Jack Smith


(MMch) Eclipse Super Star Destroyer
Mr_Deco Looks awesome Mel as always
Mr_Deco commented on (Armada) The Others by Mel_Miniatures
1 day ago
(Armada) The Others
Mr_Deco Brining in the nostalgia, Star Bug!!!
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16 days ago
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17 days ago
(Armada) Providence Destroyer "Invisible Hand"
Mr_Deco @joshdonaldson2 For me it was around 2 weeks from the US to Australia. Times may be different depending on where you are in the world and what time of year it is, I ordered my Lucrehulk around Christmas and it went to 5 different countries before arriving. There is a tracking link if you're interested.
Mr_Deco Great ship in UFD and addition to my Separatist Fleet. Gonna get some Munifcent frigates and a Recusant destroyer.
Mr_Deco commented on (Armada) Recusant Destroyer by Mel_Miniatures
17 days ago
(Armada) Recusant Destroyer
Mr_Deco My one's engines came snapped off, dunno at what point it happed but I fixed it with some polycement. Just a heads up, it's as 'snappy' as it looks
(Armada) C-9979 Trade Federation Landing Craft
Mr_Deco @nano_tyrantI would assume they are aroumd the same size as Gozantis
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17 days ago
(Armada) Lucrehulk Core Ship (Landed)
Mr_Deco When in Black Hi-Def Acrylate it kinda looks like the Omnidroid from the Incredibles
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17 days ago
Mr_Deco commented on (Armada) Venator Star Destroyer by Mel_Miniatures
February 6, 2017
(Armada) Venator Star Destroyer
Mr_Deco My little brother is building his own republic fleet and loves these ships.
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February 6, 2017
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February 2, 2017
Mr_Deco favorited Munificent Frigate (1/7000) by Mel_Miniatures
January 15, 2017
(Armada) Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship
Mr_Deco Love the attention to detail, despite there only being one material available. Also a reasonable scale for a ship of it's size. I enjoyed very moment painting this ship


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