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moocowmunk_dt commented on Bronze Dragon by mz4250
March 10, 2017
Bronze Dragon
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 cool. I think I'm taking a break from printing the dragons to print some demons for my game at the moment since I think they might show up pretty soon. Even when I do get back to dragons I think it will be the red dragon next.
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 Awesome, I did already put this one together. I printed the Gold Dragon and had the same problem with the right wing there, but I had to take off quite a bit more material there to get it to fit. I suspect it might be a problem similar to the one with the arm and leg sockets on the Tarrasque. I suspect the other dragons might have a similar situation.
moocowmunk_dt The right wing socket on this model prints with slanted sides and bottom that make the right wing not fit. The left side works fine after some minor sanding, but the right side definitely has issues that are on the body side of the connection.
moocowmunk_dt commented on Brass Dragon by mz4250
February 23, 2017
Brass Dragon
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 It still looks awesome, and once I get my 3d printing pen I think I am going to try and do some touch ups just to smooth the joints where there is a little put of a gap from putting it together, but in the mean time it is still an awesome dragon. Thanks for the model. I think I might try the gold dragon next.
moocowmunk_dt I just finished printing this. The sockets for the wings do not fit very tightly and I had to do a little modification with my pocket knife to get them to fit. They still do not make a tight seal with the body, but they lined up enough for me to glue them on.
moocowmunk_dt commented on Half Orc Cleric or Paladin by mz4250
February 22, 2017
Half Orc Cleric or Paladin
moocowmunk_dt @JessieK I have a Monoprice 13860 Maker Select that I really like. It has a really large build area for the price (around 300 USD). It takes very little setup and runs nicely.
moocowmunk_dt commented on Planetar by mz4250
January 18, 2017
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 Awesome, thanks.
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 Do you have plans to make either of the other Angel models from the Monster Manual, or just leave it at this one?
moocowmunk_dt commented on Black Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
January 18, 2017
Black Dragon (Updated)
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 Thanks, once I finish printing my Tarrasque I will give it a try.
moocowmunk_dt What size dragon would this be? Ancient or Adult? And do you know what scale to print it at if I wanted to make a young dragon?
moocowmunk_dt commented on Dragonborn Sorceror by mz4250
January 18, 2017
Dragonborn Sorceror
moocowmunk_dt Dang! That is awesome. I might have to print this out for my game. Do you think you could design one with Black Dragon horns?
moocowmunk_dt commented on Red Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
January 18, 2017
Red Dragon (Updated)
moocowmunk_dt @Lazerlord That is awesome. If you don't mind me asking, what orientation did you put the wings in to print them?
moocowmunk_dt commented on Armored Bear by lavenant90
December 12, 2016
moocowmunk_dt commented on Pegasus by mz4250
December 12, 2016
moocowmunk_dt @mz4250 Thanks. I will try that out tonight.
moocowmunk_dt I have been having trouble separating this model into multiple files. Maybe it is just me being a noob, but in all of the programs that I have tried using, all the pieces get selected and move together as one. Any advise you could give me on separating the pieces so I can print one of these?


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