Miguel Villarreal


1:350 Scale Nimitz Class Hangar Bay 3
mvillarreal455 Great job Greg ,those hangar sets for the Nimitz Class are brilliant!!!!. Now I'm jealous , wish something similar for the Enterprise and the KittyHawk, anyway ,congratulations Greg!!! a superb addition in your already amazing catalogue
1/700 or 1/350 Soviet Nanuchka Missile Corvette
mvillarreal455 I got the 1/350 Nanuchka in strong and flexible material,I am very happy even in this material is excellent for a nice model...thank you Decapod Model ,this is a great item, and wish to ask if possible a Nanuchka III
1/600 HMS Ajax Funnel/Searchlight Platform Upgrade
mvillarreal455 BTW also I have plenty of collected ebooks I can share with You for reference,plenty of them those russian weird books ,but with a lot of useful information,just tell me which vessel are You looking for and I wll try to find it
mvillarreal455 : ) You are the man... Then the Med version 1942 will be the way to go ,so glad that You corrected my mistakes before even starting,that is soo cool ,thank you Simon!!!! and thank You I can use the Morskie
mvillarreal455 Something like this amazing build http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/cl/hms/Ajax-350-dh/ I think is 1941
mvillarreal455 Taking a closer look to the kit ,I think that the main bridge is the only thing I can replace within my skill limits,going further with the aft superstructure and the lower bridge is too much workload ,I think I'll pass,but with the funnel and the main bridge ,the kit will improve a lot
mvillarreal455 I just found a good review of the ISW Ajax in steelnavy.net,maybe can be helpful http://www.steelnavy.com/ISWAjaxCL.htm
mvillarreal455 Perfect!!!! No worries my dear Simon ,can remove the full bridge easily,working with resin IMHO is easier than plastic, as told You the kit is in transit,then ,how about upon receiving it,can sen You some close up pics and we can see the viability of doing those superstructure parts for it,maybe You can think some to replace certain parts,cause as I mentioned earlier ISW kits are just plain and boring,and the worst thing quite pricey. Then Simon ,I will be in contact. have a great day Miguel
mvillarreal455 Now I saw You have plenty of excellent pieces for the Ajax, the bridge is amazing as well as the torpedo workshop,the aft superstructure and the lower bridge superstructure,I don't know how many of those can be used in the pre refit 1941 Ajax ,but honestly all the ISW kits I have are very mediocre,some even worst, Simon for sure You are a Plastic Surgeon of the modelling world.Cheers
mvillarreal455 Hi Simon, you are such a good chap : ). I will be happy with the parts for the ISW Ajax, and as You mention, the kit is from a pre refit 1941, I already ordered some parts ,mk XXI turrets,main director,torpedo tubes, but the kit is still on transit and I have time to wait until You release new ones. Thanks Simon ,I'll count on You Bets regards Miguel
mvillarreal455 My dear Simon...yes , it's me,your worst nightmare. :) Can be possible to upscale this one to 1/350 PLEASE!!! just bought the HMS Ajax from ISW and it needs a lot of help to finish her properly and the HMS Ajax is for sure a handsome boat. thank You and sorry for being so annoying Best regards Miguel
1/350 RN WW1 13.5" MKV Guns x4 HMS Queen Mary
mvillarreal455 Thank You very much Simon ,I love your designs ,they are really awesome !!!
mvillarreal455 Any chance Simon ,to make the Tiger turrets for the Kombrig model please!!!???
mvillarreal455 commented on 1:350 QF 120 mm by sapguy
December 29, 2016
1:350 QF 120 mm
mvillarreal455 This turrets are really awesome , the best solution for Trumpeter and White Ensign Models ships
mvillarreal455 Simply the best and perfect solution for all the Trumpeter Tribals in 1/350(HMS Eskimo,HMS Zulu and HMCS Huron) ,also a great addition to White Ensign Models 1/350 HMS Janus and HMS Kelly, this turrets are the best...thanks Digital Sprue, I'm your fan
1/350 RN 15 Inch MKI* Guns HMS Queen Elizabeth
mvillarreal455 wish this turrets as the HMS Warspite ,can be offered without barrels,to save some $$, please
1/350 RN 15 Inch MKI* Guns A, B, X & Y Turrets
mvillarreal455 This are beautiful ...good job!!!
1:350 CVN-65 USS Enterprise Beehive (Closed Window
mvillarreal455 This piece is unbelievable, amazingly well built ,now I can back date my Big E. Thank You very much sapguy!!!
mvillarreal455 favorited 1/350 Hornet Drop Tanks (FUD) by Echoco
February 16, 2016


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