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Thomas Zeller



Quark_1961 added a product to a list
March 16, 2017
Quark_1961 commented on Stargate Simple by lord_of_the_red_rings
July 3, 2016
Stargate Simple
Quark_1961 Can you make the gate much smaller? Like say 1 cm? I'd like to use it in a diorama
Quark_1961 added a product to a list
June 3, 2016
UESN Yorktown Class Carrier (CVM-5)
Quark_1961 Is there any possibility of getting this a good deal larger? Say, 6 inches at least and 10 or 12 inches if possible? Also printed in FUD?
Quark_1961 commented on USS Robinson by DonMegel
November 23, 2015
USS Robinson
Quark_1961 It's looking better once painted. The saucer still seems a bit too large for the stardrive but it's looking better than it did.
Quark_1961 @DonMegel The hole is very big. I'd rather there wasn't any hole but that's huge. As for the saucer being too big check that first picture I posted of your saucer and stardrive against this comparible sized Star Trek Attack Wing piece.
Quark_1961 Another shot of the saucer itself.
Quark_1961 This didn't come out as well as I had hoped. The saucer is too large for the stardrive and what's up with that gigantic hole in the center?
Ambassador bow torpedo launchers version 2
Quark_1961 While I've got your attention, are these Ambassador parts for the 1/2500 model commonly a available or some other model? If for the common model could these and the other parts you' e created for that model be made available in FUD please? I'm aware of the increase in price of course. The nylon parts have problems with glue and paint which while not insurmountable I'd just as soon avoid.
Quark_1961 commented on Pegasus Engine Insert Package by aptivaboy
November 21, 2015
Pegasus Engine Insert Package
Quark_1961 Thanks! That really does help me understand what this is about. I'll have to compare what you did to the model I just got in to see if I want to use this part too or not. Regardless of this part there are indeed other parts you have for the Bad-Azz Peggy that I will definitely be ordering soon. BTW, I had some trouble getting your Photobucket link to work. This link will work for anybody reading this and wanting to see your image too.
Quark_1961 Could you explain a bit more about what these do for the model please? I understand that they enhance the Bad-Azz 1/4105 Pegasus model I'm just not understanding what exactly that enhacement is. Do they imptove on lighting the model? What are the board-like pieces for? I do see some difference in detail between these and the less expensive version you sell as well as that version lacking the boards. I just got the Bad-Azz Peggy and since I've ben quite happy with other parts I've ordered from your shop I'm looking to you again for more. Just not understanding this one. I'd appreciate some additional information. Thanks.
Quark_1961 commented on Devin's Valk Assembly by aptivaboy
November 21, 2015
Devin's Valk Assembly
Quark_1961 Ok thanks! I have that kit on order so I'm sure I'll be ordering this soon. I've been quite happy with the parts I've ordered from your shop and I expect I will be with this as well.
Quark_1961 What do these do? And as already asked, for which Valkyrie model?
Quark_1961 commented on Colonial Defender Landing Bay by aptivaboy
November 16, 2015
Colonial Defender Landing Bay
Quark_1961 @aptivaboy It looks great to me. I don't know why but I totally missed that the maker of the Colonial Defender I'm getting actually already has a landing bay. I think I missed it because it's so close to the body of the ship. I have a friend though that has the Fantastic Plastic model so I'll point this out to him. Thanks for getting back to me. This is the one I bought.
Quark_1961 I'm getting a 1/4105 scale Colonial Defender soon. It's just coming out of master in the next month or so. Any chance you could resize this launch bay and the cross piece to fit it?
Quark_1961 commented on Sovereign by ScornMandark
October 24, 2015
Quark_1961 Is it possible to get this, the Akira, and the Defiant downscaled to 1/7000? If so I'd buy all those and the other ships related to them that you already have in 1/7000. I'm creating a diorama centered around a Borg cube and the battle scene in First Contact. If not then I'll just have to settle on those three as is.
Quark_1961 commented on EFX48 Nautilus Settee by David_McCamant
October 7, 2015
EFX48 Nautilus Settee
Quark_1961 Very nice stuff. Wish it existed for the Pegasus model.
Quark_1961 commented on ST-TOS-R-Aurora by lord_of_the_red_rings
July 20, 2015
Quark_1961 Can you make this in half this size?
Quark_1961 commented on Atmospheric Shuttle 1/500 by Mel_Miniatures
July 17, 2015
Atmospheric Shuttle 1/500
Quark_1961 Can you make this in 1/7600?
Quark_1961 commented on Earth Heavy Cruiser 001 by occam13
July 17, 2015
Earth Heavy Cruiser 001
Quark_1961 I would love to have this and the enemy battle cruiser both in 1/7600 scale to be used with a K-& spacestation model.


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