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meat_bag commented on Mage by mz4250
April 11, 2018
meat_bag I modified this file a bit - chopped off her hands!! and replaced them with the hands from some of your other caster style models. I used the fIreball/spell hand and staff-gripping hand, and then used the staff from the "young dragonborn druid," I really like this model and we're using it for female druid PC. 0.05mm layers DLP resin primed with valspar gray in the pic attached, chopping up and re-attaching was done in windows 3D builder since I'm nowhere near as good as you with actual stl modeling. Here is a before-primer pic: https://imgur.com/r6gf6hC
meat_bag commented on Swashbuckler by mz4250
April 10, 2018
meat_bag @scottman108 I use Valspar "project perfect" gray. I use gray primer and/or gray material color on figures because the gray really makes the details pop and easier to see (whether painting it or not), and the primer helps cover sanding marks if not painting.
meat_bag Came out awesome thanks, scaled to 120% printed in resin DLP @ 0.05 layers and primed
meat_bag commented on Bronze Dragon by mz4250
March 22, 2018
Bronze Dragon
meat_bag The (left wing, not sure about right) left wing's scaling is a bit off - do you know what kind of scale % we would need to have the proper fit?
meat_bag commented on Rictavio by mz4250
March 22, 2018
meat_bag Thanks again, 0.1mm scaled the body to 110% and cane to 120%
meat_bag commented on Saber Tooth Tiger by mz4250
March 22, 2018
Saber Tooth Tiger
meat_bag thanks again, 0.15mm with minimal cleanup needed
meat_bag commented on Strahd Von Zarovich by mz4250
March 22, 2018
Strahd Von Zarovich
meat_bag 0.1mm, sword was a bit iffy. I think it would be near perfect if the sword was separable like your other print's weapons are. And again, the camera and white light really highlight the sanding/knife marks, but to the naked eye it looks great, thanks again.
meat_bag commented on Rahadin by mz4250
March 22, 2018
meat_bag Came out excellent at 0.1, almost no post processing needed. Printed the sword separately. Rahadin is a maniac
meat_bag commented on Gladiator by mz4250
March 22, 2018
meat_bag Cool print thanks again. Printed all pieces separately at 0.1 resolution, body upright at 110%, sword and shield at 120%. The helmet's face details came out a bit melty. Unfortunately the camera's resolution really highlights the negatives of sanding, but the sanding marks are barely noticeable to the naked eye.
meat_bag commented on Wight by mz4250
October 19, 2017
meat_bag @mz4250 oh wow I really overlooked that.. I thought I went down to 0 degrees, thanks again
meat_bag On Cura 15.04.06 supports under the sword aren't getting sliced in, but the raft under the sword is, any ideas what could cause it?
meat_bag favorited Scarecrow by mz4250 and Acolyte by mz4250
October 18, 2017
meat_bag commented on Pit Fiend by mz4250
May 15, 2017
Pit Fiend
meat_bag Thanks again! This guy prints very well: http://i.imgur.com/SwCcXGp.jpg?1 0.12 resolution, 15% fill, 30 degree line supports, 35 mm/s, 0.8 shell/wall, standing flat on his feet with a brim. Printed the wings completely flat on their backside. Edit* I unfortunately used Cura 15 to split the objects, and lost his skull necklace, I printed the skulls at 1.4 scale and might paint/glue them to the necklace
meat_bag commented on Flameskull by mz4250
May 14, 2017
meat_bag awesome design, I kind of like the old hair a little bit more :P - the strands on this one ended up a bit stringy (pic is after exacto-ing off bigger strings), but I think I should have printed more than one at a time to reduce the stringing? http://imgur.com/ZCuI3y4
meat_bag favorited Half Orc Great Weapon Fighter by mz4250
April 19, 2017
meat_bag commented on Giant Spider by mz4250
April 2, 2017
Giant Spider
meat_bag any recommendations for printing this? i'm trying as-is and the fangs, and legs are getting bumped off-level by the nozzle. I re-leveled the bed and tried again, same problem
meat_bag favorited Banshee by mz4250
April 1, 2017
meat_bag commented on Werebear by mz4250
March 31, 2017
meat_bag @mz4250 thanks, i might! here is a slightly better shot: http://i.imgur.com/0n1aldu.jpg?2
meat_bag Printed this guy out: http://i.imgur.com/ilK6a29.jpg and gave him love with details standing upright, separate from base, printed the axe head standing up balanced on its tips, axe haft printed flat thanks again for the designs!
meat_bag commented on Goblin - Melee by mz4250
March 31, 2017
Goblin - Melee
meat_bag deleted by mistake.. but yea here it is: full supports and separate from its base
meat_bag commented on Wyvern by mz4250
March 30, 2017
meat_bag @rwblaylock The right wing (our right) - I'd try standing them on the tip of the thumb nail all the way to the top right wing tip. If not, maybe stand the wing on the thumb nail and peg that fits the wing to the body
meat_bag commented on Goblin - Ranged by mz4250
March 26, 2017
Goblin - Ranged
meat_bag @fallenwon - I'm using Grid/Everywhere/12.5%. I think lines would be fine to use if that's the only issue you're running in to. The problem I'm running in to is that my supports are not supporting the entire bow, but only the middle, which is causing it to go melty-stringy at the ends. Any idea how to force the supports to extend out to the whole bow? I've tried adjusting the minimum angle which requires a support - 22 degree angle seems to be the the minimum setting that forces the bow the get full support, but then the rest of the figure ends up covered in supports.
meat_bag favorited Orc by mz4250
March 24, 2017
meat_bag favorited Goblin Barbarian by mz4250 and Hobgoblin by mz4250
March 22, 2017


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