Matthew Longstaff


1/160 1979-86 Ford F Series Regular Cab Kit
MJ_Longstaff Jens, can this be converted to 1/148 British N for my layout's car show? Danke
MJ_Longstaff commented on Vauxhall/Opel Insignia by c_macginnis_122
July 16, 2017
Vauxhall/Opel Insignia
MJ_Longstaff Promising auto. What else is in the works?
Bass Neilson Reid 0-4-0ST - N Gauge Version
MJ_Longstaff What chassis is this designed for?
MJ_Longstaff commented on SET 2x HP 350.01 (N 1:160) by railNscale
August 24, 2016
SET 2x HP 350.01 (N 1:160)
MJ_Longstaff Can these trailers be upscaled to British N, Please. I know it's not british, but it could easily pass as a generic small trailer.
MJ_Longstaff commented on Ford D800 1:148 UK N scale by Benny_Soehave
April 12, 2016
Ford D800 1:148 UK N scale
MJ_Longstaff Sorry about this very late reply. I was really thinking about a vehicle transport variant, similar to vehicle pictured at the top of the English Wikipedia page for the Ford D-Series. Still, go ahead with your planned variants. It is just that there is no way I can fit all the vehicles I want on one layout! By the way, your Renault 4 cars would also be suitable for British use, if released in 1/148. Matthew
MJ_Longstaff @Benny_Soehave Are you planning a car transport/recovery variant. There aren't that many of those on the market.
MJ_Longstaff Good model, I might buy it. Are you planning anything more in this scale?
N-Scale Roach Coach (Revised)
MJ_Longstaff Can you make this in 1:148 (British N scale)? I would like to use it to recreate a very similar vehicle seen in a recent British TV Drama.
MJ_Longstaff commented on 1/144 Marco's Car-sa by kymatti
March 14, 2016
1/144 Marco's Car-sa
MJ_Longstaff Marco's Car-sa? Why the unusual name?
MJ_Longstaff commented on Cessna 172 - Nscale by stonysmith
March 9, 2016
Cessna 172 - Nscale
MJ_Longstaff @stonysmith Thankyou. I was thinking about the 310 (in 1/160 and 1/144) and the 172 itself (in 1/160 and 1/120). In each case, the larger model is cheaper, although the z scale versions are cheaper.
MJ_Longstaff Can this be made available in 1/148 (British N scale). There are very few aircraft models in that scale. Also, why is it that your larger scale products are often cheaper than the same items in smaller scales? I thought 3-D printing meant that the price was determined mainly by the amount of material.
MJ_Longstaff commented on Reliant Robin (N, 1:160) by Steffen1975
February 25, 2016
Reliant Robin (N, 1:160)
MJ_Longstaff Good model. Can it be made available in 1:148 (British N Scale)?
MJ_Longstaff commented on 1/148 2X Mercedes Sprinter/GB by rapidpro
November 26, 2015
1/148 2X Mercedes Sprinter/GB
MJ_Longstaff As with the Transit Connect, can this van's side door be moved to the left , to represent right hand drive? (1/148 is peculiar to British outline N scale)
MJ_Longstaff Impressively quick work! One error, though, just in the name; in Europe, the Sprinter was never a Dodge. It is a Mercedes.
MJ_Longstaff commented on 1/148 2X 2002-08 Ford Transit Connect by rapidpro
November 25, 2015
1/148 2X 2002-08 Ford Transit Connect
MJ_Longstaff Rapidpro, on this and the Mercedes Sprinter in 1/148 (British N scale), can the side door detail be moved to left side, to represent a right hand drive vehicle? Matthew
MJ_Longstaff commented on NAM01 1:148 Austin Maestro by paulburkittgray
November 24, 2015
NAM01 1:148 Austin Maestro
MJ_Longstaff Great model, Paul, most detail I have seen in this scale. Still, it looks lonely. Are you planning any more vehicles? Also, can you send a spare sprue? Mine has lost its headlights.


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