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June 4, 2015
(Armada) Vindicator Cruiser
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures So far Shapeways has been exemplary in customer service. Everything takes a little time and they wanted pictures of the damaged parts but they are reprinting both damaged items for me (Vindicator with a missing tower and x-wing with 2 broken s foils.) So while I don't actually have the replacements yet they are on the way and the replacements are done just as a normal order so you can see the progress in the order status.
mdfadden @typhon2 You may be a little crazier than me then. if it weren't for all the controversy over stats for this thing it would be my favorite. I have a couple Gozanti though and those things are a tiny piece of extreme awesome. (I predict in play they have an average life expectancy of about 2 rounds though. I just can't justify them for more points or survive ability than that. My opinion is that most people out there are way overpowering and over costing all this custom stuff. Everybody wants their shiny gizmo to be the "carry the day ship." A cruiser should not cost as much as a Vic and it should not carry as much firepower. It needs it's own function in a fleet not being the not as good little brother of an existing ship.)
mdfadden @typhon2 Yep, normal cleaning for this stuff, or practically everything... I just haven't seen this crystallization before on this stuff. This ship by the way is a little piece of awesomeness sitting next to a Vic. Couple more ships and it starts looking like you actually do have an imperial fleet.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures Thanks Mel, I doubt it will dome to that. So far I've not had issues with them.This is the first time I will have needed a reprint though and in addition the x-wing also from this order had 2 s foils broken off. Reported that too. Have you ever seen something that looks like crystals on a print before? One of the models I got has a whole "sparkly" area that I haven't tried to wash off yet. Not sure what to make of it.
mdfadden Well I received one today after a very prolonged wait. Unfortunately Shapeways botched it up. I do not know if it failed on printing or broke but one of the towers is missing on the command section. The piece was not in the bubble bag so it seams it was not there at the time of shipping. Could not be found in the intact box. and the way they package those things it would not have escaped the bag. If it were a cheap ship I would likely overlook it but at 43 bucks for FUD, they better figure it out.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures So I've done a little study and I think this ship should match the neb b support with these changes. replace 1 red in the front and back with blue. 2 shields all around. Drop engineering to 2. Upgrades: Officer, Support Team, Turbolaser, Weapons Team. And the price is 47.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures LOL, No I wanted a smart guy to figure it all out for me. In any event I'm getting one of these, and 2 gozanti and the lambda's. So somebody is gonna have to come up with some stats ;)
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures You gonna work some of your wizardry for paperwork on your Armada stuff or leave that to me to make up? You do so much prettier work ;)
Sith Fury Interceptor (Wings Open) 1/270
mdfadden This arrived today and it is gorgeous. No breaks, amazing detail. It's footprint is slightly larger than the FFG Falcon but the wings up makes i look massive next to the Falcon. One thing is for sure, on a game table this will command attention. @Mel_Miniatures the lower wings are slightly curved normally not a problem in modeling using hot water to soften them then flatten them out while they cool. I've not done this with Shapeways stuff before. The material is FUD. Do you or anyone else have any experience doing this and is it safe to do with this material?
mdfadden Thanks @Mel_Miniatures I've done some more aggressive digging out on the interweb and come up with a whole bunch more photos. Some pretty close up during the painting process. it's good to know this material can be worked with heat. The connection points look reasonable thick enough. I thought pretty hard about the panel collapsed version but this ship is open during combat so it makes more sense. I think I'm gonna have to take the plunge. I have noticed on the ships I've worked that the bottoms seams to be smother than the tops on most designs (that I've seen.) Might serve you to flip them over. Or of course if they get printed sanding on their noses, I'm just crazy.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures I'm looking really hard at this one. How sturdy are those flaps at Ultra? May or may not be viable in game play but IMO it's second only to the Infiltrator for beauty.
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May 29, 2015
3 Times VSD Parts
mdfadden @tsalt What is t base model for this?
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May 22, 2015
mdfadden added products to a list
May 18, 2015
mdfadden commented on (Armada) Customs Corvette by Mel_Miniatures
May 16, 2015
(Armada) Customs Corvette
mdfadden And the nme of that ship is the B28. It's kind of awesome.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures I'm assuming when you mention the ghost you mean at armada scale? I'm all for the mk1, dreadnaught is such an overused name for Star Wars it could be anything. There is a sith ship in the hanger on the space station that I would love to see you do in X-wing scale. has x shaped wings but is not the fighter you already do. This one looks like it has 2 bomb or missile pods under the wings.
