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John Flemming


midrealmdm added a product to a list
May 22, 2018
midrealmdm added a product to a list
May 15, 2018
midrealmdm added products to a list
May 5, 2018
midrealmdm added a product to a list
October 4, 2017
Hubcap Head for Titans Returns Bumblebee
midrealmdm Thinking about getting this. What is the best method to paint? What types of paints?
midrealmdm added products to a list
September 10, 2017
midrealmdm commented on Superion Backpack Connectors by midrealmdm
May 1, 2017
Superion Backpack Connectors
midrealmdm @Seeaich The images were uploaded on the items store page, but for some reason weren't visible to the public. I have re-uploaded the images, hope that helps Instructions on configuring Alpha Bravo- https://images4.sw-cdn.net/product/picture/710x528_18625984_8207458_1493424624.jpg https://images1.sw-cdn.net/product/picture/710x528_18625985_8207458_1493424624.jpg https://images1.sw-cdn.net/product/picture/710x528_18625986_8207458_1493424624.jpg https://images1.sw-cdn.net/product/picture/710x528_18625904_8207458_1493424624.jpg
midrealmdm commented on Menasor Brace Cannons by midrealmdm
January 25, 2017
Menasor Brace Cannons
midrealmdm @DeliriousFire I'm glad to hear it - ^_^ It would have been nice to keep the wind vanes on, but I can certainly see how they would interfere with a good fit. I am very happy that the product worked well for you. Thank you for letting me know how it turned out.
midrealmdm @DeliriousFire Ok - well I certainly value any feedback you can provide, I can try to redesign if needed. I considered getting the PC-04 kit, but I like using the Off-Road figure as a backpack for Menasor, which gives a similar look to the old school G! figure - you can see in the pictures (but does make the combined mode extremely back heavy and prone to tip over) - another fix that might work for you involves using two axes from the Off-Road figure (or similar figures) http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/attachments/img_9233-jpg.27584492/
midrealmdm @DeliriousFire The problem is I would be guessing at the clearance needed for the parts. Without having a PC-04 kit in hand to make some measurements. How much clearance is there beneath the shoulder pieces? and how far back are they set from the smokestacks/exhaust pipes? I could certainly try based on guesswork, but the question is would you be willing to try it out when I was done? As far as filing it down to get clearance, certainly. But I cant say how that would affect strength. And depending on how much you had to remove, it might affect the ability of the cannons to combine into one weapon.
midrealmdm @DeliriousFire I haven't tried it in combination, but I would say probably not. Looking at images of the PE kit, I think the two components would be in each others' way.
midrealmdm Yes, absolutely. They actually work better with prime because that figure does not have the deflectors on top of the cab.
midrealmdm added a product to a list
February 17, 2016
midrealmdm added products to a list
February 15, 2016
midrealmdm added a product to a list
February 15, 2016
midrealmdm added a product to a list
February 9, 2016
Combiner Wars Rodimus Axe Wing Peg Upgrade
midrealmdm How does it store in vehicle mode? What about when using Rodimus as a chest piece for CW Prime?
Combiner Wars Menasor Shoulder Pad Lock
midrealmdm Same Question as FrenzyXprime - Where do these parts store when in vehicle mode?
midrealmdm added products to a list
February 5, 2016


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