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Pete5 commented on L175-A02F by pedro69
December 27, 2016
Pete5 Thanks, Pedro, for designing it for me. I'm buying it today! Pete
Pete5 commented on L125-A02C spike by pedro69
December 20, 2016
L125-A02C spike
Pete5 Pedro designed this at my request. Now I just have to save up to add it to my collection.
Pete5 favorited L125-A02C spike by pedro69
December 20, 2016
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December 17, 2016
Pete5 favorited L107-A01L by pedro69
July 26, 2016
Pete5 commented on L107-A01L by pedro69
July 15, 2016
Pete5 Pedro is very cool. He designed this one for my specifications, and I love it. I've worn it 5 days/nights without complications, and it is very secure! It's strong and very lightweight, as well. I wasn't sure about getting the spikes built into the head of the tube, but I went ahead with 2mm spikes. They're long enough to let you know they're there when aroused, but not so long that they'll cause too much discomfort. I wanted to make sure I could get something that could be worn on a long term basis, and this is it! Pedro's designs are very cool because they allow you to custom-make your own tube, to your own physical specifications, without spending a ton of money. You can try two or three different varieties and still pay less than when buying other 'custom' devices.
Pete5 commented on Q4-T170-12 by pedro69
July 15, 2016
Pete5 I should have also mentioned that this Ring and the Q4 tube make a very slim, brief looking, but effective combination. That's one reason why Pedro uses the smaller lock, so he can make the base ring and connector smaller and thinner.
Pete5 I purchased this in conjunction with a beautiful custom-built tube, also designed by Pedro69. I also have 3 different X3 espresso tubes. They are all great. Please check for my comments on the Q4 tube elsewhere. Please note: If you use an X3 with the 'trailer hitch lock", you should note that this also uses a similar lock, but the X3 uses a lock with a 7mm width while this is smaller -- 6mm. Your other lock won't work. So if you buy in the Q4 arena, make sure to order a 6mm lock immediately so that you can use your Q4 when it arrives, rather than wait to order a lock then.
KHD X3 espresso 120mm [4 3/4"] *** tube only ***
Pete5 This is the X3 version I have settled on, after trying the 135 and the 105ExtraWide. Not too long and though a little wider than the 135, it's not so wide that it presses everything against the ring too badly. For the X3 this is my match. But I have been intrigued by the Q4 and just got delivery on my custom-built tube and ring. As soon as I get unlocked, from my X3 espresso 120, I'm going to try out my new version Q4.-- hopefully tonight.
KHD X3 espresso 135mm [5 1/4"] *** tube only ***
Pete5 This was the first tube I bought. It seems the right size, from my measurements -- although somewhat slim -- but it really protrudes so I decided to try a 125 and a 105Extra Wide. I like the 105 because it's much shorter, but with its extra width, it makes everything too tight on the base ring. This one is comfortable enough but I have settled on the 125 for all-around practicality. It's shorter and a little wider than this, and I'm pretty pleased with it. Obviously, the wider the tube the more difficult to pull completely out.
KHD X3 espresso 105mm [4 1/8"] *XLARGE* tube only
Pete5 I purchased this. My 'normal size is between 125-135 but that's pretty long. I was intrigued by trying this shorter but very wider tube, thinking that with the wider diameter, I could shorten the length and still fit everything in. It works, but I get a lot of irritation around the sac because the wider tube keeps things very tight around the base ring. One thing is for sure: It makes escape almost impossible! I think I'll try this tube again, but with a slightly larger base ring if I can get Pedro69 to build one for me. I definitely like the wider / shorter concept!
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June 21, 2016


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