (afIr) with warm water and soap only. In a conversation Joost Dennisen from shapeways gave me the olive oil tip. And it worked fine (for me) I left the item a couple of hours in the oil and after I cleaned it one time with soap and warm water using a tooth brush. Ralph
ralph_conway Thank you, Brad. For purchasing and sharing your opinion and story. Yes, in Insignia White it looks like my own cone does. I am looking forward how your weathering will make it unique.
ralph_conway Looks like an material issue to me. The break lines seem to sit all at the same print layer. Great that you where able to fix it.
ralph_conway Hell! Unhappy to hear this. How did this happen? It never happened to one of my 7 test prints. If the Cone print fits to tight, do NOT try to press the cone holding it at the front. One schould grap it at the back window frames. If you want to order the v4 cone, please let me know before. Send me a mail. I will try to open a time frame for you without my additional markup fee. Best wishes, Conny
ralph_conway @BradM73 Hello BradM73. Tank you for sharing your opinion. I found out that the exact size varies from print to print. I did already 6 Testprints of my cone in progress. Although the connecting ring was not changed in two cases it fitted perfect, in 2 it came out a bit to wide and in two further prints it fits the tube very (and very-very in frosted ultra) tight. In FUD my print needed absolutely no work (even the rear ring fits very tight, it was possible to get it over the tube without sanding). But even after month the material still transpires. I am glad that you like the Cones shape. But of course it is not correct. It is a mixture of the given info (pictures and drawings and photos I did of the original) at the time I created it and fitting all this to the original DeAgo Tube. Next week I will offer a new Version (V4.0) of my cone. The changes are marginal but they reflect the further information I got and found about the cone since August.
Check out my Deago falcon engine flaps - MF_engineflaps_v0.1_complete set
Hello, dear follower if you think about a 5 feet falcon, check out this new product! - Falcon Cockpit 5feet
ralph_conway commented on Moon lamp by vfxguy
December 30, 2016
Moon lamp
ralph_conway This product looks wonderful to me, vfxguy! Sometimes reading the description and additional info before one orders might help to understand what he7she is going to purchase.
ralph_conway added a product to a list
October 30, 2016
deAgo Millennium Falcon Cockpit Cone V2
ralph_conway Yes, the polished prints in "strong flexible" are still grainy. This is not a "fault". It is less than "unpolished", what makes it more easy to finish the part. But it still has to be primed with filler. The only way to prevent further necessary work (except painting, of course) is to order a(ny) model in "frosted ultra". This is much more expensive, but gives the cleanest print, what the attached pic might show:
Check out this reworked (not "overworked" - sorry) product. - Falcon Turret Window v.04 1:43 two pieces
Check out this overworked product. - Falcon Turret Window v.04 1:43 two pieces


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