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Former graphic designer and co-creator of Monopoly British Army intended to raise funds for army charity (

PCofTQY commented on F1 2009-2013 x12 Sprued by aegidian
November 28, 2016
F1 2009-2013 x12 Sprued
PCofTQY Post Script to my last message: I didn't wait until Cyber Monday to order as I wasn't sure how long they would take to arrive (if they were coming from the U.S., would they arrive in time for Christmas). As it happened, the process from order to delivery only took 10 days (from the Netherlands) so I could have waited and saved nearly £12. Very disappointing in the end but no-one was to know. Regards, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY Monday 28th November 2016: Received my delivery of two sets however when I opened the 19cm x 13cm x 10cm and found it filled to the brim with bubble wrap, I was left open jawed at the tiny size of the miniatures that sat inside a small clear plastic packet. Now don't misunderstand me, the artwork of the design is top class and perhaps I should have checked to see what the dimensions (set of 12 = 5.35cm by 3.258cm by 0.56cm) looked like but in my honest opinion they would be best recreated had each car been 2.0cm or 2.5cm long and not the 1.5cm that they are. I am in awe of those who manage to paint them so well. To crown it off, had I waited 10 days (until Cyber Monday, whereupon there was also a Small Business promotion for one day only with free delivery on all orders) then instead of the £20, my order would've only cost £8.70. I want to make it clear the design work is top-class I just feel they could do with being a bit larger. Thanks for everything, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY Post Script to my last message: I refered to artist acrylics being okay to use on miniatures but then added, "However metal and plastics don't allow Artist Acrylics to dry and if they are in a moist environment they absorb the moisture." But what I meant to say was artist acrylic paints if applied to metals and plastics does not fully dry, and regularly handled models will have their surface scratched if a sealant is not used. All sounds like extra expense to me but experienced modellers know far more than I do LOL. Cheers, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY Hi Giles, Just the weekend away from my delivery of two sets of your F1 2009-13 in White Acrylic. I'm getting more and more apprehensive at the thought of painting them. I wish I could find someone local to do a good job for me but that's bound to bump the price up. In saying that buying ten pots of enamel paints and a tin of Primer spray isn't going to be cheap. As for the idea I had of using Artist Acrylics, I've had a bit of a read up about them and they are fine to use on materials that breathe. However metal and plastics don't allow Artist Acrylics to dry and if they are in a moist environment they absorb the moisture. Also if the models are regularly handled (and these will be) then you need a coat of seal. I'm more educated now yet more confused on how I'm going to tackle the job and yet try to keep the cost down (particularly as we're so close to Christmas - you know how it is). Anyway, thanks for the tips. Hope to chat again soon, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY @aegidian Hi Giles, Many thanks for the advice. When I say I am a novice at serious model painting I'm not kidding. The only paints I have at present are artist acrylics in tubes. Will they do or do I need to buy different paints? Thanks again for the help, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY @stevan_correa I recently ordered 2 sets of the F1 cars and they're currently (21/11/2016) in production. Then I read something about painting miniatures is not so straight forward (both for plastic and the metal ones). I discovered that models should be primed so I worked my way back here again today thinking I would ask the question "Do I need to prime? - then I found your post. I'm new to serious model painting. As a child I painted build yourself kits, not knowing the first thing about priming, yet I never had a problem. I'd like to echo Steven's question - are they ready to paint or will we need to prime them first? Cheers, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY As soon as I changed my location to the United Kingdom, the SHIP4FREE offer was withdrawn and the price rose by 20% (added VAT). Means I'll have to wait a little while longer (money grabbing politicians in London to blame).
PCofTQY Are the measurements provided for the 12 or per car? I need cars for Grand Prix by GMT Games but I'm unsure which designs you have had printed are the best for the job, these, the 20mm F1 moulds or others I might have overlooked? Regards, Martin PCofTQY
PCofTQY @aegidian Hi, although the best trade will probably come from U.S. buyers, it's a real pity, for UK trade and reputation that you couldn't distribute from the UK as well (no direspect to the U.S. or Europe, but it would have certainly saved on postal costs and delivery time for us Brits). I think your designs and final products could be really popular when sold to boost popular games such as GMT's Thunder Alley and Grand Prix (released only a few weeks ago but promises to be every bit as good as Thunder Alley). Good luck with the sales and if you should decide to post from the UK then please drop me a line here. All the best, Martin PCofTQY
PCofTQY Absolutely fantastic miniature! Just wish the designer/supplier was this side of the Atlantic (in the UK).
PCofTQY commented on F1 2009-2013 20mm scale by aegidian
November 4, 2016
F1 2009-2013 20mm scale
PCofTQY @aegidian Hi Giles, Apologies for asking so many qurstions but 3D printing is very new to me (although I have heard of prosthetic limbs being made through this process in recent times). You frankly deserve more credit for your design work and I hope Shapeways appreciate all that you do. I will contact them as to their shipping proceedures and costs. I wasn't sure until now if you could answer my questions (for which I have many). Very best regards, Martin (PCofTQY)
PCofTQY Hi, Can you please clarify, does the Holiday Gift Guide (see advert bar at the top of the photo attachment) mean free shipping to the U.K. until Novsmber 20th, and if so are these F1 gaming tokens included in the offer? If they are I am keen to know as soon as possible so I can make an order. Regards, Martin PCofTQY
PCofTQY Hi, I may be acting thick or missing the obvious but why are the white/clear cars a little more expensive than the coloured ones? Regards, Martin (PCofTQY)
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November 1, 2016
Wish some of these board game part designers with 3D printers were in the UK.

I've seen a number of Formula One/Indy Car miniatures printed out on 3D printers on this site and I'd say nearly all of them are from the States.

I'm also envious that the best board games are so difficult and expensive to obtain on this side of the pond.

Makes me wish I was american (sometimes).



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