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures You are killing me here. They cannot even get me my last order and your off making new stuff. "Some hep here would be hot." Can you please come out with some sort of list of what you are working on Or at least what you are thinking about?
mdfadden commented on Galactigator by Goji62
May 15, 2015
mdfadden The problem with Armada is you cannot go by the fighter scale, the bigger the ship the greater t reduction in scale is. Nobody has yet figured out the formula for the scale yet. If I were to guess the Galactia itself in Armada is going to tip the scale at about an inch longer than the current Victory they have released...
CloakShape Fighter 1/270
mdfadden @BK77 I am working with FUD almost exclusively. the outcomes I get are superior to what you wee in these photos. FUD is more brittle and I have broken 2 (or rather I broke 1 and someone I got some for broke 1) It's fine for table play and they are not like they are made of glass but care should be taken. To me the level of detail and smoothness of the surfaces is much more important. Ultimately it's up to you but my advice would be to pick something you like that does not have thin pokey parts and check out the FUD then make up your mind. Of course I have a 130 dollar ship on the way, we'll see how I feel if I do something wrong there... I'll ttel you this though, Shapeways has not broken a thing and they put a bit of effort into the quality of the packaging to make sure it doesn't get broken.
(Armada) Action VI Transport
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures Dang you are a busy guy. If you are looking for a task I'm looking for a Sundered Heart scaled for armada. There are a couple on Shapeways but either slightly too big or to small. Other than that keep up the good work. I'm always looking for new Imp stuff in both scales.
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May 3, 2015
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May 1, 2015
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April 30, 2015
Sith Infiltrator 1/270
mdfadden @Mel_Miniatures not only does it look good, teamed up with "Echo" (using a one of your clear FUDs) they shot the ____ out of a 1300, 2400, firespray and Y-Wing last night in a 3 player match.
mdfadden And the back.
mdfadden A friend black lined and highlighted windows and engine for me last night. Plus some brighter lighting.
mdfadden The underside.
mdfadden Sorry the pic is not the best, the camera just cannot focus that tight.. This is frosted ultra after a good scrubbing with toothpaste and water. Then a brush on clear coat. At that point it is at least as smooth as F models. I have done a pretty extreme weathering on this (it's supposed to be 20is years after Darth Maul got cut in half, and alot of service for his old ship. My opinion, go frosted ultra or go home. Don't get 2 lesser quality, spend on one high quality. Two other guys and myself bought 6 total ships in ultra to see how Mel's stuff looked. All 6 in Ultra looked great. There is no molding clean up but expect to work on the surface a little as a trade off. You will end up with models that look at least as good as FF.
mdfadden commented on TIE Phantom (Cloaked) 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
April 28, 2015
TIE Phantom (Cloaked) 1/270
mdfadden @FraynkWash, I've never used it but I feel like you would loose detail to it. Does it go on thin? The fact of the matter is your spray on if it's gloss would lay down thinner than my brush. So you could use that and if it's not smooth enough after one coat lay down another, surely it could go several coats before you loose detail to it. As long as you don't loose the fine lines on the cockpit you'll be fine. The ribbing on the fins could be dipped and still not go away ;) I'm just playing this one as clear as can be and not painting it. (with an advanced shield it's rarely visible anyway.) Mu ha ha...
mdfadden @FraynkWash, For rattle can clear I use Testors Model Masters exclusively. I would brush it on though and I used something I had hanging around from GW. Gloss clear just gets down into the valleys without adding any more texture. You could probibly get away with spray but I would prefer brush. Primer all my cronies use Duplicolor Sandable Primer which is actually automotive primer from O'Rilley. It puts out a finer mist than any other I have ever used. I'd post a pic but frankly he's got a pretty good example of his own and yes after the clear coats that is the level of transparency I got. It's not a trick for his page, that is what you will get with a minimal amount of work. Hop over to Darth Maul if you want to see my painted Infiltrator. It sees the game table tomorrow night.
mdfadden @FraynkWash, I'm not exactly sure why you want to paint this particular model but I'll answer. Frosted Ultra is still not "grainless" but I have found that a good scrub with toothpaste and a brush on clear coat cote wonders for smoothing it out. At that point it can be a little tricky to get the paint to stick but an experienced painter will come up with the right consistancy in a few minutes. from that point on you won't have any complaints. This model specifically I put 2 clear coats on and left it, it is not "like glass" there is texture on those fins that makes it translucent but not clear. The body however got pretty darn clear after the second coat. My opinion is that at ultra with some added cleanup (but the beauty is no mold lines etc... Mel's stuff is easily comparable to FF. I'm not putting a drop of paint on it.


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