Obi Ep1 Light Saber Key chain.
OptimusPrime2 @Peace4ufromme That's good to hear. By any chance do you have a link to a product on Amazon that I could buy? I'm actually not sure where to buy clear coat. If it's the same stuff you put on top of paint then I'm thinking I can buy some at Home Depot. Thanks.
OptimusPrime2 Nice key chain. It was larger than I thought but I never actually took a ruler out to check how big it actually is before ordering it. It's probably too large to actually use for a keychain but I was planning on clipping it to my man bag or back pack anyways. The colours on it is really nice. I just wish it didn't have a coarse finish. I would have preferred a smooth finish (like on a Transformer or Hot Wheel toy) but I have no idea if that's even possible on a 3D printer. I would definitely buy more as gifts.
Combiner Wars Menasor Shoulder Pad Lock
OptimusPrime2 @SmintyD I bought the "Menasor Brace Cannons" and they are 100 times better. The shoulders don't fall apart and the shoulders don't rotate when you rotate Menasor's arms.
OptimusPrime2 I agree with another user. The fit isn't quite there. It's about to pop up. The pads do keep the shoulders from moving but they won't keep Motormaster's arm from bending down at the elbow joint when you move one of Menasor's arms. However, I did insert Ironhide's and Trailbreaker's axe's into Motormaster's hands. The head of the axe went into those flap things at the front of Menasor (little rectangular things to help with air flow when in truck mode).
OptimusPrime2 commented on Menasor Brace Cannons by midrealmdm
October 14, 2016
Menasor Brace Cannons
OptimusPrime2 This is just what I needed. Menasor's shoulders do not move at all when you rotate his arms. The shoulders don't even fall apart. This is 100 times better than the shoulder pads that are sold on here. I would buy another one of these if I had Optimus.
OptimusPrime2 commented on Combiner Port Extenders by SteamShield
September 29, 2016
Combiner Port Extenders
OptimusPrime2 These are great. I'm using them on Bruticus, Menasor, Superion, and Defensor. Without these, the arms cannot move around properly.


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