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Wylie Wiggins


Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
Hi, My name is Wylie Wiggins, my partner Jasen Cooke and I would like to offer you the ability to take advantage of our unique products...

Podunk_Steam commented on SX350J Bootlegger Box Mod by Podunk_Steam
January 19, 2016
SX350J Bootlegger Box Mod
Podunk_Steam No magnets needed with this design. Shapeways wasted too much of my time with the DNA200 Bootlegger so they don't get to sell it, sorry for your misfortune. A dual 26650 Bootlegger has been mentioned to my partner, we're just in the middle of some down time. I've just taken on a new job for a manufacturing company and being single doing over time has limited my ability to develop more prints.
Podunk_Steam @ iam2twisted4u Okay it's ready to go. I hope to have a build video posted soon.
Podunk_Steam Prototype 2 is only a few days from me now and it will be listed for less than $80 hopefully a lot closer to $70 as it looks now anyway.
Podunk_Steam commented on SX350J Panel Print by Podunk_Steam
November 26, 2015
SX350J Panel Print
Podunk_Steam Replying by way of Email here in a few minutes.
Podunk_Steam I can understand, money doesn't come to me easily. We're going through some computer battles lately but will make adjustments as soon as we get our computers up to speed again. These graphics programs can be pretty resource heavy and keep crashing my I3 4000 graphics card computer. My partner has a better computer in-route to him so it shouldn't be too much longer before changes will be made. Thank you for the information!
Podunk_Steam You are the first response we have had after selling maybe a dozen of these panels. Okay mounting hole are too wide. Mounting structures needs more height. 6th version attempt, I'm sorry I don't understand? We're able to change these. I personally haven't used this print although a reviewer has and hasn't mentioned the issues you have. Your feed back is valued!
Podunk_Steam commented on DNA200 Bootlegger by Podunk_Steam
October 9, 2015
DNA200 Bootlegger
Podunk_Steam We've listed this on another print company's site.
Podunk_Steam commented on SX350J dual 18650 Squonker by Podunk_Steam
September 4, 2015
SX350J dual 18650 Squonker
Podunk_Steam My partner Jasen just mentioned yesterday the manufacturer of his computer told him he should have his computer in 2 or 3 days. Jasen knows these changes are needed and they would have been made already but I keep crashing Blender. Jasen is pretty busy with his job although the man is a machine so hopefully within two weeks but please do not quote me.
Podunk_Steam No, I haven't built one of these yet and from what I've been told recently we have some adjustments to make to the circuit board panel. Stay Tuned!
Podunk_Steam I can build you one if you're not in a hurry. I've got some customers in line now for various manufactured mod repairs and builds. One is waiting for the Bootlegger to be finalized and another build is a one off custom that will take a little more time than a simple 3D print mod but sure I can build you one given a little time.
Istick20 Varitube 14mm Thread Repair Print
Podunk_Steam These are no longer in Beta, they have been tested and they're ready to go.
Istick20 FDVs 15.5mm Thread Repair Print
Podunk_Steam We're no longer in Beta with these. :)
Podunk_Steam Jasens shipped to him yesterday so I should know within the week I'd hope.
Podunk_Steam I didn't see these comments earlier, my partner Jasen has ordered as well as a few others so I let you know as soon as theirs are tested. The original screws should work for these repair caps.


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