process commented on Megatron Flail 1 by process
March 29, 2020
Megatron Flail 1
process @WierdMime Sorry for the extremely late response. The flail is completely articulated, and the 'chain' can actually store inside the hollow spiked ball.
process @Chiptune To my knowledge Shapeways does not offer such a material.
process commented on Prime Axe 1 by process
June 30, 2018
Prime Axe 1
process @m_akbar_khurram This was originally designed for a material that doesn't appear to be offered anymore, but I would guess orange/processed/versatile would give you the most simplest finished product.
process @King_Glurch I would have to guess no, it's designed to fit snugly around Classics Prime's fist only.
process commented on Superion Filler 4 by process
September 27, 2017
Superion Filler 4
process @fb9f61e I'm afraid not. It's really intended for use in combiner mode, with a plug that allows it to act as somewhat of a backpack with the thrusters pointed down.
process commented on Perceptor Sniper Rifle 2 by process
June 6, 2017
Perceptor Sniper Rifle 2
process @Chronix Unfortunately my generations Perceptor is long gone. Per the item description, the rifle is approximately 4-3/4", which should be suitable for any deluxe-scale figure.
process @toaofstuff Sorry, I don't have one!
process commented on Megatron Gun Barrel by process
April 14, 2017
Megatron Gun Barrel
process @SakuTheHyena Sorry, I sold my only version of the mold and I can no longer produce parts for it.
process commented on Drift Sword by process
February 26, 2017
Drift Sword
process @bluecrest5 Yes, it can be held by any figure with 5mm fists.
process commented on Ultra Magnus Arm Wheels (Deep Version) by process
December 20, 2016
Ultra Magnus Arm Wheels (Deep Version)
process @thomas_shaw Cheers dude. Just be careful, the acrylate is pretty brittle compared with WSF. The little tabs are supposed to give you some leverage in case you need to pry them out once installed.
process @thomas_shaw I've uploaded both Shallow and Deep version for Acrylate. Unfortunately it costs a lot more, due to the material, and not being able to use sprues to connect the two pieces per Shapeways intervention. Links below.
process commented on Battle Tanker sword grip by process
December 17, 2016
Battle Tanker sword grip
process @jvog4265 Sorry, I'm not planning on doing any more parts for RTS Prime or the Battle Tanker set.
process @greboguru It is designed with a 5mm grip. I have also just added hi-def acrylic as an option.
process commented on Megatron Fusion Cannon 2 by process
November 5, 2016
Megatron Fusion Cannon 2
process @Bushin1 Thank you. That Megatron mold has held up pretty well, but it is starting to feel dated compared with newer options. I can't wait the new MP Megatron.
process @Bushin1 Unfortunately it is only designed for robot mode.
process commented on G2 Laser Sword by process
October 25, 2016
G2 Laser Sword
process @CF4000 Awesome of you to say, thank you!
Ultra Magnus Arm Wheels (Shallow Version)
process @jeffperrin77 Thank you, glad you like 'em!
process commented on PCC Heavytread Mine Plow set by process
July 18, 2016
PCC Heavytread Mine Plow set
process @jkooi69 Awesome! Sorry for the trouble!
process @jkooi69 I have also sent Shapeways a query about the integrity of this model. If it only happened once I would think it may have fallen off during the polishing process. But since it happened twice that's a little more suspicious to me.
process @jkooi69 I suggest you contact Shapeways. This model has not been altered, and should have printed with everything you see in the digital previews.
process @SeanDecepticon It plugs into the front 5mm peg hole in tank mode to provide a 3mm hardpoint.
process commented on Kup Pistols (pair) by process
June 11, 2016
Kup Pistols (pair)
process @Robert_Lupine Awesome, thanks for your feedback!
process commented on Prime Blades (pair) by process
January 9, 2016
Prime Blades (pair)
process @Cybertronus I hope you like them!
process @Cybertronus I haven't, but this pair drew inspiration from the curves of the G1 axe and the front-heaviness of the movie swords.


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