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Combiner Wars Superion Thigh upgrade
punchsydeiron Any plans to make a retooled set of these to make Computron's thighs look more like Computron's?
punchsydeiron commented on Vehicon, G1 Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
September 24, 2016
Vehicon, G1 Face (Titans Return)
punchsydeiron From that episode with Raoul, correct?
Krang Faceplate (Titan Masters)
punchsydeiron Are there any plans to do a M.O.D.O.K. face-replacer?
punchsydeiron commented on Blocky Driller's Head by SteamShield
October 28, 2015
Blocky Driller's Head
punchsydeiron @SteamShield Oh, really? I figured the Rook mold would have been close to what Demolition Crue gave us with their Ironfist, which certalnly has an IDW vibe going on with its vehicle mode. I can see your point of how a Jeep is probably a closer match to a G1-styled Humvee Ironfist, though.
punchsydeiron I'm really liking these Jumpstarter upgrade kits of yours. Just out of curiosity, are you planning to do one to make an Ironfist out of Rook? This Rook looks like he could pass for a decent Last Stand of the Wreckers-style Ironfist.
punchsydeiron commented on Wrecking Hammer and Anvil by SteamShield
October 4, 2015
Wrecking Hammer and Anvil
punchsydeiron Damn. That's pretty cool. Clever, too.
Medic Guardian Head Combiner Version
punchsydeiron Is it bigger than the stock head? I feel like First Aid's head definitely looks smaller than the heads of his other deluxe brethren.
punchsydeiron commented on Streaker Chest Plate by SteamShield
July 29, 2015
Streaker Chest Plate
punchsydeiron Any plans for a Sideswipe head and chest?
Combining Helicopter Robot Rotor Blades
punchsydeiron Will you be making one of these for the upcoming Combiner Wars Vortex mold?
punchsydeiron commented on S_head by 3dprintron
May 15, 2015
punchsydeiron @3dprintron Are you taking suggestions?
punchsydeiron @3dprintron Thank you very much! Btw, are you planning any additional head ideas for the Roadbuster mold?
punchsydeiron Do you have any links to that Soundwave Roadbuster custom?
punchsydeiron commented on Vehiconoggin V3 FINAL by X3N0Wolf
February 23, 2015
Vehiconoggin V3 FINAL
punchsydeiron Btw, will you be selling that gun end at some point, too?
punchsydeiron commented on Broadcaster Head "MTMTE" by SteamShield
February 21, 2015
Broadcaster Head "MTMTE"
punchsydeiron Something like this that can fit onto a RTS Jazz.
punchsydeiron Will you be making one available for deluxe-sized figures?
punchsydeiron commented on Mane Six #3 - Rarity by SFADathasholly
February 21, 2015
Mane Six #3 - Rarity
punchsydeiron XD Hasbro really needs to make these.
punchsydeiron commented on Hot-headed Captain's Spoiler by SteamShield
February 21, 2015
Hot-headed Captain's Spoiler
punchsydeiron @SteamShield Yeah. Adding on some blaster barrels or holes for little arrows and making the spoiler capable of splitting down the middle into two pieces (one with a handle and another with a deep peghole for housing the handle in spoiler and weapon modes. (See "Dragon Kaiser Thunder Arrow" on YouTube for what I had in mind about how that would reveal a handle.)
punchsydeiron Have you considered making a crossbow version of this?
punchsydeiron commented on Hasbro R2 Panel Hinge 2 by gucabe
February 4, 2015
Hasbro R2 Panel Hinge 2
punchsydeiron What does this go to or is this universal?
punchsydeiron commented on Pollo Mini Model by Linkara
February 3, 2015
Pollo Mini Model
punchsydeiron Holy nuts. Trent Troop did stuff like this? Cooool.
punchsydeiron commented on TF Head Unit SDSWP x1 by Kurisama
January 1, 2015
TF Head Unit SDSWP x1
punchsydeiron @Kurisama :3 No problem. I'm always in favor of improved results that help reduce tedious detail work. Btw, Have you considered doing a minor retool for Red Alert? Maybe with the horns chopped to look like Red Alert's head nub thingies?


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