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Omniwheel commented on 3DStick+ (3DS Circle Pad) by Omniwheel
February 6, 2020
3DStick+ (3DS Circle Pad)
Omniwheel @deldevi "Black Processed Plastic" is not a material offered by Shapeways afik. I have added the "Black Premium Plastic", hope that meets your needs.
Omniwheel @T3RR4 In terms of durability and strength, these sticks will hold up much better than the OEM part. In terms of feel, that's very subjective. I don't think that there is a real substitute for the rubber grip on the original part. That being said the metal version feels really good, and the processed plastic version is a close second. The natural version is the same as the processed version, but a little rougher. I generally don't recommend the natural version, unless you want the black version, or the price difference is a concern. I don't have plans to make any other 3DS parts. Printing parts like the back plate on commercial printers is still cost prohibitive, and I don't think customers want to pay $30ish on replacement part like that.
Omniwheel @T3RR4 The 3DStick+ is printed on an SLS printer that uses a laser to fuse fine nylon powder together to create a solid object. The texture of the natural version is a little rough, but the texture of the processed versions are a bit smoother. The plastic is very durable, and will hold up better than the joystick that came with your 3DS. You don't need the gaskets, but it is recommended that you use them because they help reduce friction and improve the movement of the joystick.
Omniwheel @fras3r_mc not sure which 2DS XL you are talking about, but it's unlikely the colors will be an exact match. These parts are dyed in batches, each batch may have a slightly different color.
Omniwheel @timothyjbiebs Unfortunately the only colors I can offer, are the colors provided by Shapeways. Here are their current offerings, which don't include a grey option:
Omniwheel @fbfe06f Shapeways sets the shipping rates, you can try contacting them directly:
Omniwheel @omegasoul6 Here is an image of the black version next to the other colors for comparison.
Omniwheel @fb932d3 Unfortunately this product is too difficult to print using conventional FDM printers. The model contains a harsh 90% overhang, and an adapter that has tolerances that can't be met by home or desktop printers.
Omniwheel @sca2511 I would recommend the following, blow away and wipe any dust off the electronic joystick mounted in the 3DS. Make sure that you have two washers one under the Circle Pad, and one wrapped around the middle of the Circle Pad. (One of the washers will have slit in it so you can wrap it around the circle pad) If you still have issues you can place a piece of tape or sticker on the surface of your 3DS under the Circle Pad. A hole reinforcement label would work great, they are those little stickers you put on hole punched paper to help them last longer.
Omniwheel @pppppft Apologies for your bad experience. There may be minimal dust on some models. The dust should not interfere with the operation of the circle pad. You can brush or blow away the dust. If that doesn't work you can use use compressed air to blow away the dust. As far as the washers go, there should be one bellow the circle pad and one on the circle pad wrapped around the stick. The most important thing is make sure the circle pad is actually sitting/aligned on the joystick correctly. I have used this for several months and had no problems.
Omniwheel commented on 3DStick+ Metal (3DS Circle Pad) by Omniwheel
September 28, 2017
3DStick+ Metal (3DS Circle Pad)
Omniwheel @Audio33 A little amount of spin in the clockwise and counterclockwise direction is expected, this is largely due to the joystick sensor underneath. Slop in any other direction is not expected. If you experience it tilt side to side or excessive spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, I recommend checking that the 3DStick+ is properly seated on the joystick sensor. I also recommend checking the hole/notch on the bottom of the 3DStick+ for debris, dust, lint etc. If you are still unsatisfied please submit a exchange or return on Amazon.
Omniwheel @romevi I recommend the polished finish, it feels much better than the matte finish.
Omniwheel @NDragon1412 This part is just the circle pad, and does not include sensor/electronic component that sits under the circle pad. It's hard to say for certain what exactly is broken in your 3DS without taking it apart, and examining the circle pad and sensor. Based on your description it is very likely that the sensor is broken and buying this part will not fix your problem. You can get a replacement sensor on ebay, amazon, ifixit etc. Here is a link to the sensor of ifixit:
Omniwheel @ikbenlean Hopefully within a week.
Omniwheel @ikbenlean There is a cover in development, unfortunately due to limitations in the metal printing process it will only be available in plastic.
Omniwheel @Godon This product only comes with the circle pad, and not the electronic sensor/joystick that is connected to your 3DS. You can use your old sensor, it should work with this replacement.
Omniwheel @rickhazard1 The picture of the circle pad you posted doesn't look up to par. If you are unsatisfied consider contacting shapeways support, they may be willing to send a replacement. I have ordered many circle pads and never had one with defects like that.
Omniwheel It is the same size as the original. To prevent impressions on the top make sure that your top has rubber feet, and they are not worn out. Also avoid putting excess weight or pressure on your 3DS when it's closed. The gap is created by rubber feet, and the rubber can compress from excess pressure causing dirt transfer and impressions on the top.
Omniwheel @merijnmom The 3DStick+ doesn't directly touch the 3DS, so there is little risk of scratching. The circle pad sits on a washer and also has one wrapped it so it doesn't scrape against the 3DS. When the 3DS is closed there should be a small gap about the thickness of paper between the top of the 3DStick+ and the 3DS.
Omniwheel @heirofblood124 Try using a #00 some people have reported it being a better fit.
Omniwheel commented on 3DStick Custom (3DS Circle Pad) by Omniwheel
September 20, 2017
3DStick Custom (3DS Circle Pad)
Omniwheel @Vootu Try it on a computer, or tablet. Customization is not working on phones at the moment.
Omniwheel @romevi Yes this is compatible with the New 3DSXL, and provides enough room for the case to close properly.
Omniwheel @fb88c89 The product is now available for purchase.
Omniwheel @fb88c89 I can't say when exactly the product will be available. I am hoping that it will be resolved within a week, but it could take as long as a month to resolve. I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you are in need of a Circle Pad soon, I recommend looking at the 3DStick+: As for one that resembles chrome black, the closest is probably polished grey. Polished grey is not as dark as chrome black, and doesn't have a mirror finish, but it's still probably closest.
Omniwheel @LordLenny The matte and polished gold options work well for Majora's Mask. Attached is polished gold on the right and matte gold on the left. Stainless steel option also works, the image in the product listing is stainless steel.
Omniwheel @benwalburn Sorry for the cancelation, due to a change/error in Shapeways system some or all custom orders are being canceled for this item. I am working with Shapeways to resolve this issue. You have a few options. You can try reordering (not sure if it will succeed or not). You can consider ordering 3DStick+ (links at the bottom). You can wait for this issue to be resolved (I can't provide eta, but I am hoping it will be only a few days). Either way I will post here when the issue is resolved.
Omniwheel @Jimbambino It's disappointing to see that you received faulty product. Regarding the unevenness of the bottom, if there is a bump or visible deformation I would contact shapeways support and request for a replacement. There is no guarantee, but they may able to provide some assistance (refund or replacement). Regarding your custom design, there should be no roughness around your design as long as the image you submitted is 100% white (or transparent) around the your design. If there is any color other than pure white or transparent in any of the pixels surrounding your design it can cause roughness. I recommend saving the image as black and white (not grayscale), and also use png or other non compressed format to prevent compression artifacting.
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