loachridge commented on Titans Return Nautica Front Parts by loachridge
August 22, 2017
Titans Return Nautica Front Parts
loachridge @MrZies can you send me a reference picture?
loachridge @AhegaoMe, I did make a head for Blurr, Nautica, and Hot Rod. The first buyer of the Nautica head is sending his to me due to a "fit" problem. I will fix the dimensions and repost when I get his or the other I ordered, to my desk. And her wrench is part of the kit also.
loachridge @LE0KING the acrylic is more expensive and has a different demand for wall thickness. That means I have to revisit the whole part to ensure it is thick enough in all areas.
loachridge @reveroflatem that's correct. And please take a look at the new head kit with wrench I listed.
loachridge @reveroflatem I can do that. The system calculates by part though. It adds $5 to the part when I remove the plate. I have updated this one to just a 1 mm sprue connection. That will make it easier to separate also.
loachridge @ubertenorman I have pictures of the one piece model installed. Not this one yet.
Transformers Titans Return Topspin G1 rifle
loachridge @fb04d10 I picked up a Molotow chrome pen. Will see how it does later tonight.
loachridge @fb04d10 I'm in a waiting period also. I will likely buy 2 pair and trade you when I get the chance. I am thinking of selling on Ebay or starting a different store to hit the fan base better. If you did the silver, I do like what you've done.
loachridge @fb04d10 All done. While I was in there I made a few more changes to the overall look. getting away from the pure box look. And added to the Twintwist gun model so it will mount in the leg holes.
loachridge @fb04d10 I can do that. Sell those ones on ebay and buy another pair? Good thinking.
loachridge Last I knew that VacMet was outlawed in the US. I did find a good alternative with a chrome paint, but with the grain of printed nylon, I dont know how it will turn out. I will do some experimenting and let you know. It works on finished plastics like the Silver Surfer figure I had.
CW Ultra Magnus G1 type Launchers
loachridge @diaclone84 I don't yet. I am waiting for a part to get to me before placing that order.
Transformers Titans Return Nautica front end repla
loachridge That texture is the one downside of SLS printing. The FDM print leaves layer lines. But yes that grain look is the material. I want to get them produced like standard injection molding, but dont have the time to get it rolling. My suggestion is always to get the part, light sand, and a good paint finish. But the shapeways color on this part is pretty close.
loachridge @BScorpinok75 let me address the first elephant, I don't have a nautical. At $1 per part markup, I have no outlook for buying that set. I like the Shapeways purple, but I would still like it to be color matched. Now, "stick out" meaning; is it as long as the original front? It is shorter than the Brianstorm front.
loachridge @BScorpinok75 $30 to make it in higher detailed plastic.
loachridge @reillyd have you been back since I put the picture up?
loachridge @zb156981 have you been back since I put the picture up?
loachridge @zb156981 I can post it for print in black acrylate. It will be more expensive and you will have to paint match it. There is a process of finishing nylon to a smoother look. I have never done it. And it will involve paint matching also. I believe the shapeways color would end up coming off during the smoothing process.
loachridge @zb156981 with hand covers still attached
Titans Return Brawn/Outback Canon
loachridge @allew, as you requested.
loachridge It has been available in Black. But Shapeways doesn't offer Black S&F polished. I added white S&F as requested. And Black Acrylic also.
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June 10, 2017
TR Getaway Spoiler addition
loachridge Black Hi-def listed. I was not happy about the cost originally, but everyone needs to have the option.
loachridge It is 2 pieces. Split in the middle.
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/OBvG Alt mode mount Insecticon Guns
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/OxBO Nautica Front Parts
loachridge commented on Combiner Wars Aerialbots G1 Guns by loachridge
April 13, 2017
Combiner Wars Aerialbots G1 Guns
loachridge Thanks for letting us know. Would you submit pictures?
The Nautica Front end is back up.
Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/Opk0 Transformers Titans Return Nautica front end repla
TR Soundwave Battery set simplified 14mm
loachridge problem solved. this peg is long enough for good handling and still pegs into the partner battery.
Deluxe Brainstorm Front End With Guns
loachridge The other way to do that is to modify those hand covers. Flip the Brainstorm covers 180 and reattach.
loachridge https://www.shapeways.com/product/JKL26GANC/titans-return-nautica-front-end-replacement?optionId=62317824


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