meliug_ocan commented on Articulated Mata Arm 2 by meliug_ocan
August 21, 2019
Articulated Mata Arm 2
meliug_ocan @Ironclaw3000 you are totally right. I made an update that drastically reduced the price, but I'm afraid you'll have to cut connection wires
meliug_ocan @Ironclaw3000 Sorry these color don't exist here. You can try the professional grey but it's expensive...
meliug_ocan commented on Articulated Mata Arm 1 by meliug_ocan
August 6, 2019
Articulated Mata Arm 1
meliug_ocan @Ironclaw3000 Price indeed went up some time ago and I did'nt noticed this item became so expensive. It was mostly because of the fact shapeways prints are more expensive when you print more than one parts that are not linked to each other. It is cheaper now but you'll have to manually cut the join clean before assembling
meliug_ocan commented on Great Mangai Kanohi Kakama by meliug_ocan
March 3, 2019
Great Mangai Kanohi Kakama
meliug_ocan @Shakar In fact, I took a look at almost every version of the mask's variations, so you're right, that was intentional. Center front is obviously inspired from the original one, center groove and additional side vents comes from the G2 version, and of course side vents are inspired from the Phantoka/noble version like you noticed
meliug_ocan favorited Kanohi Olisi (Titan Scale) by meliug_ocan
January 22, 2019
meliug_ocan commented on Fire Resistance Staff by meliug_ocan
December 20, 2018
Turaga Nokama Miniature (for tabletop/display)
meliug_ocan @Ironclaw3000 You're right, there's a lack of description : this figure is a miniature about the character, designed for boardgames or display, so it's tiny. The point making this figure was to recreate the entire Ga-Koro village on a reduced scale
Custom Mahri Visor (for Noble Kanohi Faxon)
meliug_ocan @Avak1827 This is just a suggestion, but I didn't buyed it in this material so I can't know for sure
meliug_ocan commented on Towball Socket with Pin x12 by meliug_ocan
November 26, 2018
Towball Socket with Pin x12
meliug_ocan @Avak1827 Thank you for you feedback. I'm a bit surprised because I buyed one too and is worked perfectly, just friction enough like actual lego piece. My guess is, because you're not the first one to tell, that shapeways smoothing process is more random than lego use to do. Some people think about the same piece axle are perfect, or too loose, or too thight. I don't know if there's a solution about this. Only thing I can recommand in your case is to not force the piece, or else it could broke. Maybe you can carve it just a little with a sharp tool to make it more suitable for you MOC ?
meliug_ocan commented on Chain by meliug_ocan
October 19, 2018
meliug_ocan @D0ggyDj Thanks a lot for the chains review ! Couldn't hope a better information about this item, couldn't manage to print it myself. About the loose connection on the fourth chain, it is known that shapeways polishing process is sometimes a bit rough and vary from a piece to another (according to many lego modellers on the site). Some got the perfect friction with axles and axle holes, others are too loose and some just can't fit ! It is advised to use blu-tack or slightly sand incriminated parts. Sorry for this convenience, I still hope, you'll get fun with your new pieces :)
meliug_ocan commented on Broken Kanohi Hau - Part 1 by meliug_ocan
October 11, 2018
Broken Kanohi Hau - Part 1
meliug_ocan @Dacca I'm glad you like it ! However... this model don't use any axle... only a 2001-style peg. Home-made prints worked good, maybe it is a polishing problem ?
meliug_ocan commented on Chain Lightning Staff by meliug_ocan
October 8, 2018
Chain Lightning Staff
meliug_ocan @benjamin_collins_1995 Well, in fact I began making the bigger lightning sword and I was pretty satisfied of the design, so I tried to make it the staff of my Chain Lightning Rahkshi. However, it was way too big so I reduced the size and kept both versions : one as staff, the other as sword.
meliug_ocan commented on MNOLG2 Charms by meliug_ocan
October 4, 2018
MNOLG2 Charms
meliug_ocan @D0ggyDj Shapeways is naturally expensive. Please believe me when I say I regret it too...
meliug_ocan @D0ggyDj The base model is indeed inspired by the 1x1 tile but is a bit larger to display symbols better. And yes they can fit on regular lego studs.
meliug_ocan commented on [commission] HauXa Hybrid by meliug_ocan
September 21, 2018
[commission] HauXa Hybrid
meliug_ocan @Dacca I'm pleased you like it ! In fact, this version of the Hau is an older version I never updated. In fact, this one of my first masks models. I just kept it like this and since made a new Hau mask, but since the HauXa hybrid seemed to work... didn't felt the urge to fix this.
meliug_ocan commented on The Mask Of Light And Shadows by meliug_ocan
September 17, 2018
The Mask Of Light And Shadows
meliug_ocan @stefanokuipers2001 The issue is perfectly fixed now that I replaced the axle with a 2001 style peg
meliug_ocan commented on Rahi Control Staff by meliug_ocan
September 14, 2018
Rahi Control Staff
meliug_ocan @Drew92 I always tought about this one like a Rahi Control because the fan was intended to be a tiny Rhotuka spinner. But if you want to see it as Cyclone Staff, please go for it !
meliug_ocan commented on Bionicle hand Concept by meliug_ocan
July 24, 2018
Bionicle hand Concept
meliug_ocan @mechking4511 That's weird, mine is perfect and I used the very same connector on every end... Maybe polishing process ?
meliug_ocan commented on Kanohi Ignika V2 by meliug_ocan
July 24, 2018
Kanohi Ignika V2
meliug_ocan @fb2582f I'm really pleased you like it !


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