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magic2002 commented on 039002-01 Wheeler Lenses by Pintopower
February 20, 2019
039002-01 Wheeler Lenses
magic2002 is this the complete set? or do I need any of the other lenses you have in the shop? btw they are awesome!!
magic2002 commented on 1/8 scale sand ladder 200mm/7.9" by magic2002
January 24, 2019
magic2002 commented on 1/10 scale sand ladder 140mm/5.5" by magic2002
September 20, 2018
1/10 scale sand ladder 140mm/5.5"
magic2002 @T_HAJOE well, I have made one that should be close to what you need, and when you get body and you have exact dimensions, just let me know.
magic2002 sorry for the amount of messages, but you might have noticed I am already working on getting you a nice sand ladder that fits your build. After researching I found that a 1/12th scale sandladder would be 128mm by 40mm for the land rover SAS pink panther. It then also fits some reference pictures I found..
magic2002 just realized, you want a 1/12th scale of 1435x385, so that would be 120x32mm ... still no problem, but please correct me if I am wrong
magic2002 I can make you one that looks almost the same as on the real car except for the small hooks on the back that would interlock with the rectangular holes. These hooks are to small to be strong enough. if you want i could add them as a non functional detail, but it will not look very nice..
magic2002 Ok, no problem. Just to be sure you want a sand ladder which is 143.5mm long and 38.5mm wide. That will fit your 1/12th scale build of the Land rover SAS pink panther? If so, Awesome!! and I would really like to see some build pictures.. It is the car in the attached picture right?
magic2002 @T_HAJOE Sure, what size do you have in mind?
Check out this cool product! a shorter version of my sandladder- 1/10 scale sand ladder 140mm/5.5"
On request, a slightly bigger crate - 1/10th scale crate
Wild Willy chassis for losi mrc/Vatera slick rock
magic2002 @PortCharmers Cool, I hope it all fits. Please let me know if you run into any challenges, and please do keep me posted. When the ECX axles work, it will make a lot of people happy as both the losi MRC and the vatera slick rock are getting hard to find.
magic2002 @PortCharmers the distance between the center of the shockmounts on the axles is about 50mm, I hope this helps. It can be made available in all white strong and flexible colors, however shapeways uses a dye proces to color the same white nylon. So I always use tamiya acrylic paint to color. It is somewhat cheaper and also soaks into the platsic as well. the first little scratches wont be visable at all.
magic2002 commented on Tamiya jimny MF01-X bullbar by magic2002
December 15, 2016
Tamiya jimny MF01-X bullbar
magic2002 @fgls29 It looks awesome!! thanks
magic2002 commented on Tamiya Jimny MF01-X sidebar by magic2002
December 15, 2016
Tamiya Jimny MF01-X sidebar
magic2002 @fgls29 Nice Jimny!! thanks for posting your picture!! I really love it.
magic2002 commented on axe by magic2002
December 10, 2016
magic2002 @fabiano_chavier001 Hi Fabiao, it is not designed to be compatible with lego. It will be to big for those little dudes. It is a small 1/10th scale axe
magic2002 commented on RC car transmiter model by magic2002
November 17, 2016
RC car transmiter model
magic2002 @beertje1301 Oh and would yu mind if I use your picture as example?
magic2002 @beertje1301 thank you for the feedback. The trigger was left out because now the model fits inside the hands of a small statue I have. If you want I can add the trigger and make it available in a seperate model. Thanks again for the feedback, and ofcourse for getting the models!! Please do share a picture if you decide to paint them..


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