Tiger Protosteel


Kanohi Mask of Sensory Aptitude (Revised)
PR0T05T33L I ordered this in unpolished White S&F for use on one of my MOCs. It fits both the Metru head and the Mata head, although placing it on the Mata head seems to bend the walls of the mask outwards slightly. My main issue with the mask is the axle; when I finally managed to get it to go through the axlehole on the Metru head, it was such a tight fit that I thought I'd have to snap the axle off and superglue another on! Even after filing it, it's still very hard to remove: could use improvement. If the eyeholes are meant to hold studs, they'll need to be much smaller. More material options would be nice too.
PR0T05T33L commented on Kanohi Arkahna by Onuku
4 days ago
Kanohi Arkahna
PR0T05T33L @Onuku Perhaps adjusting the angles of the side vents might help? Push them outward or bring the back ends downwards a bit?
PR0T05T33L @Onuku The axle doesn't need to be longer, not for use on the Metru head anyway. The bottom edges of the mask just need to be shaved down a bit so the cheeks of the head can slide through and the nose can touch the inner surface of the mask. Having the eyes as far back as they are is a bit odd.
PR0T05T33L I ordered this in unpolished White S&F and planned to paint it dark red for one of my MOCs. Unfortunately, I've realized it doesn't quite fit on a Metru head or a Mata head; the cheeks of both of these heads collide with the bottom edges of the mask, so the axle will only go halfway through the axlehole on the heads. I'm worried that if I try to brute-force the mask all the way on, it'll either break or get stuck on the head permanently. The mask looks good, but it needs a bit of work before it can be used on a figure; I don't know how you did it.
PR0T05T33L commented on Inorganic Kanohi Calix by Onuku
4 days ago
Inorganic Kanohi Calix
PR0T05T33L I ordered this in unpolished White S&F to use on a Matoran MOC. It fits a little loosely on a Mata head, but it does hold. The axle seems a bit too thick to fit in any other axlehole though, but that might just be the lack of polishing. Personally, I feel like if the axle was a few millimeters longer and either two or three millimeters further up or slightly tilted upwards, it would be an improvement.
PR0T05T33L commented on Freya's Kanohi Crast by Onuku
4 days ago
Freya's Kanohi Crast
PR0T05T33L I ordered this in Frosted Ultra Detail to use on a pre-mutation Krika MOC. The axle's a bit too thick, but with some effort, I was able to fit the axle more than halfway into the axlehole on a Metru head, then remove it with some careful wiggling and a few creaky noises. It fits a little tightly on a Mata head, but it does fit. It looks good and strangely enough, has a nice cherry lipstick sort of smell to it.
PR0T05T33L commented on Custom Metru Foot by PunkDrunk182
4 days ago
Custom Metru Foot
PR0T05T33L I ordered two of these in unpolished White S&F and tried to fit them on a figure. Unfortunately, the axles were too big to fit into any axlehole or pinhole I tried, so I had to superglue some cut socket pieces onto them to make them usable. The pinholes seem just barely too long and a bit tight, but I imagine polishing might loosen them up, although I feel polishing could also make the piston detail too fragile. The pieces look good, they may just need a bit of work on the connection points. An option to get them in Metallic Plastic would be nice too.


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